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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 274]

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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (9)

* * *

As they walked down a corridor lined with perfectly aligned jade pillars, Tarkan tried to calm his racing heart.

He couldn’t help but get excited at the thought of seeing Aristine and his baby soon.

He sensed a presence walking toward him, but he didn’t pay it any attention.

The corridors of the Silvanus Imperial Palace of Silvanus were as wide as a main road, and a glance at the shadow told him that it was not his wife.

Naturally, he didn’t bother to look as he was preoccupied with thoughts of his wife.

Tarkan placed his hand on his bare chest.

‘..These clothes should be fine.’

It was late autumn now, and even the wind was started to feel biting, but he was still wearing clothes that exposed his chest.

It wasn’t exactly on purpose.

This was the style of Irugoian clothes so it was just how it was worn.

Of course, when it got this cold, people usually kept their chest covered.

Unbuttoning it like this was certainly unusual but there was no special meaning.


‘It feels so suffocating, you know…’

Since his pecs were so developed, it was suffocating when he fastened the buttons.

That was all.

Ehem, Tarkan cleared his throat for no reason.

Hopefully, his wife liked it.

Right at that moment.

Tarkan felt something tipping over and falling towards him so he reflexively stretched out his hand.


A voice, refreshing and sweet like a spring flower, rang through quiet corridor.

Tarkan looked down at what he was holding.

It was a woman.

Seeing her honey-blonde hair scattered, he recalled an old memory.

The young Aristine had this hair color too when he met her in the demonic beast plains.

Deep blonde hair, as if it was soaked in the sun.

Immersed in the old memory, he blinked slowly, and at that moment, the woman slowly lifted her head.

Her blonde hair, similar to Aristine’s, cascaded down, revealing the woman’s face.

Her soft-looking white cheeks were dyed a rosy color, and her flush lips were glossy like dewy petals.

Her clear, doe eyes were like new buds in the spring, capuring the sight of anyone in their view.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry.”

From her lovely lips flowed a voice as sweet as a nightingale.

Her tone, pronouncian and eloquence were so perfect that any aristocrat of Silvanus would be in awe.

Tarkan’s eyes trembled.

Seeing that, the princess, Letanasia, inwardly smiled with satisfaction while holding Tarkan’s arm.

‘Aren’t I lucky today?’

Right when she tried to draw closer to Tarkan and make eye contact…


Letanasia felt something strange.

Tarkan’s gaze, which she thought was naturally heading towards her, strangely seemed to be directed elsewhere.

She didn’t notice it at first because she was using her ‘ability’ and only took a glimpse, but his expression was slightly off…

Right then.

Tarkan’s lips parted.

Disbelief and thrill was written all over his face, as if he couldn’t dare to believe that the sight in front of him was real.


A voice that reveberated deeply.

At the same time, it sounded so sweet that it seemed to melt away.

It was just a name being called but Letanasia felt like she was overhearing whispers of love.

Tarkan’s face, which had been stiff and unmoving like a rock, blossomed softly like rain in a drought.

Seeing this vivid change, Letanasia’s mouth unconsciously fell open.
And she felt a strong sense of foreboding.

‘No way?’

She turned around, following Tarkan’s gaze.

Standing there, was her half-sister, whom she truly had not seen in a long time.

Mystical silver hair that looked like it had been dyed with violet dew, and enignmatic purple eyes akin to the starry sky at dawn.

Her facial features were so proportionate that one could dare to call them perfect.

The vibrant expression on her face was very different from when she was in Silvanus, but Letanasia recognized her with one glance.

“Big Sister Aristine.”

Her greatest political enemy had finally returned.

Letanasia’s eyes, which seemed full of boundless innocence, sank, and her body was filled with tension.

‘I thought I finally got rid of her with Irugo.’

Aristine was someone who lived most of her entire life suppressed to the ground in confinement.

However, Letanasia couldn’t relax.

Letanasia had never once let down her guard against Aristine.

She was more wary of Aristine than of Launelian, who was at odds with the Emperor and was gaining so much power that a rebellion seemed possible.

Slowly, Aristine opened her mouth.

Letanasia unconsciously swallowed dryly.

‘What is she going to say…’

The current political situation was complex, and now that they had met again, Aristine would definitely find a bone to pick with her.

However, the words that left Aristine’s mouth were completely different than Letanasia anticipated.


Aristine started running with a bright smile like a flower in full bloom.

“R-Rineh, be careful!”

Launelian quickly tried to dissuade her from behind but to no avail.


Tarkan caught Aristine effortlessly and hugged her.

The ends of Aristine’s dress fluttered in the air and her hair danced in unison.

The happily smiling lovers basked in the joy of their reunion as they pressed their foreheads together.

Tarkan lifted Aristine up and spun her around.

They looked like a scene from a pictorial.

Somehow, a sweet smell seemed to permeate the air, and flowers seemed to bloom around them.

However, Letanasia stared at the two giggling individuals with an icy chill on her face.

This was completely incomprehensible.

But apparently, she was the only one who didn’t understand, because the Irugoian court ladies who followed Tarkan were shedding tears while looking moved.

“I am so happy for them…”

“Finally, His Highness Tarkan can sleep comfortably.”

“I’m sure the Princess Consort is the same.”

“I knew it, we should have brought that bed.”

‘Bed? What bed?’

They were saying things that made no sense.

Right at that moment…

Click click—.

Letanasia was shocked by the sudden sound and turned around.

One of the court ladies was tearfully taking pictures.

‘What is this…?’

Right now, these people were reacting as if their heads were full of flowers.

‘… Is this Sister Aristine’s trick?’

Maybe she wanted to catch her off guard with this and stab her in the back.

‘Then I won’t be swept away.’

Letanasia strengthen her resolve and took a step forward.

“It has been a while, Sister Aristine.”

Hearing her name called, Aristine tried to turn her head towards Letanasia.

But an outstretched hand sent her head back to its original position before she could even look at Letanasia.

Because Tarkan cupped Aristine’s cheek to make her look at him.

Her golden eyes were like a deep swamp and they stared at Aristine. His irises were burning with the desire to be the only one in her eyes.

Aristine’s cheeks flushed red at his gaze, filled with clear desire for her.

She couldn’t even finish her sentence.

Because Tarkan couldn’t hold back and swallowed Aristine’s lips.

“What, what the…”

At this completely unexpected development, Letanasia’s dignity evaporated and she stammered.

However, the surprise didn’t end there.

‘To, tongue…?

It didn’t end with just a kiss on the lips.

The couple, who hadn’t seen each other in a long time, had a very deep, silent conversation as married couples do.

The sudden live broadcast of a deep kiss made Letanasia forget where to look and her eyes shook.

Once again, it seemed like she was the only one who couldn’t keep up with this situation, as the court ladies next to her were screaming, “Kyaa—!”

Their mouths were screaming but their faces were caked with enjoyment.

They covered their eyes with their hands, but their fingers were spread wide apart.

Click click click click—.

Even the sound of the shutter was faster than before.

The problem wasn’t just the court ladies.

“You, you little…!”

Launelian’s fury dented the marble floor where Tarkan stood.

However, the kissing between the two never stopped.

As if that was expected, a golden aura was shielding them.

Letanasia’s face distorted.

‘What the heck…there’s not a single normal person here…’



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