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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 308]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (42)

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* * *

After that, things went smoothly.

The preparations for a rebellion were already in their final stages.

This was also why Marquis Carnelian captured and transported the emperor under Aristine’s orders.

From the moment he listened to Launelian and rushed over, he was firmly at odds with the emperor and became one of the leading figures in the rebellion.

Ousting an emperor for his misdeeds.

Or obeying the orders of a new emperor ordained by God and striking down an emperor who had committed misdeeds.

Which of the two was better?

No need for comparison; it was obviously the latter.

It was as if Marquis Carnelian had not been the person acting lukewarm before the final negotiations with Launelian.

He took the lead and spearheaded the destruction of the emperor’s forces.

In reality, there wasn’t much need for forceful enforcement.
When Aristine’s 〈Enlightenment〉 was first witnessed, many did not know exactly what it was.

Although they had heard of the founding myth that the first emperor used his power to “enlighten” the land and conquer it, they had no idea what that meant.

Furthermore, even if they were told what it was, many would feel hesitant and confused, since they didn’t know if it was real.

Such a reaction was only natural since something thought to be a myth had actually happened.

However, soon enough, people began to realize what exactly had unfolded.

And so this legendary story exploded everywhere.

How could they not be excited?

Something from the founding myths had actually happened.

Ordinary soldiers with no political inclination were influenced and surrendered, and those who were politically aligned with the emperor subdued their voices.

Aristine already had justification, legitimacy, and public sentiment.

Furthermore, since Marquis Carnelian was in control of the military, they had to lower their heads if they wanted to survive.

“He just wants to extend his hand now.” Launelian grumbled as he dipped the chicken in salt.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. In any case, everything worked out.”

There was one reason why Marquis Carnelian was lukewarm in the final negotiations. It was because he wanted more benefits after the rebellions.

However, due to Aristine’s 〈Enlightenment〉, the negotiations went astray.

The rebellion had already succeeded.

In that situation, the only way for Marquis Carnelian to make up for his lukewarm behavior, was to work very hard.

“Besides, thanks to the Marquis Carnelian leading thousands of troops over, we were able to take over without spilling any blood.”

The overwhelming difference in forces swiftly crushed the morale of the already confused soldiers.

And with the news that the emperor had already fallen to his knees, no one had the will to fight.

“That’s true, but…” Launelian put the chicken in Aristine’s mouth and sighed. “I’m just annoyed by what happened when I was trying to negotiate with all these forces.”

He shook his head as he recalled his interactions with the nobles when he first returned to the Empire.

When he first arrived, the central nobles ignored the Prince, who was hated by the Emperor and had been driven out to the north.

Naturally, no one dared to do that anymore after he proved his own power.

“Rineh, if I knew you were ‘Enlightened’, I wouldn’t have bothered. I went through all that trouble for nothing.”

“I don’t agree. I think everything is going so smoothly because Brother Launelian lay the foundation for it.”

〈Enlightenment〉, which had been considered impossible for a long time, had happened.

That fact made Aristine a sacred being that no one should dare touch.

However, that was only the case if she was supported by a strong power.

So many years have passed and there were many people who did not know the true power of 〈Enlightenment〉.

A legend was just that, a legend; it had nothing to do with the present.

Silvanus was an empire that had prospered for a thousand years under a new order. Hence, couldn’t the legendary ability just be an exaggeration?

Many people could make that claim.

Over the course of nearly a thousand years, the Empire no longer saw ‘Enlightenment’ and created its own system for succession to the throne.

An emperor chosen by humans was selected, not the emperor chosen by God.

And just like all things that served human interests, those who supported the emperor were divided.

People had already tasted the sweetness of power, and it has become a tradition for nearly a thousand years.

There were many who were in high positions thanks to Alpheus’ reign.

Would they really watch a rebellion happen just because an old legend was revitalized?

Of course not. They would fight fiercely for their lives.

Even if they could not reinstate Alpheus, they would have somehow undermined Aristine’s legitimacy in order to maintain some of their own interests.

But right now, they had all shrank quietly, refusing to even make a sound.

This was all because Launelian had planned the rebellion step-by-step and laid this foundation.

“Thanks to Elder brother uniting all these forces in advance, no one had tried to say otherwise.”

“Rineh…” Launelian gazed at Aristine, feeling touched. “My clever little sister. I can’t believe you have such a good eye for things when you were forced to remain ignorant in imprisonment.”

“After all, I saw the world through the Monarch’s Sight.” Aristine replied.

“Then that means you realized everything yourself.”

Aristine felt embarrassed by the continued praise.

‘Let’s just eat chicken.’

Even if she said more, Launelian would just keep praising her.

With a bite, Aristine tore off the chicken leg.

The crunchy sound of the batter breaking apart, the savory flavor on her tongue, followed by the soft texture of the meat.

This harmony was almost a dream.

Fried food was good, but fried chicken was the best of them all.

The chicken was adequately chewy and seasoned very well.

‘I’m so curious what it tastes like with beer. My previous self always ate like that.’

Savory, spicy chicken along with cold, refreshing beer.

Just imagining it made her hungry.

Launelian smiled happily as he watched his little sister devour the chicken with satisfaction, without a trace of nausea.

This chicken was made by the sweat and tears of Launelian and Tarkan, who fought a merciless battle against oil droplets with telekinesis and aura.

He watched his sister enjoy herself for a minute, then he opened his mouth.

“Rineh, you will be a great emperor.”

Hearing that, Aristine stopped eating and raised her head.

“Elder brother, I…”

“It is your legitimate right.”

Aristine fell silent at Launelian’s words.

To be honest, Aristine held no affection for Silvanus.

How could she?

She knew that the people of the empire were innocent. She wanted them to be happy too.

However, there were so many painful memories associated with Silvanus that they completely overshadowed all the other good memories.

Launelian was a capable man.

If he became emperor, the lives of the Empire’s people would be so much better than they were now.

Most of all, the place she considered home was somewhere else. A place where for the first time, she felt comfortable, and she could relax.

An awkward silence hung in the air.

Right then, a knock rang out, then the door was opened.

“As you requested, I made pickles with radish. The pickled radish thing you said.”

It had been a while since the first-in-line to the throne of Irugo had turned into his wife’s private chef.

Tarkan felt the atmosphere in the room and tilted his head, “Is something wrong?”

“No.” Aristine shook her head and washed her hands.

“I need to see the emperor.”

She uttered calmly and both Launelian and Tarkan were surprised by her words.

“You want to see that bastard?”

“Oh no, there’s no need to meet him personally. I will kill him in the most painful way possible.”

“Agreed, I’d rather you ask us to kill him.”

Aristine laughed at the sight of them fussing over it. Then she spoke firmly.



“You don’t need to dip your feet in dirty water.”

Aristine knew what was concerning them. They were mostly worried that Aristine would be hurt when she met the emperor.

It’s not like she didn’t understand.


“This is my responsibility.”

Seeing that unwavering gaze, Launelian and Tarkan finally relented.

“T-Then let’s go together.

“Right. It’s dangerous alone.”

Aristine smiled as she looked at the two men, who got along so well that it was like they had never disagreed when they first met.

Seeing that smile, the two men started to feel relieved. However, Aristine’s next words were as solid as a rock.

“Do not take my revenge from me.”

With those words, both of them were unable to stop Aristine.

They could only watch forlornly as she left.

As the door closed with a clack, Tarkan looked down.

‘At least taste the pickled radish before you go…’

* * *

‘It has been so long.’

Aristine stepped down from the carriage and her eyes swept the surroundings.

Standing there, was a shabby building that looked completely out of place in the Imperial palace. It looked more like a makeshift warehouse.

‘I never thought I’d come back here again.’

Aristine walked forward with great familiarity.

The steps were so familiar that she could walk with her eyes closed; as if she was walking around her own house.

It was only natural since this was where she had been imprisoned here for over 10 years.

A place where Aristine had been locked up under her father’s orders.

In this very place, her dethroned father was imprisoned.



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