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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 23]

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Episode 5: I know you’re a pervert(1)

“The princess is really pretty, isn’t she?”

“I’ve never seen someone who sparkles so much. I almost thought she was a fairy when she sat up in the water.”

“Are all Silvanians like that? I knew they had small frames but…”

“You think they’re all like that? You saw it yourself. Only the princess is special.”

“I thought Silvanus people were small and weak, but I guess that was just my prejudice. After all, they have someone like the princess.”

“Have you seen His Highness Tarkan when he’s facing the Princess? I’ve never seen His Highness act like that!”

The sound of the court ladies chattering flew through the walls.

The maids who came from the Silvanus Empire clenched their fists when they heard the discussion beyond the wall.

“What’s so great about a bitch that was treated like trash?”

“I’m worried the Princess might not know her place anymore after coming here.”

“Only these barbarians would see that filthy appearance and say it’s nice.”

“The princess’ face does look decent but she’s not that much of a beauty in Silvanus.”

“Exactly. I mean, I admit she’s a little pretty but definitely not that much. If I had to give a description, I’d say…slightly better than average, no?”

“It’s a barbaric country; they must have no beautiful people here.”

“Of course, their standards are so low that’s why they’re gushing over that idiot and calling her pretty.”

The maids put on a front and sneer.

“By the way, that man who they say is a monster, he’s quite…”

“Ehem, he’s different from what I expected.”

The mind of the maids flew back to Tarkan’s appearance.

His broad shoulders, tight back muscles, and the ease with which he lifted Aristine. Honestly, it made the Knights of Silvanus seem like children next to him.

It wasn’t just his body. He had cool, sharp eyes, a straight nose, slightly pale lips, and a prominent jawline.


Just remembering it made them sigh unconsciously.

The murderous glint in his eyes made them tremble even though they were just looking at him from afar.

He was a dangerous man.

But that made him more attractive.

But to think he was the husband of the Princess who they were so much better than!

“That beggar of a princess doesn’t suit him.”

“I know, right? Any of us would be a better fit.”

“He’ll lose interest in the princess soon, anyway. That woman has lived alone for over 10 years. Anyone can tell she’s off in the head.”

“Oh dear, then as a maid under the direct service of the princess, I must serve the Princess’ husband too, as well as I can.”

“To the best of our ability, haha.”

The sound of the maids giggling rang out loudly in the room. Right when they were snickering and licking their lips…

“Your Ladyship!”(1)

When they saw a Silvanus Knight running over from afar, the maids quickly corrected their posture.

“Have you heard?”

The Knight’s expression was grave. The maids frowned.

Did that stupid Princess wander around and cause trouble because she didn’t know her place? If she did, they’ll have to teach her a lesson.

“What is the matter?”

“The Princess met with King Irugo!”


However, the trouble that the princess caused far exceeded their expectations.

“Right, right now?”

“Then we should hurry and…”

They had to use the excuse of helping the Princess and run after her immediately.

However, the Knight shook his head.

“She already met with the King and returned. Right now, she’s talking with that monster of a barbarian. All the servants have been asked to withdraw so we can’t enter.”

The maids turned ghastly pale.


“Nothing will happen, right?”

At those words, Rosalyn chuckled and shook her head.

“Do you think anything will happen? We’re talking about that idiot princess here.”

“You’re right. The royal descendants who saw her must have told the King that a dirty woman came so he summoned her.”

“Then since she’s talking with His Highness Tarkan alone…”

“The princess must have embarrassed him so I’m sure he’s furious.”

At those words, the maids relaxed, and ridicule appeared on their faces.

The more Tarkan hated Aristine, the more they could stand out to him.

“Haha, I hope His Highness teaches the Princess well. After all, she is lacking in so many areas.”

“I’m sure it’s exhausting for him to deal with that kind of woman, I’ll have to offer him some tea later. Naturally, he should be repaid for taking care of our dear princess.”

The maids smiled amongst themselves, feeling more relaxed than before.

* * *

After they were done drinking tea, Tarkan personally guided Aristine to the room she was to stay in.


The knight inside the room yelled as soon as the door opened, and he saw Aristine.

“Where in the world have you been to come back so late! Now that we’re in Irugo, you better get your act straigh…”

The knight, who was mouthing off, shut his mouth once he saw Tarkan appear next to Aristine.

“Y-Your Highness, Tarkan…”

The knight’s voice trembled as he stuttered.

Then he pressed his mouth shut as if he was embarrassed by his own voice and glared at Tarkan defiantly.

“Perhaps I misheard that.”

Tarkan muttered quietly while looked down at the knight.

“This, this is none of your business, Your Highness Tarkan. This is a Silvanus issue.”

That wasn’t something a mere knight should say to the Prince of another nation.

Aristine was fascinated by the fact that he could act so strong when he was trembling like that. Didn’t he know it made him look more ridiculous?

“Indeed, this is my bride’s issue.”

As he said so, Tarkan approached the knight.

Step, Step.

Every time Tarkan took a step forward, the knight fought back the urge to step backward. The other party was only approaching slowly and defenseless, yet he felt strangely overwhelming pressure descend over him.

“A dog that bares its fangs at its owner is unnecessary.”


Just as Tarkan’s words fell, the knight’s face spun backward. It didn’t just end with that, the knight couldn’t withstand Tarkan’s strength and disgracefully fell to the floor.

‘Ohh, that’s refreshing.’

Aristine thought insensitively as she watched from behind Tarkan.

“Wha, what…”

Tarkan stoically stepped on the head of the flustered knight.

“I-I am a knight of the Great Silvanus Empire!”

The knight cried out, almost screaming.

“Ah, that’s right.”

Tarkan stopped pressing down with his feet. The knight’s face flashed with relief.

‘How dare he do this to a knight of the Great Empire…I will make a formal complaint about this.’

This knight inwardly ground his teeth.

However, Tarkan’s next words were different from what he expected.

“You are my bride’s dog so I should leave it to her to deal with as she pleases.”

What do you want to do?

Tarkan’s eyes seemed to be asking that.

Aristine realized something. That look was telling her he would listen to whatever decision she made. But on the other hand, he was also watching to see what sort of decision Aristine would make.

Call it intrigue or expectation.

The corner of Aristine’s lips curled up slightly.


The knight roared at Aristine. The look in his eyes seemed to be asking ‘what are you doing?’.

“Hurry up and tell him to get his leg off me!”

He was yelling at Aristine when he should be begging. However, the knight’s momentum couldn’t continue any further.


Tarkan’s foot pressed down on the knight with more force. His nose seemed to have been crushed because some blood splattered on the floor.

The knight didn’t dare to speak anymore. But he was only holding his tongue because he was scared of Tarkan, not because of Aristine.

As evidence of that, he was glaring at Aristine even while his head was pressed to the ground. The meaning behind his gaze was obvious.

‘Hurry up and stop him already! You stupid princess!’

—Or something like that.

The fact that he was still thinking that even at a time like this made her wonder how his brain worked. Maybe she had been too quiet all this time, so he took her very lightly.

《I mean, she has a nice face, and a nice figure too; might taste good.》

《Although she’s dirtier every day, you just have to wash it off.》

《C’mon, she’s going to be marrying a monstrous barbarian, won’t she be overwhelmed with gratefulness if we, the great knights, treat her a little nice?》

The knights shared offensive jokes about Aristine throughout the entire journey to Irugo.

Aristine walked up to Tarkan and placed a hand on his arm. Maybe he was surprised but she could feel his muscles wriggle under her hand.

‘Ohh, it’s firm.’

Aristine glanced at his arm, feeling amazed.
The knight looked relieved, obviously thinking that Aristine came up to stop Tarkan.

Aristine flashed him a bright smile. She looked just like a benevolent goddess.

“They say a couple is of one mind.”

Aristine’s voice was soft like she was singing.

“Keep stepping on him.”

But her following words were merciless.

And maybe she was mistaken. But Tarkan seemed to look pleased after she said that.

Aristine looked at Tarkan with puzzlement in her eyes.

She wasn’t mistaken.

‘Hah’, Tarkan gave a toothy grin then he said to Aristine.

“As my bride desires.”

His golden eyes gleamed darkly like those of a beast and a low voice spilled lazily from his lips.

‘He’s excited because he is stepping on someone…’

Aristine secretly took a step away from Tarkan.

‘I knew it, he’s a pervert.’



Translator’s Corner:

  1. This is the title he’s calling the maids (I’m pretty sure it’s the title for aristocratic young ladies).

Note: I have started patreon for this novel but there’s not that many chapters yet. It’s here if you want to check out what’s there.

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20 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 23]”

  1. LMAO she misunderstands him every time and each time it gets worse. I can’t wait for his reaction when he realizes what she’s misunderstanding about him.

    Thank you for translating as always, Ruby!

  2. Thanks, Miss Ruby
    The chemistry between them, uh, it’s amazing.

    As for the maids, they should be thrown into a bowl of hot oil, and before that I want to see them completely humiliated over and over again. Really rude !!
    How dare they wag their tails like foxes when they scream that Tarkans a barbarian along the way, disgusting, have no brain or dignity.

    These characters are positioned to provoke anger in the readers and it works every time.

  3. I’m forever a sl*t for tropes where the seemingly harmless princess is just as brutal and ruthless as her warrior husband. Thank you so much for translating this.

  4. I understand that the author is Korean but the amount of racist remarks is tiring to read. Isn’t it pushing it? I’ve lost count of the number of times the word barbarian has been used.

    1. You do realize that the people speaking and calling them “barbarians” are from a hostile nation right? Furthermore, there’s been bigotry on both sides and it’s already been explained. They aren’t going to just magically stop denigrating the other side just because the war is over. It’s far more realistic for them to be bigoted AF like they currently are. Especially, since this “cease fire” is just a ploy to buy more time so they can attack again.

      Also I find it hilariously ironic that you say something as racist as ‘I understand that the author is Korean’ and then complain about the racism in the story. The ethnicity of the author is completely irrelevant to the amount of racism in a story. It’s not about “is there racism?” it’s a matter of “does the racism make sense in the context of the story?” and yes it does.

  5. I get the impression that the maids are actually handmaidens/ladies in waiting based on what theyre tasked with and how theyre supposed to serve the princess-which would explain why theyre being referred to as ladies by the knight

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