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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 248]

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After the Rain (16)

Aristine gave Tarkan a sullen look, but her expression was bright.

“At a time like this, you should kiss me.”

At those words, Tarkan’s face distorted.

A silent groan escaped his teeth.

How much did this woman want to stimulate him before she was satisfied?

In the blink of an eye, Tarkan’s lips were already on Aristine’s lips.

His arms, which were wrapped around Aristine’s waist, tightened. Their bodies were tightly pressed together.

Their hot lips rubbed together, and their breaths intertwined.

Tarkan’s tongue burrowed into Aristine’s mouth, tasting, and devouring every corner. Her teeth, her soft gums, even her small tongue.

Aristine gripped Tarkan’s collar tight, almost ripping it as her body shivered.

Their tongues entangled, and her breathing grew steep.

Tarkan’s large hand combed through Aristine’s long hair.


The kiss that seemed like it would never end, came to an end.

As if already regretting it, their reddened eyes gazed at each other.


Tarkan’s voice sank low.

For some reason, a chill ran down her spine and Aristine’s lashes quivered.

Tarkan’s large hand caressed her waist, then it slowly moved up.

Her heart pounded like it was about to explode. The innards of her mouth felt like it was burning.

Their eyes never left each other for one second.

Tarkan’s fingers wove around the straps of Aristine’s tunic. With a light tug, the knot of the string came undone.

At that very moment—.


Both of them stiffened at the sudden high-pitched cry of a horse.

Aristine looked around in surprise.

Tarkan’s warhorse smacked the ground with its horseshoe. Its innocent eyes of the horse seemed to criticize them for offending public morals.

Aristine hurriedly pulled away from Tarkan’s arms.

Tarkan stared blankly at the warmth fading from his embrace, and he quickly turned to the horse.

He glared at his beloved horse, which had been with him through life and death, and his gaze was as if he was looking at a sworn enemy.

Her warhorse gurgled and stamped its feet in displeasure.

Tarkan heaved a deep sigh.

Eventually, he walked over to the warhorse.

“Let’s go back.”

“Right, give me a second.”

Aristine stepped forward and manipulated the two barriers she had set up and they shrunk instantly.

Tarkan looked at the tiny plank that fit snugly in the palm of her hand and he frowned.


The joy of their reunion and the joy from realizing that Aristine was his first love, made him forget something for a while.

“Don’t tell me you put your trust in that thing and came all the way here? Where is your guard? No, even if you have a guard, we still have a problem. What kind of crazy bastard brought you to such a dangerous place—.”

“It’s not ‘that thing’. It saved your life.” Aristine pursed her lips.


Tarkan shouted and turned Aristine’s shoulders roughly.

This was the first time he had raised his voice at her and Aristine was taken aback.

“You know what kind of place this is! Do you really want to see me go crazy?!”

But Tarkan’s expression was so desperate and painful that Aristine couldn’t say anything.

“If something had happened to you, I…”

Tarkan couldn’t bring himself to continue and lowered his head.

How could someone so big look so small?

“I’m okay.” Aristine hugged Tarkan’s shoulders, “I knew you would defeat the Great Demonic Beast.”

Tarkan looked down at Aristine.

She was smiling brightly and her eyes were full of trust.

But it didn’t seem like she thought he would win just because she believed in him.


Did Aristine foresee the future just like in the past?

His mind was struck with curiosity about that unusual ability, but for now, the first thing he had to do was join other warriors.

Tarkan picked up Aristine and placed her on top of the warhorse.

Once he climbed up as well, the clever warhorse began to run as if it knew exactly where to go.

* * *

“Princess Consort!”

“Where are you!”

“Princess Consort!”

Making a ruckus within the territory of a Great Demonic Beast was foolish behavior. The only way to survive was to hold your breath and reduce your presence as much as possible to avoid the attention of the Great Beast.

However, Jacquelin, the warriors, the border guards, the blacksmiths and even the magicians were screaming at the top of their lungs.

As if they didn’t fear an encounter with the great beast, they were all spread wide and loitered in all directions.

Because they were trying to find the missing Princess Consort.

“Still no reaction?” Jacquelin asked anxiously.

“I haven’t caught anything within this range.”

Asena, who was performing the search magic, replied while dripping with sweat.

She had been using magic non-stop ever since they chased the demonic beasts away but she didn’t stop casting .

“Her Highness couldn’t have gone further than this by walking. If she stepped out alone, she should have been discovered by now…”

Jacquelin ground his teeth.

They had combed through every direction that Aristine could have gone. However, they still couldn’t find her.

That meant only one thing.

“The great demonic beast can hide itself after all…”

“But why would it only take the Princess Consort?”

It was definitely strange for it to take Aristine and not attack any other human.

No, frankly, the assumption that she was taken was delusional.
It was more likely that she was caught and eaten.

However, no one dared to say it out loud.

In any case, it was highly likely that whatever happened to Aristine, was not due to the great demonic beast.

With that hope in mind, they continued searching.

It was right then.

Asena flinched and turned her head.

Jacquelin quickly noticed the change in her behavior and asked. “Did you catch something? Is it Her Highness?”

“No. It is approaching too fast to be the Princess Consort…”

Those words made everyone nervous.

They were in the territory of the great demonic beast, and something was approaching at high speed.

Even a child knew what that meant.

“Everyone, prepare for battle!” Even as Jacquelin bellowed out an order, he added one more thing. “Those who wish to run can run away!”

Normally, Jacquelin would have ordered a retreat first. They had no chance of winning against a Great Demonic Beast.

But knowing that Aristine might be alive, he couldn’t just run away from here.

However, he wanted to at least prevent meaningless sacrifices.

It wasn’t just warriors here but people who had nothing to do with such battles.

However, the reactions were different from what Jacquelin expected.

“What are you talking about, General!”

“The Princess Consort might be waiting for us, so how can we just leave!”

“I want to live without shame!”

“Ahh, this is why I didn’t want to come here…” Asena grumbled.

But the next moment, a huge magic circle began to form under her staff. Anyone could tell she was preparing a large-scale magic attack and definitely not trying to run.

“I thought you didn’t want to come?” Ritlen pulled out his sword and grinned.

“Exactly.” Asena shook her head.

The magic circle was finished, and mana began to fluctuate in the air.

Everyone held their breath.

Before long, their opponent began to appear in the distance.

Its four strong legs dashed wildly on the plains.

And sitting on top of it was…

“P-Princess Consort?”


It was truly the appearance of an unexpected existence.

Furthermore, there was another thing they didn’t expect.

The historic event that would happen in their lord’s tent that night.

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