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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 284]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (19)

The moment she heard ‘pâtissier’, Aristine’s eyes shook.

“My pâtissier?”

She mumbled vacantly and her eyes began to twinkle. Her purple eyes were filled with stars, and they shone even brighter than when she saw Tarkan.

She looked like she had just met her savior.

‘My? ‘My’ she says?’

‘She’s never called me ‘my big brother’ either though?’

Tarkan and Launelian were immediately shaken. However, Aristine looked so happy that they couldn’t say anything.

In the meantime, Aristine rose from her seat as if she were entranced and approached the pâtissier.

“So you were my pâtissier.”

Her voice was sweet like she had just found a lost loved one. Aristine tightly grasped the pâtissier’s hand.

“Princess Consort…”

The pâtissier felt like she was about to float when such a noble personage held her hand. However, her joy was short-lived as Aristine soon lowered her head with a downcast expression.

“But right now, I can’t even eat regular delicious food. Even if it’s dessert, I…”

She would certainly vomit instead of eating the surely perfect dessert by the pâtissier. That would be disrespectful to the dessert.

“It would be better if you don’t bother…’

Aristine’s enthusiasm drained, but the pâtissier looked determined and exclaimed, “Princess Consort!”

She bowed before Aristine.

“Please reconsider those words, Princess Consort! I will definitely make something that you can eat.”

“But I can’t even eat herbs because of the smell…”

“I still have twelve sacks of flour and butter left!”

The pâtissier looked like she was ready to risk it all as she looked up at Aristine.

She looked so dependable that Aristine’s resigned eyes wavered.

“Indeed, you have never disappointed me even once.”

“Please trust me this time as well.”

Aristine and the pâtissier locked eyes in the air. The pâtissier nodded solemnly.

“Princess Consort, please put your full trust in me.”

Hearing the confidence in the lady’s voice, Aristine couldn’t help but nod. Her purple eyes were now filled with unwavering trust.

“I will trust only you.”

“I will provide you with results that meet your expectations.”

The pâtissier bowed and promptly left the room. Aristine gazed at her retreating back for a long time. Her gaze seemed oddly like that of a girl in love.

Tarkan and Launelian felt an ominous sense of foreboding.

‘Why does it feel like my sister trusts that pâtissier more than me…?’

‘Why does it feel like my wife relies on the pâtissier more than me…?’

Tarkan frowned.

He purposefully brought the pâtissier here but things turned out differently than he expected. He thought she would praise him, saying her husband was the best for bringing the pâtissier.

But all the praise, trust, and affection seemed to be directed at the pâtissier.

‘I can’t believe she’s stealing my wife’s compliments.’

‘That pâtissier… I’m jealous!’

Tarkan and Launelian glared at the departing pâtissier with searing eyes.

Then the eyes of the two men suddenly met. They instinctively realized that they were both thinking the same thing.

‘Right, no matter what, we have to win against the pâtissier!’

‘Yes, I’d rather compete with this guy!’

In any case, they were both related by marriage and blood.

‘A temporary alliance.’


It was a dramatic moment where the two men compromised for the first time.

* * *

Letanasia sighed internally as she looked at the mess that the room had become. Seeing precious artifacts broken and scattered, it was hard not to feel a headache coming on.

‘We’re already pouring so much money into the military fund for this war, and now he’s destroying all these treasures…’

They were already way over budget.

‘Damn it, if we raise taxes any further, we might have a real problem on our hands.’

Because of her stupid father, she was the one suffering. She would be more motivated if she was officially appointed as successor. But the power-hungry emperor had been continuously postponing the decision.

If there had been a secure heir apparent, they would have been formally delegated authority, and that implied a division of power. Given the emperor’s disdain for his other children, it was almost a given that Letanasia would be next in line to the throne.

However, with Launelian’s influential return, things had become uncertain.

‘Acting as the crowned princess and merely acting as a princess are entirely different things.’

“Oh, my beloved daughter, you’re here.”

At that moment, the emperor, who was sipping wine, beckoned to her. Suppressing her rising irritation, Letanasia put on a sweet smile.

“Your Majesty, Imperial father.”

She approached the emperor with graceful steps and smoothly took the wineglass from him.

“Oh, dear. I’ve said alcohol isn’t good for your body, you need to stop.”


“Lea can’t do anything if you’re not here, Royal father. You need to live for a very, very long time.”

Frankly, she wished he would just name her as crowned princess and die quickly. But the emperor, who knew nothing of that sentiment, chuckled at his daughter’s cuteness.

“Although I have three children, Lea, you’re my only daughter.”

“Imperial father…”

Letanasia looked up at him with a pitiful expression.

“To make imperial father this sad…Big brother Launelian and Sister Aristine are really too much.”

She began subtly blaming her half-brother and half-sister.

“Sister Aristine has always been like this. It’s her first time returning to her family after marriage, so I suppose it’s natural for her to change…”

Letanasia heaved a deep sigh.

“But don’t worry, Your Majesty. You know who I am.”

“My daughter, of course.”

“Indeed, aren’t I your beloved daughter?” Letanasia smiled sweetly. “I have an idea that will ease your worries, Your Majesty.”

At those words, the emperor’s eyes lit up. “An idea, you say?”

Letanasia’s red lips curved into a sly smile.

“I can win Prince Tarkan’s heart.”

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  1. The delulu sister thinks she can win tarkan’s favor. Can’t wait to see her fail miserably. As always, thank you for the update Miss Ruby ❤️

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Wow, I’ve not heard such rubbish since Dionna… I’m not sure which of the two is more idiotic. Is it Deluded Dionna or Long-sighted Letanasia?
    She can’t seem to see what’s right in front of her face.
    She was there at Tarkan and Aristine’s reunion, wasn’t she? With the court ladies whispering about broken beds etc.?
    If she’s not just lying to pacify the emperor for some reason, but actually plans on doing it, then I suppose she has committed herself to her grave quicker than the Silvanian knights lost their balls.
    Can’t wait to see her ruin herself. Hopefully she’ll drag her father down too.
    Also looking forward to seeing the newfound allies in action as they fight against food. XD

    1. From her last exchange with Tarkan, it seems like she wants to pretend to be the girl he met in the woods as a child 🙄. I can’t wait to watch her fail miserably. Our leads have developed something called “communication”.

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    Anyways, this author is really good at funny daily interactions and fluffy relationships. Her villains tho… all varying from boring and incompetent to a child’s caricature of what evil and cunning is and incompetent.

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