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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 243

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After the Rain (11)

‘Ugh, I should seriously get married too.’

Next year, he will definitely come back with a picture of his wife, and he won’t be envious of Tarkan.

‘I might even have a daughter in the picture too…!’

Jacquelin clenched his fists, hardening his resolve.

A faint smile hung on his face as he told the warriors under his command that they were heading out.

From his expression, he was convinced that the variable of communication loss would not affect them in any way.

However, reality was different from his expectations.

* * *

‘What in the…’

Jacquelin gritted his teeth as he rode wildly on his horse.

Behind him, an immeasurable swarm of demonic beasts rushed forth like a storm.

If he slowed down even a little bit, the storm would swallow him whole.

No, even if he increased his speed, it turned out the same because he couldn’t shake off the demonic beasts on his tail. Afterall, a demonic beast’s stamina was stronger than a horse’s.

At least, they were able to hold on because they were on Irugo warhorses.

If these horses were from any other nation, they would have collapsed from exhaustion by now, no matter how well-bred they were.

However, the beasts behind him weren’t what worried Jacquelin the most.

He turned his head.

In the distance, a man could be seen riding on a horse alone in the opposite direction.

It was Tarkan.

Seeing Tarkan dash ahead without even a moment’s hesitation, Jacquelin felt like his heart was breaking.

‘Just why…’

This morning, the division led by Tarkan clashed head-on with the demonic beasts, as planned.

The strategy was that, while they clashed with the beasts directly, the other divisions would make a surprise attack, surrounding them from both the sides and the rear.

However, no matter how much time passed, other divisions didn’t join in.

The warriors fought bravely without retreating but they were outnumbered.

The number of tactics they could implement were also limited because the plains had nothing to use.

In the end, the frontline was destroyed, and Tarkan called for a retreat.

To the domain of the Great Demonic Beast.

Even the wind didn’t dare to blow carelessly in the domain of the Great Demonic Beast.

Fellow demonic beasts were no exception.

The demonic beasts following behind them would certainly retreat to avoid the Great Demon Beast.

However, they couldn’t be at ease.

The warriors would have a hard time avoiding encounters with the great demonic beast.

‘Half of the division…or even more, may die.’

Even if they fought it in perfect condition, it was a tough opponent.

But right now, the warriors were close to exhaustion after dealing with a tremendous number of demonic beasts. Even the light of the auras had dimmed.


That was why Tarkan went to face the Great Demon Beast alone.

While Tarkan and the Great Demon Beast clashed, his warriors could escape from its pursuit and safely survive.

As he watched his lord’s departing back, Jacquelin felt blood rising to his throat and screamed.

“Move faster! Once we get rid of these bastards on our tail, we must find a way to help our lord! We must!”

At those words, the warriors clenched their jaws and increased their speed.

Their expressions were all solemn.

He said ‘we must’, but in reality, they knew that there was no way to help Tarkan.

Jacqueline might be different but the warriors themselves would only get in the way if they went, and communication had been cut off long before they could summon other general-level warriors.

Even if a miracle happened and communication was restored, it would take some time before they could get there.

And the more time passed…

‘Milord will definitely survive; we all know what kind of person he is!’

‘I believe in Milord!’

‘There must be a way!’

The warriors fought to stifle any ill-surfacing thoughts. Right now, they had no choice but to just believe.

Right then, the movement of the demonic beasts chasing them changed.

They sniffed the air anxiously and soon enough, they flinched and twisted their body.


A sharp cry rang through the dry sky.

It might have been a warning cry between demonic beasts, but the sound made you shiver.

The expressions of the warriors hardened even more. Their wary eyes were directed in the distance.

But that didn’t mean that they folded their tails and ran away.

The humans in front of them were too many to give up; furthermore, they were high-quality prey.

Winter was coming soon.
A time when prey was significantly less.

So they felt even less inclined to give up.

The demonic beast spread to the side, sauntering in the vicinity. Their sharp eyes were trained on the warriors.

Jacquelin unfurled the map in his mind.

‘We can still go a little further.’

They had only reached the first boundary line. The chance of the great demonic beast appearing here was non-existent.

Furthermore, it was highly likely that Tarkan was already diverting the great beast’s attention.

‘Then at least till the second…no, the third boundary line…’

This was an opportunity that Tarkan has created for them, so they couldn’t waste it by failing to shake off the demonic beasts.

‘After we shake them off completely, we’ll help Milord.’

He had to find a way to help somehow.


Right then, he heard an urgent voice from his side.

“Behind us, the demonic beasts are…!”

The demonic beasts who had been dragging their feet, finally began to enter the boundary line. As the warriors never slowed down, they seemed to think that they would lose them completely at this rate.

‘It’s not all of them.’

Only hot-tempered and impatient ones crossed through.

However, just as there were people who would jump on a bandwagon among humans, same went for demonic beasts.

Who knew how the situation would develop over time.

‘…Dealing with only the ones who crossed the boundary will be easy.’

How long would it take to deal with one? Would the other ones really just let it happen?

‘We have to shake them off and go help Milord as soon as possible…!’

His heart was racing with urgency.

Right at that moment…


A roar rang out and something slammed into the ground. Dust flew into the air, along with blades of grass.

Jacquelin’s eyes shook, “What in the…”


Hearing the loud cries for him, Jacquelin looked forward again.

And there, he saw someone he never thought he would see, standing there, waving at him.



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