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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 133]

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Episode 21: His Preferences (2)

Aristine didn’t show what she was thinking.

Even without asking, it was obvious that Rosalyn would claim that she only goaded Brodie into doing something stupid but had nothing to do with it.

That she thought Brodie would do something small but never imagined that she would find the scalpel and use it to attack.

‘Even if it’s true that she didn’t know that it would turn out like this, she should have apologized first.’

And a truly loyal maid would have never done something that would put Aristine in danger.

Aristine reached down and scratched Rosalyn’s chin.

Rosalyn’s face flushed with embarrassment at the gesture that made it seem like Aristine was petting a dog, but she quietly accepted the touch.

‘Just a little bit longer. I just have to bear it a little longer.’

Soon, she would repay this insult several times over.

Rosalyn’s dark-green eyes secretly swept over Aristine’s smooth face.

‘It would have been nice if her face was ripped apart.’

If her face was so scarred that she had to hide it, it would have been quite the sight. Even if a priest poured out all their divine power to heal all the scars, the pain of the healing process was indescribable.

‘Brodie, that bitch is so stupid; she can’t even use a knife on a defenseless opponent.’

To other people, Aristine had a big physique for a Silvanian. But because she was locked up with no access to food or space for daily activities, her bones were weak, and she had no stamina.

In other words, she was an easy opponent for Brodie to subdue.

‘I didn’t expect His Highness Tarkan to appear.’

It was such regrettable timing.

‘It’s a pity but it can’t be helped.’

Rosalyn hid her true feelings and obediently opened her mouth.

“Now that I’ve hunted Brodie, I’m planning on hunting the other handmaids too.”

“You are very reliable,” Aristine smiled softly, “I knew you could do well.”

She deliberately praised Rosalyn.

“Unlike the other maids, you are very smart and resourceful.”

So that Rosalyn would be careless, thinking that Aristine trusted her completely.

“I’m truly glad that you, Rosalyn, were willing to follow me above anything else.”

Aristine opened the jewelry box on the table.

There was a dazzling diamond necklace placed on top of the deep-blue velvet.

Aristine picked up the diamond necklace without scruple.

Rosalyn forgot the situation she was in and stared at the sparkling luxuriousness, mesmerized.

The pear-shaped diamond was the size of two fingers, and the stones on the side of the ivy-shaped necklace were all diamonds. The diamond had the perfect luster, color, and opacity.

You couldn’t even guess how much carats it would come out to if you added all the diamonds together. The main pear-drop shaped diamond could amount to billions of Ers.

‘And if you add up all the diamonds and white gold used throughout…!’

Rosalyn felt like she was going to faint.

“Wake up, Rosalyn.”

Rosalyn came to her senses at Aristine’s call like she was possessed.

Aristine personally placed the diamond necklace around Rosalyn’s neck.

Rosalyn flinched at the cold sensation of the necklace.


Even its weight was magnificent.

“It looks good on you.”

Aristine whispered as she showed Rosalyn the mirror.

Rosalyn blankly stared at her reflection in the mirror, unable to hear anything else.

A diamond necklace like this was something Rosalyn couldn’t even dream of wearing in her entire life.

Even among the heirlooms passed down in her family, there was no necklace like this.

“This is a small token of my appreciation since you have removed one of my worries.”

“A small…token?”

“Yes, will you accept it?”

Rosalyn sucked in a breath.

‘Will I accept it?!’

Was that even a question?

Right now, she sincerely wanted to kneel before Aristine and kiss her feet.

“I-I am beyond honored, Your Highness.”

Rosalyn knelt down and bowed.

As she moved, she could clear feel the weight of the diamond necklace, filling her entire body with thrill.

“Right, you’ll need a dress that matches the necklace too.”


Rosalyn’s heart pounded.

For a dress to match such a necklace, imagine how expensive it must be.

Her eyes greedily scanned the dress that Aristine was wearing.

The meaning behind Aristine’s words was clear.

‘As long as you deal with the remaining handmaids…’

Her green eyes glistened with desire.

“Don’t worry, You Highness the Princess. I will uproot your remaining worries.”

“Sure enough, you are smart enough to understand what I mean. I am pleased.”

Aristine replied languidly and sank back into the sofa.

“They do say hunting dogs are inherently more loyal and smarter than other dogs.”

She said deliberately to provoke Rosalyn.

From the start, Aristine had absolutely no intention of winning Rosalyn over.

‘I can’t live with someone who might stab me in the back at any time.’

Would she really be as satisfied as today if Aristine kept giving her expensive accessories?

There was no end to human greed.

Rosalyn would start wishing for something bigger.

‘Even now, she obviously desires my position.’

It was ridiculous that Rosalyn thought Aristine didn’t know anything when she made it so obvious.

The reason Aristine gave her the necklace and praised her was to keep her off guard.

‘But if she starts acting obedient for a while after this, it will be annoying to deal with.’

Since she wanted to deal with Rosalyn along with the other maids, it was good to get on Rosalyn’s nerves.

Aristine looked down at Rosalyn and raised the corner of her lips.

At that sight, Rosalyn flinched and bit her inner cheek. Even then, she could clearly feel the weight of the diamond necklace.

Only a few people could wear such an amazing necklace.

Even though Aristine acknowledged Rosalyna and bestowed her this necklace, she still treated Rosalyn like a dog.

Aristine looked into Rosalyn’s eyes and said in sing-song voice, “The dog-collar suits you.”

Rosalyn’s jaw instantly clenched.

But she quickly straightened her crumpled expression and made her face look as obedient as possible.

‘I’ll bear for now but just wait and see. I’ll be the one sitting in that seat.’

It was perfect timing too.

‘She completely trusts me because of Brodie. This is too easy.’

No matter how smart Aristine pretended to be, look at her now.

Rosalyn flashed a bright smile and looked up at Aristine.

“I will do my best to be worthy of the position of Your Highness’ hunting dog.”

“Good, I’m counting on you,” Aristine nodded and continued, “You may go now. I have to get to work.”

“Aren’t you pushing yourself too much? I’m afraid you might hurt yourself, Your Highness.”

Rosalyn looked up at Aristine, acting worried for her.

“I know. I don’t think I’ll be able to come back till later tonight.”

Aristine sighed deeply and rubbed her neck. She glanced at Rosalyn and saw the latter’s dark-green eyes gleam insidiously.

‘Good, she’ll act more recklessly with this.’

Rosalyn, unaware that she was behaving like Aristine wanted, asked about Tarkan in a furtive tone.

“You’re a newlywed but if you keep coming back late, wouldn’t that estrange your relationship with His Highness Tarkan?”

“Mm, it seems a little like that.”

Rosalyn licked her lips, “That can’t happen. What if there’s a crack in your relationship already?”

“I’m worried about that too, but I have no solution.”


Seeing Aristine’s gloomy expression made Rosalyn inwardly yell in delight.

‘She tried to be vague and say it seems like that but she completely agrees that their relationship is cracking!’

She completely fell for Rosalyn’s attempt to sound her out.

There was obviously a rift in Aristine and Tarkan’s relationship. That was good news for her.

Sure enough, Aristine who had nothing but her appearance, was unable to capture Tarkan’s heart.

Unlike herself who was a noble lady, inside and out and the perfect fit for Tarkan.

Then again, Aristine was so ignorant about human relationships that she trusted Rosalyn so much after that little thing with Brodie.

‘She’s terrible at treating people so of course, she doesn’t know how to handle a couple’s relationship.’

Rosalyn’s red lips curved into a smile. She was going to win.

After all—.

‘I know your husband better than you.’

Rosalyn’s mind flew back to the meeting she had with Dionna the other day.


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