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FMH [145]

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After the hunt, the hunting dog…(5)

Both Caelian and Melodia claimed that their actions were because of Rosalyn’s schemes. Rosalyn cried that she was wronged, claiming that they were jealous of her since she was a good person and put together this operation to drag her down.

However, the testimony of a third party, Dionna, gave more weight to the claims made by Caelian and Melodia.

Even Brodie exposed the fact that Rosalyn had provided the location of the weapon she used and it was discovered that Rosalyn was behind all these incidents.

‘They just had to fall for a barbarian bastard…!’

The handmaids played into Rosalyn’s hands and Rosalyn said that she did all this because of that barbarian princess.

The Emperor ground his teeth at the thought of Tarkan.

Even without this, there was a lot of resentment because Silvanus was defeated when Tarkan appeared during the war.

Despite that, those maids were so enthralled by him that they even abandoned their duties!

“Damn it!”

The Emperor cursed and banged his hand against the table.

“The prestige of our great Silvanus Empire has fallen to the ground because of this!”

Even their principalities were secretly laughing at them because the princess’ maids fell for the princess’ husband and fought among each other.

As it was an ancient empire, Silvanus was respected as a cultural powerhouse.

Etiquette, law and morality. The country served as the standard for such things.

But now something that wouldn’t even happen in an outrageous drama had happened.

And in another country, at that.

“I won’t let these bitches off easily!”

The Emperor was in a rage-fueled frenzy.

“Even if Your Majesty does not lift a finger, they will not be able to step a foot into society any longer.”

The grand chamberlain told the emperor to try and calm him down.

Just as he said, the handmaids were already dead in high society.
The aristocrats of Silvanus valued honor and etiquette so much that they were said to have their nose in the sky.

Naturally, Silvanus was far more rigid and thorough in this regard than Irugo.

The families of the maids had received so much contempt that they could not show their faces in public.

They were called vulgar, disgraceful and the shame of Silvanus.

With how fast people were cutting ties with them, the families of the maids would find it hard to hold out any longer.

‘And the corruption they were involved in was published in the newspaper too.’

If the confiscated assets could help with some of the losses that were incurred after the emperor smashed so many things, then that would be nice.

‘Although that might be hard.’

The grand chamberlain inwardly heaved a sigh.

“That is not enough. Those things will suffer for this.”

The Emperor ground his teeth.
Once they return to Silvanus, he will let them taste hell.

The grand chamberlain waited for the emperor to calm down, then he said.

“But Your Majesty, what do we do about the Princess…”

“Leave her for now. Even if we send another observer, they will only raise suspicion.”

Still, public opinion wasn’t very good right now.

That was to be expected since all the people chosen by the emperor were making strange decisions.

“When it is the decisive time, she can be dealt with.”

“But then the princess’ movements will be unrestrained. What if she does something…”

“She’s a fool that knows nothing anyway,” the emperor snorted, “Even with this incident, it was Rosalyn who schemed while that fool got dealt with.”

She was an idiot that didn’t even know that her handmaids were ganging up together and cooking up schemes behind her back.

The emperor never would have imagined that Aristine planned everything out, up until its conclusion.

Because even in the newspapers, Aristine was portrayed as a pitiful victim.

“…It does bother me that the media and public sentiment is in such favor of that half-wit.”

Irugo was in the midst of a fight for succession so someone must have taken this opportunity to deliberately spread such rumors from Tarkan’s side.

That wasn’t the case at all but that was what the emperor thought.

Because he felt more at ease that way.

Naturally, the people of Silvanus were on the side of the princess who volunteered to marry a barbarian for peace.

In the first place, the maids who were the perpetrators did the most detestable thing for a Silvanian.

“No, this is better. Since people love her so much, when she dies, they are bound to be furious.”

It was the best excuse for war.

The people of Silvanus would be enraged and cry out for revenge for the princess. And as much as Aristine was loved in Irugo, their morale would be dampened just as much.

“Let her enjoy her last freedom before she dies.”

To that, the grand chamberlain quietly bowed his head.

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    1. He wanted his children to have the royal’s special sight, which yes she has and all three, but at the time when addressed to her she didn’t. By the time she did she felt no need to tell him and no one would care to listen.

    2. Because she can’t manifest the Powers expected of a first born from his perspective. But through his obsession over it she received a much stronger version which she hid.

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  2. I wonder if Silvanus king will try to spread fake news, that Irugo is just framing the maids to make the marriage look more glamorous drama than it actually is, or that they’re trying to isolate the princess.

    1. De hecho, si hubiera sido más inteligente el emperador habría podido volcar la opinión pública a que Irugo quería aislar a la princesa y que por eso estaban incriminando a toda la gente enviada de Silvanus

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