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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 323]

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Aww, my little…(9)

Marten slowly approached Aristine. However, the crowd was so dense that even as he got closer, he struggled to see Aristine clearly because of the layers of people enveloping her.

‘Damn it, I’m still a prince, you know!’

Naturally, they should have stepped aside and cleared a path, but the nobles weren’t budging.

As he watched Aristine’s face appear and disappear from the crowd, Marten tried to quench his appetite.

Today, she looked even prettier, with a gentle smile on her face.

‘She must be trying to tempt me with that.’

But soon, Marten spotted Tarkan firmly seated next to Aristine and his expression crumpled.

‘I have to get that guy away first though.’

Just as he thought that, Aristine stood up.

“I didn’t want to get up because I am having so much fun talking but unfortunately, I’m feeling a little tired.”

With those simple words, people grew concerned, causing a small uproar.

“I’ll be fine if I rest in the break room for a while,” Aristine reassured them, dismissing their concerns with a smile.

‘Oh, good. She’s heading to the break room. I think my work just got easier.’

Marten, who was planning to lure Aristine away, inwardly cheered inside.

‘But now the problem is how to get that bastard, Tarkan, away.’

The moment he thought that, Aristine seemed to read his mind and spoke, “Khan, please hold my seat for me. Can you do that?”

Marten thought Tarkan would refuse and accompany Aristine, but to his surprise, Tarkan nodded.

“Alright. Don’t worry about things here and get some rest.”

Tarkan kissed Aristine’s forehead, and she bowed to the nobles before leaving the banquet hall.

Marten stayed a safe distance to avoid raising suspicion, then he quietly followed her.

As he studied her slender back, Marten licked his lips. With each step, Aristine’s long dress swung like a tail.

‘Wow. I can’t believe she went to the break room alone. She is definitely trying to tempt me, isn’t she?’

With things falling into place so perfectly, it didn’t seem like mere luck, more like someone had prepared it for him.

‘Ha, God must be helping me, Marten.’

The court ladies were escorting Aristine, but it would be easy to get them away.

Soon, Aristine arrived at the private lounge prepared for her. When the door closed with a clack, two men emerged.

“Prince Marten,” one man said, holding a camera, while the other, with just one look, you could tell he spent the entire day wasted and harbored ill intent.

This was the man Marten hung out with to engage in activities such as drinking, gambling, or harassing women.

“Yes, I assume you’re very clear about today’s plan. There should be no mistakes,” Marten said.

“My, of course. You can call this kind of thing my specialty. Haha!”

The man rubbed his hand subserviently with a smile then he gently decided to broach the topic.

“Um, but uh…Ehem, after this is over, the thing you promised me…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you enough money to keep you swimming in wine for the rest of your life. I might be in disguise outside, but I am the prince of this kingdom, am I not? That amount of money barely makes a dent for me.”

“From the moment I saw Your Highness, I could just feel the dignity coming off you. I just knew you’re no ordinary person!”

Of course, the man didn’t know that Marten was a prince. He thought Marten might be a rich noble boy and approached him to get some money.

‘But I hit the jackpot!’

This was a man so thoughtless that he saw a nobleman and sought to make him his money bag.

The only thing on the man’s mind was the sweet reward he’d get after doing this. The aftermath was none of his concern.

This was precisely why Marten chose him.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll put a gold coin in your grave.’

Marten smiled slyly and glanced at the door of the lounge.

As this was the best lounge, there were no other lounges in this hallway, allowing the owner to rest comfortably.

Consequently, there was no foot traffic, which was why Marten, and his men were able to meet without having to hide.

Of course, there was a servant stationed in front of the lounge door but…

Marten locked eyes with the servant and they both nodded at each other.

‘Her Majesty the Queen’s reach has already extended here.’

It was perfect.

‘Alright then, time to remove the court ladies.’

Just as he thought that, he noticed the door opening slightly.

Marten and his men quickly hid themselves and they watched as the court ladies attending to Aristine came out of the lounge.

He had heard that Aristine usually liked to rest alone, and it seemed she had just dismissed all her court ladies.

Which meant that Aristine was now lying down alone, in an unattended room.

‘She actually seducing me, isn’t she?’

Marten’s mind flew to Aristine’s immaculate, white neckline.

Her slim jawline, red lips, big, deep eyes, slender shoulders, anarrow waist that seemed like it would fit in his hand.

His mouth suddenly felt dry.

Embracing a Silvanus woman would definitely feel different. Furthermore, she was more special than any other Silvanus woman.

Marten had never seen such a beautiful woman in his life.

‘As they say, flowers are meant to be plucked.’

And he was fully qualified to pluck that special flower.

‘Yes, she’s inviting me. She’s waiting for me.’

Marten’s eyes darkened with murky desire.

“You guys should enter a little later.”


“I want to talk with the princess first. Come in later when I tell you to.”

All they needed to do was take a picture of her with the man.


Anyone could tell he clearly wasn’t about to talk with the princess, but the men nodded in agreement.

Marten hurried into the lounge alone.

The room was tastefully adorned with warm lighting, creating a comfortable and luxurious ambiance.

Aristine was lying down with her back on the sofa, her eyes closed, basking in the light.

Marten swallowed dryly at the glow that surrounded her, as if she was in a completely different realm.

Marten’s original goal was to capture strange pictures of Aristine with another man.

But now that he was here, wouldn’t it be okay to make things progress a little further?

She was going to fall into his hands soon anyway. It wouldn’t matter if he made her clearly his a little earlier…

Marten slowly approached Aristine, taking in her glistening silver hair and beautiful skin that shone like pearls.

Aristine seemed to be in deep sleep, probably due to fatigue.

Marten lowered himself over the sofa, supporting his weight with his right hand. The luxurious furniture made no sound as he bent his body.

His left hand traced down Aristine’s face, reaching her surprisingly soft and bountiful lips.

And the moment he lowered his head further—.

“Stop right there.”



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7 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 323]”

    1. I also forgot who he was lol 😂 Marten is the third prince of Irugo. I just realized this when I reread the manhwa, he’s famous for being a sucker for beautiful women.

  1. Thanks for the update!

    Marten is garbage. Deluded, depraved garbage. While I understand how this plan was supposed to work, it’s still stupid. Even if a newspaper printed out the exact article that the queen and her faction wanted, who would believe it? Tarkan and Nephther would be the last people to doubt Atistine, and their opinion matters the most in this plot. So how exactly would she get abandoned and reach rock bottom? Smh

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