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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 295]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (30)

There, his soft, yet well-established chest muscles were showing off their enviable appearance.

Because of Aristine’s words, Letanasia’s gaze flitted towards Tarkan’s chest.

Tarkan felt displeased and covered his chest with his right hand.

Even though it didn’t completely cover his prominent, large pecs, his intention was clear.

Letanasia was met with a gaze full of disdain, as if he was looking down at a pervert.

“Oh my, Letanasia.”

When Tarkan did that, Aristine called out to Letanasia in a reprimanding tone.

“You shouldn’t look at someone in a way that might make them feel uncomfortable.”

Letanasia’s face flushed and distorted at Aristine’s words.

Who were they treating as a pervert here?!

“You should conduct yourself properly first, Sister! Who are you to…”

“It’s okay for me.” Aristine declared, cutting her off. “Even if I look, the other party doesn’t feel uncomfortable.”

As if to prove it, Aristine placed her hand on Tarkan’s chest.

Not only did Tarkan not look displeased, but his eyes also seemed to become a little shy.

“Unlike you, I don’t look at the chest but the heart inside.” Aristine’s face was pure and selfless as she said that.

The only problem was that her fingers were subtly enjoying the elastic firmness under her hands.

“There are different types of gazes. Even if it is the same gaze, the feelings of the person receiving it is bound to be different. From now on, be careful not to make the other person feel uncomfortable.”

Who are you telling to be careful?!

Letanasia’s mouth was agape in disbelief. This was such unladylike behavior that she would have never done normally.

“What’s wrong with my gaze! Just now, I—.”

“What you intended is not important, Letanasia. When it comes to such things, the only thing that matters is whether or not the victim felt uncomfortable.”

Aristine’s eyes were full of contempt and disappointment directed at Letanasia.

Her eyes bore into Letanasia, as if she were looking at a shameless criminal who refused to admit wrongdoing, even after committing a grave offense. Letanasia’s body trembled with humiliation; it was the first time she had been treated this way.

What angered her even more was the realization that the more she denied it, the more likely she would be accused of trying to make excuses.

“Even though we grew up separately, I never thought you would grow up like this. At the very least, I always believed you understood the honor of being a princess.”

However, Aristine was never so benevolent as to stop when her opponent kept silent.

“I should have known earlier when I saw you kneading someone’s husband’s arm muscles like it was dough…”

“W-When did I…!”

“I saw it with my own two eyes; you want to act like you didn’t do that too? Don’t deny the truth any further. It will only drag your reputation down.”

Letanasia felt like her throat was clogged. She could only heave roughly. There was so much she wanted to say but she couldn’t find the right words.

Aristine was the first person to make her, someone who ruled over the political and social circles in Silvanus, unable to say a word.

“Rineh,” Tarkan gently tugged at the hem of Aristine’s dress. Just like a scared person would. “I don’t want to be with her.”

“Oh, I understand. Let’s go inside.”

Aristine patted Tarkan and turned to glare at Letanasia.

Letanasia frowned, then she flinched.

Tarkan, who was acting pitiful in his wife’s arms, was looking at her with no smile on his face. He wasn’t really glaring at her or emitting murderous intent.

However, the moment those golden eyes of his stared right at her, she suddenly couldn’t breathe like she was standing in front of a wild beast.

The corners of his mouth slowly rose as he watched Letanasia freeze. His smile was as cruel as a knife.

But the moment Aristine’s gaze moved to Tarkan again, his brows lowered as if he had never made such an expression. He looked like a beast who could tear people apart with just his claws yet was hiding it all behind a soft, fluffy fur.

“Ah, still, I should say this before I go.” Tarkan mumbled then he approached Letanasia “There’s something you’re mistaken about. I didn’t save Rineh from the Great Demonic Beast.”


Letanasia frowned at his strange words.

“Rineh was the one who saved me.”

She couldn’t understand what he was saying at all.

However, Tarkan didn’t wait for her to understand. He lowered his head and whispered into Letanasia’s ear, “And if you come at me with that disgusting smell one more time–”

His golden eyes shifted to Letanasia’s face, and he didn’t finish his sentence.

Even as he straightened up and returned to his wife, Letanasia found herself unable to move.

Tarkan wrapped his arms around Aristine’s waist and Aristine leaned against him. The two left the garden like a couple, serene and affectionate.

It was only after Tarkan had completely disappeared that Letanasia was able to finally breathe out.

She belatedly realized that she had been crushed by Tarkan’s pressure, unable to even breathe.

“Ha, wow, seriously!”

Not wanting to admit that she was completely overwhelmed by a barbarian she looked down on, Letanasia fumed with anger, a little too late.

This wasn’t why she came here.

It was an illogical idea for a noble princess like herself to try and seduce a barbarian. How could a jerk who lacked a proper aesthetics even recognize her beauty?

The word ‘ugly’ still lingered in her mind, and Letanasia bit her lips harshly.

Right at that moment…

“My, that was quite the spectacle.”

An easygoing voice came from behind her, and Letanasia turned around.

Her half-brother stood there, with a bright smile on his face.

“What are you calling a spectacle?” Letanasia retorted.

“Well, isn’t it? When will I ever get to see you being treated like this? With one word, you’re shaking and can’t even respond; it was an enjoyable watch. Sure enough, my little sister is amazing.”

Letanasia coldly narrowed her eyes and glared at Launelian. Of course, Launelian was unfazed. He only stroked his chin thoughtfully and mumbled.

“Well, that punk didn’t seem too bad either.”

“Hmph, I don’t plan to indulge your jokes today. I will take my leave.”

“While I also want you to disappear from sight as soon as possible,” Launelian muttered and moved his hand, “Look at this before you go.”

With his gesture, several photos scattered into the air and flew in front of Letanasia.

Letanasia’s eyes shook as she saw what was captured in her photo.

“It came out pretty good, right? It was a good thing I bought the latest model. I got it to take pictures of my little sister but unfortunately, it ended up taking pictures of you.”

Letanasia’s ears were deaf to what Launelian was saying.

She flipped through the photos with trembling hands.

There were many photos of her when she was alone with Tarkan.

The way she was hugging Tarkan’s arm tightly and pressing her chest against him made it obvious to anyone that she was trying to be seductive.

“Wouldn’t it be bad if a photo like this was released to the public? O, beloved princess of the empire?”

Even if she was shown seducing any man, her image would take a huge hit. Moreover, Tarkan was her older sister’s husband.

A half-sister seducing her elder half-sister’s husband.

What a provocative and vulgar stamp.


The photo in Letanasia’s hands was harshly shredded into pieces.

Even though she knew that tearing it wouldn’t make it go away, she couldn’t help herself.

“Oh, just so you know, I took a video too. You look good on screen. Especially that distorted expression.”

Launelian laughed as if it was funny and looked straight at Letanasia.

“Now, I’m sure you know how to talk to the reporters outside, right?”

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