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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 299

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (34)

“Why do you look like you’re about to get scolded?” Aristine asked.

“Me? When?” Launelian was shocked and rubbed his cheek.

“Right now.”

Launelian looked into his sister’s eyes, which were the same color as his own, and looked away.

Unable to meet her gaze, he helped her lean comfortably against the backrest.

Aristine decided not to ask anymore questions.

Because of that, Launelian felt even more anxious. Finally, he opened his mouth.

“Tarkan went to get Chrysea flowers.”

Aristine looked around the room.

The bundles of Chrysea flowers were withering one by one. It was only thanks to the holy water that their time was delayed.

“You’re using precious holy water….”

“There is nothing more precious than you,” Launelian declared.

“Is there a problem with Khan bringing Chrysea flowers?”

“The emperor has noticed. And the forces around Chrysea Palace have been strengthened. They aren’t easy opponents.”

“Did you send Khan there alone?”

At his sister’s question, Launelian looked away. “I’m sorry.”

He didn’t try to make excuses or say that he didn’t know when he sent Tarkan there.

“It’s okay.”


“My husband isn’t that weak.” Aristine grinned.

The look on her face said that she wasn’t worried. However, Launelian could see the inevitable unease in her eyes.

It wasn’t a matter of whether or not she believed in Tarkan’s skills.

Seeing this, Launelian slowly opened her mouth, “Rineh, so you really love Tarkan.”

His words almost seemed like a realization and Aristine lowered her eyes.

“Tarkan…is someone who taught me what loneliness was, for the first time.”

Aristine had always been alone.

It was the same even when she was not imprisoned. There were many people by her side, but they held no significance.

The emperor made it that way to awaken her potential.

He believed that her potential would not blossom if she thought that someone was there to help her. As he wanted to awaken Aristine as soon as possible, he eliminated people from around her.

Her attendants changed from morning and evening, and not a single one spoke to Aristine.

Every now and then, Launelian would sneak in. But once Aristine found out what kind of punishment he would receive if caught, she ignored him whenever he came to visit.

She was lonely before she even knew what the word meant.

And before she realized it, that feeling had become so deeply etched within her like a callus, so that she could no longer feel anything.

Then she met Tarkan.

“Going to bed alone felt strange. It wasn’t a very big bed, but it felt cold and spacious.”

Eating dinner alone should have been a natural event, but it felt strangely awkward. Even with such delicious food in front of her, she had no appetite.

“I see.”

Launelian smiled and stroked Aristine’s hair.

It was a strange smile.

Mixed with admiration, sadness, pride, regret, relief, and wistfulness.

“So, my little sister has a family now.”

Not only were arranged marriages a staple of high-ranking nobles, but even members of the imperial and royal families engaged in them too. Just because you got married to someone didn’t mean that you became a family with the other person.

“Then I should also acknowledge Tarkan as your family.”

The most important thing to Launelian was Aristine’s feelings in this process. If this man had revealed such feelings in his little sister, how could he not acknowledge him?

“Mn, I want the two of you get along well.”

“We get along…well.” Launelian smiled awkwardly.

Aristine gave a little smile at that sight, then the basin next to the head of the bed caught her eye.

It seemed Launelian had been nursing her during her fever.

“Elder brother, I know you must be busy, please leave this to someone else.”

Just as she was mumbling that, the water in the basin quivered. A sign that the Monarch’s Sight would soon appear.

Aristine held her breath.

Right then, Launelian spoke up.

“But Rineh, Tarkan knew about the ability and authority of the Silvanus imperial family.”

Aristine lifted her head from the trembling water surface and looked at Launelian.

The moment she met his purple eyes, Aristine realized that he knew.

Launelian was a smart man.

Once he saw that Tarkan knew about the abilities of the imperial family, he must have already had his suspicions.

In other words, he was asking why Aristine told him about that.

Aristine nodded her head. “Yes, I told him about my power, the Monarch’s Sight.”

Launelian couldn’t help the agitation that flashed across his eyes. He closed his eyes and soon, the words, “I knew it…” spilled from his lips.

“I didn’t mean to deceive you too, Elder brother.”

She did think that Launelian would be in danger if he found out. The young Launelian was more heartbroken to see his younger sister being tormented than himself being scolded.

What would he do if he knew that Aristine had awakened the Monarch’s sight? Because of that worry, she kept her mouth shut and hid it.

But she wasn’t intentionally trying to deceive him.

“I just didn’t tell anyone.”

Tarkan was the first.

Aristine looked at the water surface, which was only beginning to settle.

Soon, images different than their surroundings began to appear on the water reflection.

Even as she watched the water surface, her mind replayed the moment that she told Tarkan about the Monarch’s Sight.

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6 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 299”

    1. Its most likely after Aristine and Tarkan did the deed on Barracks.. Remember when Tarkan asked her how did she know all those stuff that happened and then we got cut out and was wondering if she told the truth or not? thats most likely what happened.

    2. Yes, exactly! This scene was cut short earlier.
      I hope, in the next chapter, we will finally get to know what had happened at that time in their tent…
      It seems Aristine spilled something about herself to Tarkan after all.
      Or not really? It’s so unclear…
      She definitely hasn’t explained well all important facts to Tarkan.
      They both weren’t acting like Tarkan knew everything or at least that much about Aristine after their supposed big talk.
      If she actually did told her husband meaningful truths, it makes the whole drama with her express pregnacy and being taken away by her brother more unreasonable than if she didn’t told him anything…
      This part of the story could have been changed or maybe even skipped and the plot would be fine.
      Tarkan is suddenly friends with Launelian and Launelian is suddenly taking a step back and being or pretending to be more like a normal human of sound mind. Hmm…
      So what was the sense of what was transpiring so far, I am unable to guess. Only the author knows.

      By the way, is Tarkan going to neutralize all Emperor’s forces guarding Chrysea Palace on his own? 😀 It will be amazing and dumb at the same time.
      If he will lose and get caught, it will be dumb in yet another way.

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