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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 312]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (47)

Soon Duke Franceline’s mouth began to open.


Letanasia was sure that she had succeeded.


“Princess Letanasia, you are not fit to rule as a monarch. You are selfish, short-sighted, and you lack clarity about your own capabilities.”


“If someone like you were to lead Silvanus, it is obvious that the administration will be corrupted.”

“Y-Your Grace…”

Letanasia could not understand what was happening.

Didn’t Duke Franceline lead the charge in helping the deposed Alpheus commit misdeeds?

“Please acknowledge that you and Her Highness Aristine are different from birth. Whether it is personality, talent, and ability. Every aspect of her was born with the quality of an emperor.”

Letanasia’s mouth fell open.

Duke Franceline’s words stirred dark emotions buried deep inside. A sense of inferiority and defeat that she had been tormented by her entire life.

“How dare you! A treacherous servant like you has the nerve to talk about my qualifications?!”

Letanasia yelled with a red face.

People turned to Letanasia in surprise.

The sight of her screeching without any dignity made even the last bit of affection fall away.

Duke Franceline stared at Letanasia unblinkingly, then he bowed his head.

Not to Letanasia, but to someone else.

He bowed deeply, something he had never done in front of Letanasia.

“Your Majesty Aristine.”

“I have never been coronated.” A relaxed voice echoed in response.

Letanasia’s body trembled.

“Even without such things, you are the only rightful heir to the throne of this empire, descended from divine blood.”

“I never thought I would hear such words from your mouth, Duke Franceline.”

“If the water above is cloudy, how can the water below be clear? I just feel fortunate that I can now serve a true monarch. If you give me the chance, I will serve you with all my heart.” [1]

Letanasia’s eyes were filled with disbelief as she looked at Duke Franceline, who was acting utterly subservient.

Seeing him act like this, it was as if all of Silvanus had fallen into Aristine’s hands.

Letanasia looked around her with her shaky eyes.

Marquis Cambrey, Count Marielle, Count Ruetten….

The very same nobles who had walked with their heads high under Alpheus’s favor, were now bowing towards Aristine.

“Your Majesty, one cannot imagine how thrilled I am to see you grow so much.”

“You are as amazing as expected. I had no doubt that this day would come, Your Majesty.”

She was dumbfounded to see them groveling. Even if she envisioned a change in attitude, this was far beyond that.

‘They didn’t do this even when I was fully favored by father and was certain to be the next Emperor…!’

Letanasia’s face distorted.

‘Why, why can’t it be me?!’

She felt like her blood was boiling and she wailed.

By the time she was born, Aristine was already a key figure in the world. In the name of educating Aristine, their imperial father never even showed her his face.

In a place with just the emperor and Aristine, Aristine received special education.

Letanasia hate Aristine.

‘I can do better. I…!’


Letanasia was brought back to reality by that calm voice.

“You are mistaken about something.” As always, a relaxed smile was on Aristine’s face, “The reason I merely imprisoned the deposed King is because I considered my child. It won’t be a good influence oo the baby.”

That leisurely smile that Letanasia hated. She wanted to see that face twist with desperation.

“But as time passes, the influence on the baby will no longer be a consideration, isn’t that right?”

But Letanasia could not say anything in front of Aristine.

That soft, whispering voice almost felt like it was strangling her.

Letanasia felt overpowered.

Soon, Aristine was going to order for her to be killed. Or at the very least, give an order equivalent to that.

Then she would suffer from Aristine’s revenge, in a place that never saw the sun.

However, Aristine simply gave a gentle smile and walked past Letanasia.

That was it.

She didn’t do anything else.

“W, why…”

She stuttered, barely managing to get the question out and Aristine turned back to her.

“I am not the type to deal with people who are not worth dealing with.”


For Letanasia, those words were no different from a death sentence,

All her life, she spent it guarding against Aristine, to prove that she was superior to Aristine, so that Aristine would submit before her.

That life was denied.

While she hated and rebelled against Aristine becoming the center of the world, at some point, Aristine became the center of Letanasia.


Letanasia crumbled like a piece of paper.

Aristine did not look back.

* * *

“Are you really going to leave things like this?”

“I know Brother Launelian will handle everything else. I shouldn’t interfere any further. If I do, my influence will only get stronger.”

When he heard Aristine’s answer, Tarkan fell into thought. He carefully opened his mouth.

“Rineh, if you want to become emperor but you’re returning because of me, then一.”

“That’s not it, though?”

When he saw the look on Aristine’s face that seemed to say, ‘what are you talking about?’, Tarkan’s expression became peculiar.

He wanted to tell her to not hold herself back, but when she said no so clearly, it made him feel quite…

“I’m going back because I want to see royal father, you know?”

“…His Majesty the King, you say.”

“Yes, and Ritlen, Sir. Mukali, Dame Umiru, Asena…right, Sir. Jacquelin and Sir. Durante too. It’s been so long since I saw them. I miss everyone.”

How were there so many people that she misses?

Tarkan’s mood immediately turned prickly.

“…And me?”

“Hm? You’re with me, no?”

Aristine tilted her head as if to ask what in the world he was talking about.

Tarkan suddenly turned away. “Forget it.”

Seeing him clearly sulking, Aristine broke into a smile, “Of course, the person I miss the most is you.”

With that one phrase, Tarkan’s frozen face softened. The area around his eyes reddened slightly.

That was good. Everything was good.


‘…Why is that hand on my chest?’

Why touch his chest when she’s talking about the person she misses the most?

Tarkan felt a complex array of emotions. On the other hand, he told himself to do push-ups when he got back to his room.

Who knew whether she could tell what Tarkan was thinking but Aristine smiled brightly and continued speaking.

“Seriously一I even want to see Yenika and Starlina now.”

“Those guys?”

“Mhm, because I can only see them when we are at home.”


Tarkan’s expression shook at those words.

Aristine stretched out her hands and wrapped her arms around his neck. “What ever are you thinking? I don’t feel at home here; it’s there that I consider home.”

She touched her forehead to his.

“Khan, you’ve created a home for me, somewhere I miss, and I’m comfortable, and I want to return to.”


Tarkan’s eyes deepened.

Their warm breaths fell over each other’s lips.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] In other words, if the lord I serve is a POS, I can’t help but become a POS.

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