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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 28]

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I know you’re a pervert(6)

When Tarkan first arrived at Aristine’s room, he waited outside the bedroom. That was the first time he had ever waited for a woman, no, anyone at all who was sleeping.

He had finished his morning training, held a meeting with his aides, washed up, and changed his clothes, so he was a little taken aback when he got to Aristine’s room.

He didn’t think someone could actually still be sleeping at this time.

But soon, he remembered that this was right after her long trip here. Even though he called it a long trip, inwardly, he thought ‘wasn’t it just a trip in a carriage?’. But when he considered Aristine’s petite frame, he figured it was understandable for her to get exhausted by a carriage trip.

Tarkan decided to let her sleep and use this opportunity to go to the training ground and check on the discipline of the warriors. Since Aristine was in deep sleep, the warriors got to taste hell from early in the morning.

‘She must be awake by now. Anyone would.’

But when Tarkan returned, Aristine was still fast asleep.

《We tried to wake her up as well, but the princess refused to wake up.》

The handmaid serving the princess informed him as such.

Tarkan felt like the current flowing between the maids was strange. He had never been one to care about the affairs of palace servants. But now, this was bothering him.

He remembered how the maids in front of him laughed and pointed fingers at Aristine before he picked up Aristine who was draped in dirty clothes.

Tarkan’s eyes narrowed.

Even though he saw blood yesterday, he felt a sense of bloodthirst.

He wondered what he should do.

Even as he was pondering about this, he felt like he was going nuts when he thought of Aristine who was still asleep.

《Of course, I do not want to die.》

The way she looked as she said that in an incredibly light tone.

There was no way the maids had already made a move. If Aristine was killed now, the war would begin right away. Silvanus should not want that since they were yet to recover their military power.

Despite thinking that, Tarkan anxiously open the bedroom door.

《Y-Your Highness, Tarkan! 》

The maids shrieked.

Their eyes bulged as if they couldn’t believe that Tarkan dared to trespass into a Lady’s bedroom as he liked.

‘What sort of barbarous act is this…!’

Even if they were arranged to get married, this was undeniably rude.

‘Hah, sure enough, even if they look nice on the outside, an Irugo barbarian is just—.’

But even that thought process was cut off by Tarkan’s next actions.


Because Tarkan roughly pulled open the curtains of the bed where Aristine was sleeping. Without the slightest hesitation.

《Y-Yo-Your…Call, call a knight!》

《Wait, how are you going bring a knight into this room?!》

The maids started panicking because of this unprecedented situation. They were definitely not panicking because they were thinking about Aristine or being considerate of her.

It was simply because even though they disregarded the princess, what was happening in front of them right now was too shocking. If they were really loyal maids, they would have stopped Tarkan no matter what, even if they had to block him with their bodies.

While the maids were merely stamping their feet, Tarkan’s eyes fell on Aristine who was sleeping like the dead on the wide bed.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

The next moment, Tarkan picked her up in his arms.

The white blanket wrapped around Aristine wobbled in the air like a fishtail in water. Her body fell powerlessly into his embrace.

《O-Oh my god…》

The maids who witnessed this scene were dumbstruck.

Aristine still didn’t wake up.

Tarkan peered into Aristine’s unmoving face.

‘Well, her complexion looks okay…’


Right then, he heard a soft inhaling sound from her slightly parted lips.


Tarkan briefly resisted the urge to throw Aristine away. He used his utmost patience to place her back on the bed. Although it was more like dropping her than placing her down.

Even with his rough actions, Aristine only smacked her lips but she didn’t wake up.

《Is this even a human being…》

Tarkan unconsciously stated.

The maids had gone quiet, seemingly having given up on Tarkan being in the bedroom.

In the meantime, Tarkan found himself a seat in the bedroom and gave the maids an order.


The maids looked at Tarkan like he was being rude, but they quietly served him tea. For some reason, 3 people brought the serving tray together.

《Here you go, Your Highness.》

《I didn’t add sugar yet because I don’t know your preference, Your Highness. Please tell me what you like.》

《Do you want any cream?》

The three annoyances turned around to bother him. Tarkan’s forehead creased.

《Can’t one person bring the tea?》

When he said that, the maids froze and withdrew with reddening faces.

Tarkan suddenly felt a rush of exhaustion and decided to leave after having a cup of tea. He had never felt tired even when he stayed up for three days straight but to think he felt exhausted now.

Truly, what a great woman.

Just when he was laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, he suddenly heard a ‘puff’ sound.

Finally, the esteemed sleeping princess was awake.


Aristine looked suspiciously at Tarkan who lowered his head and fell silent for a while.

‘Why’s he acting like this? Is he embarrassed?’

At that thought, a particular idea flashed through her mind.

Why was he so embarrassed when she asked him why he didn’t wake her up? She had seen a scene similar to this in the water-surface mirror.

There was a man who couldn’t bear to wake a woman up because she was sleeping too angelically so he just watched over her. And when the woman woke up and asked why he didn’t wake her up, he acted just like this.

Once she figured out the right answer, Aristine smiled brightly. A flawless and clear smile.

“Oh, I get it. I was sleeping too angelically so you couldn’t wake me up, right? No need to be ashamed.”


Tarkan didn’t say anything.
He couldn’t say anything.

Instead, the grip of his trembling hand tightened heavily, giving a clear reflection of what he was feeling. With a little more strength, his ceramic cup would probably shatter.

“But um…”

Aristine began a little hesitantly.

That made him uneasy. Tarkan wanted to get up right now and cover her mouth.

But Aristine was faster.

“To secretly open someone’s bed curtains and appreciate their sleeping appearance while enjoying your tea…”

The light in her purple eyes turned strange as she scanned Tarkan up and down.

“Well, I mean, everyone is free to have their preferences.”

Her gaze was exactly the same as when she said those words.

“But I would appreciate it if you refrained from me at least.”

Tarkan’s blood pressure spiked. He felt like he needed a cup of cold tea.



Translator’s Corner:

**So my initial plan was to be putting out 2 chapters per week by the end of this month. Obviously, things didn’t pan out. I’m much busier irl than I anticipated but I think I’ll be having more free time soon. The new goal is to be posting 2ch/week mid-June and 3/week by July. Let’s see how this goes. My main translation [You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain] is pretty much done at this point so I can completely focus on this novel too!


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  1. thnk you for the chapter!! lmao aristine being caught up in her little world is so funny, also i caught a typo

    “Instead, the grip of his trembling hard tightened heavily, ”
    hard should hand right?
    appreciate you!

  2. pff our princess rose-tinted glasses need cleaning. I guess since she was confined she never had anyone to comment on her sleeping habits.

  3. It’s not surprising that she slept like the dead. After all she spent a month in that hot box of a carriage and probably got maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep a day (they most likely intentionally woke her up to be annoying to her). Though it’s HILARIOUS how much misunderstandings are happening here.

  4. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much for translating this novel. I hope this wont ever be dropped off. I love the FL very much. This story has captured my heart.

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