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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 106]

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Breaking the bed (6)

T/N: Early Thurs’ chapter. Gonna be busy tmrw 🙂

Aristine was now a member of the royal family of Irugo so she could be in charge of a national project. But would they really entrust something as important as a national manastone project to a newly married-in princess?

Politically speaking, there would be some entanglement of interests.

Aristine wasn’t particularly interested in national businesses.

‘The handover will be a pain when I get divorced, and all the money I earn from the national project isn’t necessarily my money.’

In a sense, she’d be more like a salary earner.

The Queen’s eyes lit up when she saw Aristine’s face was full of envy.

‘Has she finally realized after hearing about the manastone mine?’

She must have realized that Tarkan was a rotten rope and Hamill was the one who would become the true king.

‘Then this will be easy.’

If Aristine came to their side, it would certainly be beneficial.

Although Aristine was quite annoying and anger-inducing, the Queen was a ruler of this country. She was not narrow-minded enough to give up on such political interests due to grudges.

In politics, yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend, and today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy.

‘Besides, a rift between Aristine and Tarkan will be a good thing.’

The higher the public interest in this marriage, the faster Tarkan’s position would drop.


The Queen called Aristine in a soft voice.

“It’s a pity you’re already married. After all, I have a son who’s grown up so admirably.”

Yenikarina turned to her royal mother, stunned.


No words left her trembling, pale lips, but they held more emotion than a thousand words.

The Queen smiled at Aristine, ignoring her daughter’s reaction.

‘Come on, I am offering you a hand.’

Of course, if Aristine didn’t meet expectations, she would be abandoned at any time.

Even if it was a pity, it was absurd to attach a divorced woman to Hamill. Aristine was a clever child, so she wouldn’t dare to expect that either.

All she needed to know, was that the Queen was offering her hand.

Now that she had realized the truth, Aristine should know that holding hands with the Queen was a wise idea. It wasn’t uncommon for husbands and wives to be against each other politically.

“Still, as you say, you are already my daughter-in-law. And my first daughter-in-law at that.”

Hurry up and cling to me.

The Queen’s gaze was saying.

So that you won’t be purged along with Tarkan when Hamill becomes King. You will be guaranteed a peaceful and bountiful life in old age.

“How about it? We can get along like a real mother and daughter.”

* * *

“My lord.”

Tarkan turned his head at the call.


His warrior and tactician, Jacquelin stood there in an uncharacteristically hesitant manner.

“Um, you told me to report every little thing regarding Her Highness, the Princess Consort.”

Even as he said that, Jacquelin glanced at Tarkan’s face to study him. Because he was afraid that he would get scolded about wasting time by reporting things like these.

“What is it?”

“I heard that the Queen has summoned the Princess Consort to her palace.”

“The Queen?”

“Yes, and Princess Paellamien, Princess Starlina and Princess Yenikarina have also joined.”

They were all the Queen’s dogs.(1)

Tarkan’s left brow rose sharply.

“It’s a complete setup.”

“What should I do?”

“Do what? Let it be.”

This was a political marriage anyway. Withstanding such political conflict was part of the Princess Consort’s role. Furthermore, when Aristine came to negotiate with Tarkan, didn’t she say it?


This was no different from a basic job she should do as his partner.

‘So I don’t need to worry about it.’

What did it matter if the Queen and princesses harassed Aristine and upset her? Aristine was only performing her role properly.

Besides, it would be ridiculous for Tarkan to run over to the teatime of the ladies.

‘And I have to focus on the plan for the demonic beast subjugation. I can’t divert my focus to such trivial things.’

Tarkan stopped caring completely.

“Um, Milord.”

Jacquelin was taken aback and called him.


“Where are you going?”


Tarkan frowned and looked at Jacquelin.

“You’re walking so fast.”

As Jacquelin said, Tarkan was walking so fast that he was almost running.


Tarkan realized what he was doing but he only furrowed his brows and turned in head.

“Going for a walk.”

“…A walk?”

And so, Tarkan took a walk, all the way to the Queen’s palace.

Ignoring the startled gazes of the court ladies, Tarkan was about to go right inside, then he heard the Queen’s voice.

“How about it? We can get along like a real mother and daughter.”

* * *

“Hmm, there is this saying. There is no such thing as mother-in-law that’s like a real mother.”

Aristine flashed a smile.

“Your Majesty the Queen claims it’s a pity that I’m married but I don’t find it a pity at all.”

Aristine spoke slowly, while placing her elbows on the table.

“You see, I really like my husband.”

He might be a bit of a handful, annoying and a shy pervert but still.

‘Most of all, he has that marvelous pâtissier.’

The Queen’s face froze over. She never thought she would be rejected even after offering her hand.

“You’re still young and newly married so your husband feels like the entire world to you, but I think it’s good to think things through. Life is ultimately up to what decisions you make.” (Queen)

The Queen fixed a fierce gaze at Aristine.

“You have to make good decisions so that you don’t regret them later and blame others, don’t you think?”

It was virtually a threat.

That if Aristine didn’t bow to the Queen, the Queen would surely make her regret it.

“I’ve decided for myself. I like Tarkan, what’s the matter?”

“Blinded enough by love to ruin your life? Don’t you think you’re betting everything on youthful passion? Come to your senses, you are a princess and a princess consort.”

‘Ack, it’s not love, I mean I like him as a partner.’

The Queen’s rebuke was littered with misunderstanding, but Aristine kept her mouth shut.

‘Well, the misunderstanding is easier anyway.’

Paellamien, who was listening quietly, decided to ask:

“What part of Tarkan is so good?”

Aristine thought about it for a moment.

“He’s good at breaking the bed?”




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