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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 160]

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Episode 25: Are you a womanizer? (1)

The newspapers were abuzz with fervor.

Because Tarkan and Aristine went on a street date in plain clothes.


The Royal Couple’s Secret Date?
Our Civil Citizens, Looking the Other Way, Despite Knowing Everything.
A Look at the Royal Pair’s Couple Fashion.
A Sweet Moment of the Royal Couple Feeding Each Other.
A List of the Street Vendors Visited by the Royal Couple.
An Unexpected Peak Season? Street Vendor Squeals in Delight.


‘These aren’t even gossip magazines. Is it normal for major daily newspapers be pushing out articles like these?’

Aristine was speechless.

If the daily news was like this, you can imagine how the gossip magazines were.

They were practically writing novels.

And it wasn’t even a date in the first place.

‘I was out on business.’

Plus, Tarkan’s real lover, Dionna, must be upset when she sees this.

‘Never mind, her boyfriend will deal with that.’

It was not Aristine’s problem.

With that thought in mind, Aristine lay down under the tree shade. Her silver hair and white dress were sprawled all over the green grass. Despite the hot summer day, the breeze under the shade was cool.

‘That feels nice…’

Aristine watched the golden rays of the sun pierce through the foliage then she closed her eyes.

After those articles came out, the court ladies would smile weirdly whenever she saw them, so she was here to escape all that.

Aristine enjoyed the feeling of the summer breeze on her skin, along with the smell of grass in the air. She hadn’t felt this relaxed since she made the scalpel.

‘Of course, the people on site are probably very busy.’

This was a luxury she could enjoy only because she was the boss.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked up to see a little bushtit bird flying away.

‘How cute.’

She smiled contentedly but then, she realized she had seen this scene somewhere before.

And recently at that.

‘What was it?’

Aristine’s mind quickly retrieved the scene from her memory.

Not long ago, when she was looking at the waterfall in the central garden, she saw a scene with her monarch’s sight.

The weather she saw was exactly the same as it was now. The sky was the same, the bushtit bird was the same—including how it appeared—and the mirrored surface showed it flying away.

And that cute bushtit bird…pooped over someone’s head.

She felt sorry for the unfortunate victim who was just taking a leisurely walk in the garden.

And that’s where the scene ended.

To think that the entire vision was about a flying bird pooping on someone’s head.

‘I don’t need to see stuff like that.’

Even though she thought that, she wasn’t able to control the Monarch’s Sight. She saw a lot of useful visions, but she also saw a lot of really useless scenes like this one.

‘Maybe the weather is just so similar that I’m reminded of it. I wonder if that person could wash it off.’

Well, it could be in the future, not the past.

‘Actually, even the clouds look the same, don’t they?’

Maybe this was the scene? That thought flashed through her mind but she soon shook her head.

She couldn’t see the victim’s face, but they had very bright platinum-blonde hair. That was hard to find among Irugoians who typically had darker hair.

‘But still, this is such an unlikely coincidence.’

Aristine smiled and sat up. Then she casually looked around and went, ‘huh?’.

Her eyes grew wide once she saw the man walking in the garden. Especially because the man’s hair was…

‘Platinum blonde?!’

The only difference was the lack of bird droppings but everything else was the same. His physique was also similar to the person that she saw in the monarch’s sight.

‘Wait, even the clothes are the same?’

Aristine raised her head and looked up at the sky.

The bushtit bird, which was swimming freely in the sky, was slowly getting close to the man’s position.

Aristine sprang to her feet.


At Aristine’s cry, the man turned to look at her.

“Be careful!”

The man stopped in place, with an expression that said, ‘what?’ and at that moment, the bushtit bird dropped a poo and happily flew away.

The man saw something rapidly falling towards him and looked down then his expression stiffened. Bird droppings fell on just the tip of his shoe.

If he had taken one more step, he would have been hit in the head.

Aristine walked up to the man, who was completely frozen, and asked, “Are you okay?”

Only then did the man seem to come to his senses and looked up at Aristine.

His turquoise eyes adjacent to Aristine’s face flickered like the surface of a lake.


The man mumbled vacantly and Aristine nodded.

“Mhm, that’s me.”

The startled man bowed his head like he had gotten a hold of himself once his senses returned.

“Ah, forgive my rudeness.”

The man smiled softly.

From his physique and overall appearance, Aristine could tell he was Irugoian but he carried a strangely foreign atmosphere. Was it because of his light hair? Or maybe it was because of his face which was more delicate looking than the typical Irugoian.

Compared to other Irugoians who had strong facial features, the man had delicate lines who made him look more like a scholar.

“Thank you for saving me.”

The man bowed and Aristine waved her hand.

“No, I didn’t do any saving.”

“You saved me from that fate so to me, you are a lifesaver. I can’t imagine how it would feel if I got hit in the head.”

The man said, staring at the foreign substance in the grass.

“That…would have been horrible.”

Aristine replied, recalling the scene that she saw with her Monarch’s Sight.

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