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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 328]

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Aww, my little…(14)

“Queen, a position of great power comes with a certain responsibility.”

Nephther, who had been silent so far, opened his mouth, and his voice rang heavily through the banquet hall.

Conversations immediately stopped as people focused on his words.

“However, it seems you only know how to wield that power and have no intention of taking responsibility.”

Nephther’s meaning was clear.

You are not fit for your position of queen.

“How…” The Queen’s eyes were filled with despair. “How can Your Majesty say that to me…!”

Despite the boiling resentment in her eyes, Nephther’s eyes remained calm.

Like he was saying, ‘instead of asking me that, why don’t you look at what you’ve done?’.

However, the Queen was not the type of person to look back at her actions, examine and regret.

If anything, her eyes blazed with venom.

‘The mistakes I’ve already made can’t be taken back.’

But at the very least, she had to avoid the worst outcome.

“…After being accused of such an absurd and terrible crime, I was agitated and made a mistake.”

The Queen spoke a very different manner from before and looked straight at Aristine and Tarkan.

“In my emotional state, I briefly misspoke. For that, I apologize to both of you.”

‘Hmm, so it’s a ‘mistake’ not an ‘accusation’…’

Aristine inwardly thought and smiled to herself.

She deliberately didn’t point out that the Queen was minimizing the matter.

Because right now, she was looking forward to the Queen’s next words more than anything else.

“There must be a reason why you reacted emotionally.”


The Queen immediately nodded as if she had been waiting for Aristine to say that.

Her furious gaze turned to Marten.

“Because Marten, a child whom I have cared for like my own son, threw such a dirty false accusation at me.”

‘Yes, this is how you should act.’

The battle, which seemed like it was about to end, quickly looked drawn out as the Queen passed the blame to Marten.

But Aristine was satisfied and smiled to herself.

Because the more the Queen lied, and threw the blame to others, the greater her crime became.

‘Nothing can protect her from this; not her position as queen, or her maternal family, or her connections.’

Tarkan has already solidified his position as the first in line to the throne.

If the queen had kept to herself, Aristine would have left her alone.

‘But since she hasn’t, it will be best to stomp her to the ground so that this can never happen again.’

Especially if you consider her unborn child, it was wise not to leave behind further trouble.

“W-What are you talking about, Your Majesty? You asked me to create an ugly scandal for the Princess Consort…!”

“Shut your mouth!”

“You can’t silence me like this!”

“Silence? Why should I have to silence you?”

“Because Your Majesty ordered this!”

“Do you have proof?”

Marten was not the type to look ahead or plan with the future in mind. If he were, he wouldn’t have involved himself in this matter.

Naturally, he had no evidence.

He could create evidence for this but what would he do if a problem arose later?


“I have witnesses.”

Marten turned to look at the cameraman and the man he had hired.

He regretted entering the room instead of leaving it to the man as originally planned but it was already too late.

“I recruited these two men separately at the instigation of Her Majesty the Queen. Because she said I need a cameraman to film the depraved scene and another to act out the scene.”

Those words caused a stir among the nobles.

However, it was Nephther who was angered the most by the newly revealed facts.

‘How dare you…to my bwaby…!’

The fact that Marten approached Aristine’s break room already made him want to lose his mind.

And now, there was a guy with yellow teeth, clearly drenched in alcohol, who looked like he was dragged off the street…

Nephther suppressed the urge to throw everyone involved into a dungeon immediately.

Considering how calm his daughter-in-law was being, she definitely had a plan. Aristine always surprised him, so he didn’t think she would disappoint this time either.

He tried to calm his anger to see his daughter-in-law’s cute…no, her plan unfold.

“Well, since these are the people you brought here, how do we know they will not lie for your sake?”

“We are in front of His Majesty the King. I’m sure they know that their tongue will be removed the moment they lie.”

“Alright, let’s see what they say for now.”

Once the Queen finished speaking, the two hesitant men came forward.

To get them to do this, Marten paid them and also used the Queen’s name. So naturally, the Queen’s name should come out of their mouth.


“P-Prince Marten paid me so I know I should say something in his favor but… even a bastard like me has a conscience so I can’t bear to lie in front of so many people.”

Something was strange.

“Prince Marten told us to say Her Majesty’s name if we ever get caught.”

“In the first place, we were paid to act as witnesses in a situation like this.”

“No matter how much I’m paid, how can a guy like me do something like that to the Her Highness the Princess Consort…I just…I just came since he said we only have to say Her Majesty’s name but…after seeing what’s going on, I don’t think that’s right.”

“I was blinded by money. I’m so sorry.”

Marten stared at the two, his jaw practically falling from his face.

He couldn’t believe his ears.

These were people he had hired personally, without any involvement from the Queen.

They had no connection to the Queen whatsoever.

Yet, why were they taking the queen’s side and lying right now?

“What the hell are you doing! Why are you lying…!”

“Prince Marten, just, just admit it now.”

“I don’t think you should go this this far.”

“I will return the money you gave.”

Now, anyone could tell that this was a situation where Marten instigated the two men and tried to frame the Queen.

And it was clear what that would result in.

“No, this can’t…no, no, they’re lying, no!”

Marten shook his head trying to deny reality and then his eyes met with the Queen.

Her expression was sad and distressed.

But at the very moment their eyes met, a corner of her mouth ticked up.

It was so brief, and it disappeared in the blink of an eye but that look was engraved in Marten’s eyes and refused to disappear.

‘It’s over…’

The Queen had already prepared everything in case things were exposed. So instead of doing it herself, she had Marten take action.

‘Now it’s hopeless…’

Light disappeared from Marten’s eyes.

Every word from the Queen’s mouth was a lie. However, there was no way left to prove it.

‘In all your foolishness, you betrayed me and stood on Tarkan’s side. See where that’s left you.’

The queen stared down at Marten and slowly closed her eyes. But when she opened her eyes again, those feelings of betrayal were nowhere to be found.

Rather, she felt a sense of superiority and excitement.

‘Of course, thanks to your betrayal, things turned out better for me.’

Marten was not the only one to falsely accuse the queen. Tarkan had also claimed that the Queen was a criminal.

The queen covered her mouth with her sleeve and smiled.

This was clearly her victory.

But right at that moment, something happened.



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  1. Thank you for the translation, Miss Ruby. You’re a star and a gem.

    This was a pretty smart move from the queen, but I know that Aristine saw this coming. I’m interested to see what she has planned.

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