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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 136]

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Episode 21: His Preferences (5)

* * *

After getting Aristine to the smithy safely, Tarkan went about his afternoon business.

His forehead creased as he studied the graph showing the trend of injuries.

‘The number of injuries has suddenly exploded.’

Furthermore, it wasn’t a gradual increase but a sudden increase after one particular day. Needless to say, that particular day was the day that Aristine visited the training hall.

Ever since Aristine first met Umiru and gave Umiru the scalpel, she had only come to the ward once or twice to check on the situation. And even that stopped after she said she was going to improve the scalpel.

However, the warriors made a fuss, wanting to be lucky enough to meet the Princess Consort when she showed up. Now, they wanted to go to the ward for wounds that they never would have before, and it was making a mess.

《Do something about these damned…I mean, these great warriors! 》

Umiru came huffing just moments ago.

《They are so great that even with faking pain, they are the best in the world! 》

Of course, Tarkan didn’t feel any pity for her.

《You say you’re busy but I guess you have time to wander around like this? 》

《Coming to see Your Highness right now is merely an extension of my work after seeing the situation. 》

Umiru said while waving the document in her hand.

《Who asked you to come? 》(Tarkan)

Umiru looked at Tarkan, speechless then her mouth fell open.

‘Don’t tell me…’

It was obvious to think like that.

《Is this because of the time I went to see the Princess Consort?! 》

Tarkan didn’t reply.

《Wait, how long ago was that…that was over a month ago! 》

《29 days ago, to be exact. 》

《Oh, seriously! 》

Umiru ruffled her hair, looking like she was about to lose her mind.

《It’s not like I just went, it’s because of the scalpel…》

Umiru was so dumbfounded that she couldn’t finish her sentence.

Of course, it wasn’t like she didn’t have any selfish reasons. She could have sent a telegram or a subordinate, no, honestly, she could have just waited but she used it as an excuse to see Aristine.

But things like that happen.

So what was with this reaction?

‘I didn’t know His Highness was such a childish bast…come on, is his brain development the same as a child’s?!?’

She wasn’t like Tarkan’s warrior aides who were always by his side, watching him.

Still, Umiru believed that she had known Tarkan for quite some time.

What type of person was Tarkan?

He was a man who wouldn’t blink at any woman, even if it was rare dancer said to steal the souls of everyone, regardless of their sex.

It was to the point where his disinterest in women was amazing.

‘I even wondered if he was impotent.’

Umiru shook her head, disregarding her rude thoughts.

Even an impotent man was more interested in women than Tarkan.

‘That same person is now doing what?’

The person who acted if dating or love would never exist in their life was now acting this way and it gave Umiru goosebumps.

She remembered how he followed her and even interrupted her on the day, she went to see Aristine. She was so sad when she left.

‘I shouldn’t have asked.’

Once again, Umiru left sadly.

A small consolation to her was that Tarkan always took care of things, no matter what.

And just as she thought, Tarkan was looking at the graph right now, with a serious look on his face.

He knew the ward was getting quite crowded but after seeing the numbers, he knew it was a bit excessive.

‘If this goes on, the ward will inevitably lose efficiency.’

Fortunately, there were no large-scale battles going on and they were only dealing with the demonic beasts that they found during scouting so there were hardly any serious injuries.

His warriors knew this too, that’s why they were making so much fuss.
‘But if the doctors can’t get enough rest and become fatigued, it will be trouble later on.’

And most of all.

‘These bastards are making this much fuss to try and see Aristine.’

All of these warriors.

It was a good thing that they had a high regard for their Princess Consort.


‘It’s annoying.’

He didn’t know but it was extremely annoying.

He was once again reminded of the fact that Aristine came to the training hall to see Mukali, not him.

Tarkan didn’t even get a bite of the spring strawberry cake that she brought.

《Milord doesn’t lik e sweet things. 》

Because of that one sentence from Mukali.

‘Those punks ate it all!’

He wasn’t a fan of sweet things, and he didn’t usually crave thing like cake but for some reason, his mood was foul.

Tarkan’s eyes gleamed sharply as he scanned the documents related to demonic beast appearances.

‘Is there any long-term mission for Mukali? At this point, the farther from the capital, the better.’

Just as he was thinking that, he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The door opened and the face behind the door was Mukali, who just had a long-term mission decided for him.

Alongside Mukali, was Jacquelin and a bunch of other warriors.

Not having a clue of this, Mukali smiled innocently and suggested to Tarkan.

“Milord, why don’t you take a break and have some refreshments?”

“No need.”

Tarkan flatly refused.

He already wasn’t fond of refreshments and seeing Mukali’s face right now made him irritated.

“S, Still, I brought some chocolate fudge, you can just have a taste…”

Normally, Mukali would have understood and left but he hesitatingly suggested again.

Finally, Tarkan frowned and looked at Mukali, as if he was unhappy with the idea.

“Chocolate fudge? Are you asking me to eat something that rottenly sweet?”

At this low voice laced with rebuke, the warriors flinched and looked at each other.

Then they began whispering under their breath.

“See, I said he wouldn’t take it.”

“But still..”

“I don’t think he’s in a good mood, let’s go. We just interrupted his work for no reason.”

“What do we tell the Princess Consort?”

‘Princess Consort?’

Tarkan’s ears twitched.




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