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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Prologue


T/N: I am translating this from the beginning because there were some errors, plus the other translator used different numbering and terms that I’d like to change. Hope you enjoy~

“Prepare to leave for Irugo.”

The hall stirred at the emperor’s words. He didn’t say why she was to leave but everyone in the hall knew why.

An arranged marriage.

It was an arranged marriage with not just anyone but Irugo, their enemy. It was called a marriage in-name but who knew when she would be killed.

Perhaps that was what the Emperor was hoping for.

Aristine’s death.

However, Aristine, the person concerned, simply stood still with an elegant expression on her face like always. Despite the noisiness in the hall, she was the only one who seemed to be in a different sphere.

The emperor looked at Aristine’s behavior with displeasure and his mouth distorted.

“Isn’t it fortunate, my daughter?”

His tone seemed kind at first. But his voice was soon laced with poison.

“You might be useless but the blood flowing in your veins is noble so you can at least serve some purpose.”

Even when she was insulted, Aristine’s expression did not change at all. Whether it was her fluttering long lashes, her eyes which were as calm as a lake, or her lips which were sculpted like the moon, nothing so much as flinched.

The emperor sneered.

“Then again, having something so useless next to me was making me sick so this is perfect.”

He looked around the hall and laughed.

“You can take out the trash, be helpful to your country, and have an excuse for your existence, even if it’s rubbish. I suppose we can call this killing three birds with one stone.”

People chuckled scornfully at her as if they were agreeing with the emperor’s laughter.

Aristine stood as before, not showing any reaction.

Her slightly lowered eyes seemed to be showing obedience to her father.

* * *

And one month later, Aristine was on her way to Irugo. A few people sighed, feeling pity for her circumstances but Aristine was determined as she climbed into the carriage.

Her unwavering, elegant figure left a deep impression even on those who were ridiculing her.

The moment the carriage door closed, and the curtains went down, “You can fuck right off, you waste of air.”

Aristine changed as if her appearance so far had been a lie. She raised her middle-finger high towards the emperor’s abode.

She smiled sweetly, looking like an angel who had just descended to earth.




Translator’s Corner:

  • So my policy has always been: if a chapter is too long, it gets chopped. Most chapters in this novel are very long so they will be split in half.

*I have officially picked this up. Keep in mind, I have a main project so updates for this will be a little sparse. BUT! my main project will be finished in a few months, so I want to pump out a few chapters for this until it becomes my main translation.

Anyway, this novel seems fun! ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ). Let’s enjoy this ride together~


31 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Prologue”

  1. thank you so much for picking this up 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ absolutely love your TL so im super happy that this novel will be TL-ed by you 😭❤️ thank you!!! let’s have a fun ride with this story (hopefully lol)!!! tyyyy!

  2. Im looking forward to this!! Your translation is always amazing, easy to understand and comfortable to read, plus, this story seems to be interesting hahahahah…

  3. I fell in love 😍, as soon as I started reading the story!
    I was having a hard time keeping myself entertained and waiting 😩 for updates. Thank you ❤, this translation just saved my day!!

  4. I always enjoy your translating, it’s not just because your translating is so excellent and easy to understand for me who still learning English. But also, because you always update regularly. I’m so grateful. Really. It makes me know that you will update someday and I just have to wait for you.
    I hope you always in a good health and live your life happily just like me who always happy when I read your translating 🙂
    Thank’s a lot for your hardwork!

    P.s Why you always pick up novels that I love to read? I think we have similar taste 🙂

  5. this one sounds really funny…im excited! thanks for picking it up!
    i also didnt realize, i read your translation of Lucia on lightnovelheaven, it was rly good!! ty for your work on that long ass novel!!

  6. A truly enjoyable beginning
    It already shows the mc personality and ability to deceive even In unhelpful circumstances
    Her excitement about where she is going
    Only a few things: I don’t know if she is reincarnated
    I do hope mc doesn’t become obedient to the ml
    And ml doesn’t become obedient to her but they create an equilibrium

  7. Just recently finished Lucia. This looks promising! Also please take a look at The Great Wish. May be you could also translate it on the side ❤️

  8. I just read title and prolog, tbh i already hooked. And the author is Ju hyeon✨🥰 ( i am fans n love her project since Lady Baby). I hope this will your main project in future. And really thank you very much for the chapter and your hard work💖💖

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