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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 346

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While Aristine was planning to bury her in work, Paellamien was losing her mind over how to handle the confiscated property of the Skiela Duchy.

Specifically, the iron mine owned by the Duke was not being mined due to this issue, so this problem had to be solved as quickly as possible.

Finally, after three consecutive days with only 3 hours of sleep, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

With her work coming to an end, Paellamien took deep, long stretches.

‘Let me just report this to Royal Father, then I can sleep.’

There is still a lot of work left, but she had some time to breathe.

Right at that moment, the transmission stone rang. The caller was Aristine.

Paellamien was struck with an ominous sense of foreboding.

And that foreboding was right.

Once the call was over, Paellamien thought to herself.

‘Did I join hands with the devil…’

Meanwhile, Aristine didn’t forget to put some chicken aside for Paellamien.

* * *

Episode 40: Lu (1)

Launelian stood in front of his portal, anxiously prancing around.

“Why isn’t the portal responding? Are you sure there’s no issues coming through?!”

“It is fine.”

The portal administrator answered mechanically.

Hearing Launelian ask the same thing every 10 seconds, he was about to lose his mind.

“It’s been so long since they said they were coming! Why is there no response!”

“It’s only been 10 minutes since they informed us they were leaving.”

“10 minutes, my foot! Even 10 years—.”

Launelian’s words cut off in the middle.

The faces of everyone suffering from his abuse grew brighter.

The portal had begun to glow. Evidence that a space was opening.

A blindingly intense light filled the entire area.

And when the light faded…


Launelian beamed and ran to his only sister.

He was about to hug her, but when he saw her clearly swollen belly, he held her carefully.

“Big brother, it’s been a while. You didn’t need to come out here to greet me…”

Hearing Aristine say that, Launelian immediately made a sad face.

“You’re not happy I came to see you?”

His ever-noble face instantly turned sour.

“No, of course I’m happy to see you. But I know you’re busy and I didn’t want to burden you.”

“Rineh, meeting you could never be a burden. My little sister, you’re just too nice.”

Launelian rubbed his cheek against hers.

Tarkan’s eyes twitched.

“Perhaps it’s time to step away from my wife, Brother.”

“Where did you learn to interfere in other people’s family reunions?”

Both men were growling at each other as soon as they met.

Launelian snuggled up to Aristine, showing off their familial bond.

This time, it was Nephther’s eye that twitched.

“Is it a Silvanian etiquette to not even acknowledge an allied king? I’ve heard so much about your manners but it seems to be nothing special.”

Only then did Launelian’s eyes turn to Nephther.

The king of Irugo had stepped foot on Silvanus’ soil.

This had never happened before.

It was an extraordinary moment that would remain in history. A feat that hadn’t been accomplished in centuries.

And yet, it was achieved simply because someone wanted to chase after his daughter-in-law.

‘…When you put it like that, it sounds really embarrassing.’

It made Aristine wonder if this was really okay.

“I have been rude.”

Launelian obediently admitted his mistake but added something after.

“But Rineh is here.”

My little sister is here, so I must greet her first!

Nephther flinched at those words.

‘…Why does it strangely make sense?’

If Aristine and another head of state had come together to meet Nephther, he would have also been preoccupied with welcoming Aristine.

“Indeed, this is an exceptional circumstance.”

Nephther nodded his head seriously.

Aristine was even more dumbfounded by this.

‘No, why are you getting convinced?’

She was taken aback but as they say, all’s well that ends well.

“Rineh, there’s something I want to show you. I prepared everything and I’ve been looking forward to the day you came back.”

“Huh? What preparation?”

Aristine felt a sting inside.

She hadn’t yet spoken to Launelian about the throne. She thought it would be better to meet him face-to-face and tell him her mind.

But did he already make all the preparations?

“Since I prepared it, just know you can’t find anything more splendid and refined, yet as comfortable as this. Look forward to it.”

‘Don’t tell me it’s a coronation?’

Aristine swallowed and followed Launelian.

Right at that moment.


Nephther stopped the two of them.

“It is my creed to not let my bwa…Ehem, Rineh’s feet touch the ground.”

With a glance from him, the court ladies brought forth the palanquin.

It was the same palanquin that Aristine was forced to ride all over the royal palace of Irugo.

‘Wait, you seriously brought that all the way here?’

Aristine felt like she had a headache.

She started wondering if she needed to burn that thing down.

Seeing the Silvanian servants and maids looking surprised at the palanquin, Aristine felt embarrassed.

But Launelian only laughed.

“No need for that.”


Launelian gave a soft smile.

And at the same time, Aristine’s body lifted slightly in the air.

It was telekinesis.

“My life-long creed has always been that my sister will walk on nothing but flowery paths.”

Launelian curled his lips as he looked at Tarkan and Nephther.

“No need to use a mere palanquin or other people power.”

It was a clear provocation.



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  1. Thank you, as always for the uploaded chapters, Miss Ruby!

    Oh. We get a whole series of chapters named after Hamil’s nickname. I knew he wasn’t dead. I wonder if he’ll be living in Silvanus as “Lu” for the rest of his life. It’d probably be better than staying in Irugo. I guess we’ll see.

    Aristine has always been a good boss up until this point. I’m surprised that she doesn’t know the basic a concept of “rest between big projects.” But I guess since she’s working just as hard, everyone just follows suit. But please! Give your employees and yourself a break!

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