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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 314]

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Running Away… (49)

T/N: It looks like I missed 1 chapter last week so there will be 3 this week. ENJOY!

* * *

This story began when the empire was still a kingdom, when the imperial family was still a royal family.

A severe drought had struck the entire continent.

Fields and rivers dried up, the grains burned, and animals died of starvation.

Crimes ran rampant in the name of survival. People abandoned their humanity and violated the laws of heaven.

Days that would later be recorded as the worst time in the history of the continent continued endlessly.

But even in the midst of this quagmire, there was a thread of hope.

A king who gave up everything for his people suffering from drought.

The grains and water that he was supposed to drink, the clothes that he was supposed wear, even the royal emblem made of gold.

Soon, the king lost everything and fell to the lowest point, yet only one person remained at his side.

The king’s guard.

The king was on the path to die a pathetic death but a god appeared before him.

A vast number of people enjoy the right and responsibility to bring peace to their people. But in this chaotic world, only you have fulfilled your responsibility and duty.

The king was chosen by God.

He was bestowed the Monarch’s Sight and gained the ability to see all truth.

However, the king was worried.

What if he became blinded by this immense power and had a change of heart?

Would his children and his children’s children be able to keep making the same choices?

God laughed at the king’s worries.

You have a loyal subject by your side, don’t you?

Someone who would guide him on the right path and advise him not to go on the wrong path.

A guard who not only protects the king’s body, but also firmly protects his heart.

A brave, strong and ruthless knight of the king.

The power of god flowed into the king’s guard.

God ordered it to rain.

To end tyranny in the land.

The wise king led the charge, and those who blocked the path fell before the knight’s sword.

The kingdom became an empire, and the king became an emperor.

The knight, who had always been by the king’s side, was now by the emperor’s side.

Like that, several generations passed, and the emperor with the Monarch’s Sight saw a Great Demonic Beast being born in the central plain of the vast continent.

Unlike the other Great Demonic Beasts who lived alone within the realm, this was a Great Demonic Beast who desired to unite and lead other Demonic Beasts.

The emperor fell into deep worry.

Even though the Empire’s army was strong, this was not an adversary that they could easily deal with.

But his time of contemplation did not last long.

As time passed, more Demonic Beasts would gather under the Great Demonic Beasts, and it was clear what the final outcome would be.

The emperor ordered the knight to depart and subdue the Great Demonic Beast.

The knight knew that they could not leave the emperor’s side. The knight tried their hardest to persuade the emperor.

The knight’s power was needed to awaken the divine blessing flowing in the emperor’s blood. There was no telling what would happen to the emperor while the knight was away.

However, the emperor’s decision could not be changed.

The emperor already knew what would happen the moment the knight left.

And what would happen if the knight didn’t leave.

The knight was worried about the emperor, but they could not disobey the orders they were given.

In the end, before leaving, the knight imbued their power into the humble wildflowers of the imperial palace.

Hoping that if anything happened, this power would awaken god’s blessing in the emperor’s blood.

And so, the knight left the emperor’s side and headed to the plains.

And they could never come back.

While the knight was away leading the emperor’s powerful army, the emperor’s younger brother killed the emperor and ascended the throne.

And he cut off all support sent to the troops fighting on the plains.

As the emperor died, there was a smile on his face.

【The moment I sent my knight, I already made my resolve.
If my death can save the continent, then there is nothing to be sad about. But I worry about my knight who will be frantic from afar.
O, brother, because of your jealousy and betrayal, the eyes of the Monarch’s Sight will be closed to this land and flowers shall no longer bloom. But god’s blessing will continue, and god’s power will remain.
After the long passage of time, it will bloom again like fate.】

And after nearly a thousand years, a flower bloomed.

* * *

“Oh my gosh, this is so romantic.”

“This is what I call fate.”

People expressed their awe as they looked at the newspaper in their hand.

“But does that mean that Irugo and Silvanus used to be same?”

“But to think our relationship has gotten so bad…”

Since the younger brother who betrayed the emperor ascended to the throne, the emperor’s army couldn’t help but harbor hatred towards the new emperor.

By cutting off their military support, the new emperor isolated them on the plains to die, so their hatred grew even stronger. If the army had returned, they would have tried to kill the traitorous brother, so naturally, the new emperor wanted them dead.

However, the army led by the knight survived and won the war against the Great Demonic Beasts, and they gathered together to form a nation.

And because of the rapidly growing demonic beasts in the plains, the two countries were cut off from each other and soon, a long time had passed.

“This explains why 〈Enlightenment〉 hasn’t happened till now.”

“Didn’t they say there was an emperor born with Monarch’s Sight over the past few years? I thought that was the real Monarch’s Sight, but it was just a requirement for ‘enlightenment.’”

“The Monarch’s Sight never had so many restrictions. It was already strange that it was named ‘Monarch’ when it had such restrictions.”

Nobles were discussing over the newspapers in a secret elite social club.

These were the highest-ranking nobles who had some knowledge about 〈Enlightenment〉 and the Monarch’s Sight.

“Now, what should we do?”

“If things have come this far, there is only one path.”

“But I hear the Emperor does not want it.”

“I have my doubts; we’ll have to wait and see.”

With a hissing sound, the pipe was lit on fire.

The nobleman standing by the window turned to look outside.

Beyond the window, you could find a lot of people gathered in the square, discussing something. There was only one thing they would be talking about.

“When I saw their wedding photo, even I thought they were destined for each other.”

“Yes, how else would they get along so well.”

“To think Her Highness, I mean, Her Majesty is the Monarch ordained by God…I am blessed to be born in this era.”

People were already praising Aristine, calling her emperor.

“But you’re telling me the deposed king abused and imprisoned such an existence?”

“Why are they letting him live?! Bastards like that should be burned!”

“That reminds me, did you hear? About Princess Letanasia, I mean.”

“She’s not even worth that title. I heard that Her Majesty was imprisoned because of that witch?”

“I can’t believe that all the time she was volunteering and standing in front of the people, she was just acting…”

“Doesn’t it give you goosebumps?”

“Why is she still in the imperial palace after locking up her older sister?”

“She must be burned at the stake with the deposed king!”

People began to stamp their feet with agitation.

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  2. What a beautiful chapter…. the first emperor is a great man really (btw I like the idea that the emperor and the guard’s descendants are my beautiful couple Rineh and Khan and that the guard gave his power to the flowers -I expected that Khan’s golden aura was special somehow but not to this extent-
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