Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money

Author: Ju Hyeon [Novel]
Translator: Miss Ruby

Aristine, a princess confined out of the Emperor’s sight.
In reality, she was the owner of the <Monarch’s Sight>, able to see the future, past, and present.

She, who became the sacrifice for a political marriage, was married off to a terrifying barbarian…

“The most precious things should naturally be given to my bride.”

But her husband, whose monstrosity she prepared for, was way too normal.
However, he belonged to someone else.

‘I’ll go make money then.’

She might as well make the gold fields her own.


Can Aristine really achieve her dream of living freely on a pile of money?

Or will she end up killing two birds with one stone?



Chapters 1-43

Chapter 1: You must be very shy(1)
Chapter 2: You must be very shy(2)
Chapter 3: You must be very shy(3)
Chapter 4: You must be very shy(4)
Chapter 5: You must be very shy(5)

Chapter 6: So you are a pervert(1)
Chapter 7: So you are a pervert(2)
Chapter 8: So you are a pervert (3)
Chapter 9: So you are a pervert (4)

Chapter 10: A fiancée with…(1)
Chapter 11: A fiancée with…(2)
Chapter 12: A fiancée with…(3)
Chapter 13: A fiancée with…(4)
Chapter 14: A fiancée with…(5)
Chapter 15: A fiancée with…(6)
Chapter 16: A fiancée with…(7)
Chapter 17: A fiancée with…(8)
Chapter 18: A fiancée with…(9)
Chapter 19: A fiancée with…(10)

Chapter 20: Customer, I mean, Husband(1)
Chapter 21: Customer, I mean, Husband(2)
Chapter 22: Customer, I mean, Husband(3)

Chapter 23: I know you’re a pervert(1)
Chapter 24: I know you’re a pervert(2)
Chapter 25: I know you’re a pervert(3)
Chapter 26: I know you’re a pervert(4)
Chapter 27: I know you’re a pervert(5)
Chapter 28: I know you’re a pervert(6)
Chapter 29: I know you’re a pervert(7)

Chapter 30: A very shy pervert(1)
Chapter 31: A very shy pervert(2)
Chapter 32: A very shy pervert(3)
Chapter 33: A very shy pervert(4)
Chapter 34: A very shy pervert(5)
Chapter 35: A very shy pervert(6)

Chapter 36: Fluffy(1)
Chapter 37: Fluffy(2)
Chapter 38: Fluffy(3)
Chapter 39: Fluffy(4)
Chapter 40: Fluffy(5)
Chapter 41: Fluffy(6)
Chapter 42: Fluffy(7)
Chapter 43: Fluffy(8)

Chapters 44-84

Chapter 44: Who asked about…(1)
Chapter 45: Who asked about…(2)
Chapter 46: Who asked about…(3)
Chapter 47: Who asked about…(4)
Chapter 48: Who asked about…(5)
Chapter 49: Who asked about…(6)
Chapter 50: Who asked about…(7)
Chapter 51: Who asked about…(8)
Chapter 52: Who asked about…(9)

Chapter 53: Not An Ordinary Wedding (1)
Chapter 54: Not An Ordinary Wedding (2)
Chapter 55: Not An Ordinary Wedding (3)
Chapter 56: Not An Ordinary Wedding (4)
Chapter 57: Not An Ordinary Wedding (5)
Chapter 58: Not An Ordinary Wedding (6)
Chapter 59
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63
Chapter 64
Chapter 65
Chapter 66
Chapter 67
Chapter 68
Chapter 69
Chapter 70

To be continued…

Chapters 85-110

Chapter 85
Chapter 86
Chapter 87
Chapter 88
Chapter 89
Chapter 90
Chapter 91
Chapter 92
Chapter 03

To be continued…

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