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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 142]

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After the hunt, the hunting dog…(3)

Aristine tilted her head when she saw Dionna suddenly fall silent.

‘I was saying it must be tough because her boyfriend is so popular so what’s with this reaction?’

Was she moved because her troubles were acknowledged? That’s what it seemed like.

Aristine patted Dionna’s shoulder and tried to give the friendliest smile she could.

(Aristine)“Stay strong.”

Dionna’s reddened face turned pale this time.

‘She’s completely playing with me!’

She was a master at finding the best way to make someone infuriated.

Dionna’s lips trembled with anger and humiliation.

Seeing Dionna trembling, Aristine nodded her head with gratification.

‘I guess my consolation got through since she’s trembling with emotion.’

Of course, this attitude made Dionna even angrier.

(Aristine) “Oh, speaking of which, Dionna.”

Dionna stared at Aristine without replying.

(Aristine)“The maids said something interesting.”

Dionna immediately went, ‘I knew it’.

‘I was worried about how she found out but it’s just the testimony pf the maids?’

Then that made things easy.

During her conversation with the maids, Dionna didn’t leave any grounds for someone to find fault with her.

(Dionna)“What did they say?”

(Aristine)“They said that you helped them.”


That was exactly what Dionna expected to hear. But she frowned as if that was completely unfathomable.

Soon, she turned away as if those words alone made her feel mortified.

(Dionna)“…I think I know why they are making such claims.”

Dionna deliberately clenched her fists.

(Dionna)“I never even imagined that the handmaids were thinking of seducing His Highness Tarkan.”

She sounded so sincere that she truly seemed to be an unrelated victim.

“I learnt that they were concerned about helping Your Highness, the Princess Consort, so I let them know about a few things that His Highness Tarkan likes.”

Naturally, she prepared a means of escape for herself.

(Dionna)“I thought they were doing this to help you, Princess Consort. That was also what the handmaids said.”

‘There, how about that? These are the actual facts. At least on the surface.’

Dionna chuckled to herself and looked down at Aristine.

She expected Aristine to get upset since there was no evidence but Aristine didn’t give much of a reaction.

“Then you can testify, right?”


Dionna looked at Aristine in surprise.

“Testify, about what kind of conversation you had with the maids.”

“W, What kind of conversation?”

Dionna’s mouth clamped shut.

《Right now, His Highness Tarkan is only showing interest in the Princess Consort because of their nighttime activities. 》
《That’s how men are, you know? If they are not satisfied after, they will go find another woman. 》
《I’m talking about the type of lingerie that His Highness Tarkan likes. 》

The words she said flashed through her mind and her sight went dizzy.

It was no different from insulting both Aristine and Tarkan.

If they found out, it was over.

‘What do I do…did I say that much to the maids?’

She had to deny it by all means.

Furthermore, people would believe what she said more than the handmaids who had committed such a shameless act.

‘But with the way the Princess is coming for me, maybe she has some other evidence?’

Anxiety swept over her.

“Hm? You’re going to testify, right?”

At Aristine’s words, Dionna swallowed dryly. But it would be even stranger if she refused to testify right now.

If Aristine didn’t have any physical evidence and was only sounding her out after hearing what the maids said…

‘Then refusing here would be the same as admitting my fault.’

“…Yes, of course I will.”

In the end, Dionna had no choice but to agree, even as she felt choked up.

* * *


The True Identity of the Handmaids Who Serve the Princess?!
The Maids Who Dared to Covet Their Master’s Husband
The Princess’s Handmaids Hide in the Couple’s Bedroom in Their Underwear
Another Handmaid This Time After Brodie?
The Court Ladies Testify, “They Usually Neglect The Princess.”
The Patience Of The Princess Who Came For Peace


All the daily newspapers covered the atrocity committed by the handmaids, bannering the news in their headline.

People were furious and the maids became traitors deserving of death.


The Shameless Handmaids, Who Could They Be?
Revealing the Identities of the Handmaids


Consequently, the third-rate gossip magazines investigated everything about the handmaids, staring from their personal lives to their family issues. In the process, they found tax evasion and corruption in their family’s business, making people even angrier.

‘They are wicked things that threaten our angel of peace!’

‘How dare those nasty things do that to our poor and weak Princess Consort!’

‘We must protect our Princess Consort!’

It was a slightly shameful matter to be oppressed by maids, who are supposed to be your servants and below you.

Of course, there were people who would feel sorry for you but there would also be people talking behind your back about how incompetent you are for failing to even handle your subordinates properly.

But Aristine’s situation was different.

She was a symbol of peace.

‘Her Highness is so peace-loving that she endured this all alone, fearing that it would escalate into a national conflict!’

‘How, with her fragile body…’

‘She is so strong willed and didn’t let it show at all.’

The tone of the newspapers, the testimony of the court ladies and the warriors, etc. They were all in favor of Aristine and same could be said of the general public who received the news.

They were smitten by the Princess Consort who was small, and like a fairy of light, unlike themselves.

Aristine’s delicate frame stimulated people’s protective instinct. Furthermore, they shared an intense moment together when Aristine was in danger at the wedding. And there was even a recent incident where Aristine’s handmaid, Brodie, tried to hurt her.

It was inevitable that their protective instincts were intensified.

“What do you think, Princess?”

Rosalyn looked at Aristine with a proud smile.

The newspaper that she brought had also published an article about Rosalyn.


The Handmaid Who Remains Devoted to the Princess, Rosalyn
Loyalty Exists
The Last Backbone of Silvanus, Rosalyn


It was an article from a minor newspaper.

All the other newspapers focused on Aristine, and the acts committed by the handmaids while this one published about Rosalyn.

‘So she gave them a personal interview.’

Aristine chuckled.

Meanwhile, Yenikarina’s fashion article was put in a corner, so it was even more interesting.

She stretched out a hand towards Rosalyn. She stroked Rosalyn’s head and scratched her chin like she was praising a successful hunting dog.

Rosalyn felt ashamed but she quietly accepted the touch.

Seeing the anticipation and greed in Rosalyn’s dark green eyes, Aristine smiled.

After the hunt is over, a hunting dog—

‘Must go into the pot.’


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    1. (Correct me if I am wrong pls) For what I remember, it means that after the hunt is over (successfully catching your prey) the hunting dog has no more value/objective, so before it get dangerous (for example turning against you) they usually put the hunting dog down. So, in a way, depending on the context it’s a bit sad for the “loyal” hunting dog that gets killed at the end. It’s of course a symbolic phrase, we’re Rosalyn is dealt with, before she gets too greedy.

    2. It’s a Korean idiom. “After the hunt the hunting dog is boiled,” it expresses that once someone has outlived their usefulness they can safely be discarded.

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