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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 291

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (26)

* * *

“Your Highness, Princess Letanasia has come to visit.”

The moment he heard that, Launelian waved his hand in annoyance.

“Why bother to report that? Send her away.”


Launelian frowned when he saw his attendant hesitating.

His attendant was not the type of person to say frustrating things like, ‘Oh, but it’s Her Highness the Princess, how can we send her away?’ so this was unusual.


“…She came with reporters. Before she left the palace, she already announced that she was going to check on Princess Aristine’s health.”

“I see she’s determined.”

“What should we do? If we keep shutting the door, it will be published as fact.”

Launelian heaved a sigh.

“Let her in.”

As he spoke, he put down his pen and rose to his feet.

He planned to send her away as quickly as possible before she could say anything about meeting Aristine.

* * *

Letanasia watched as the heavy doors slowly opened and a content smile appeared on her face.

‘If you thought you were the only one who could manipulate the media, you thought wrong.’

With a smile on her face, she opened the carriage window.

The sound of pictures being taken grew louder.

“Alright, I will go inside now. Take care not to stand around, the weather is quite cold. Get some cover.”

“Does that mean you will be open to an interview after your visit?”

The corners of Letanasia’s mouth rose.

“Of course. The people are worried about Sister Aristine’s health, so I must do my duty and inform you.”

“Is Your Highness saying that you are not aware of Her Highness Princess Aristine’s condition?”

Letanasia sighed softly at those words. Soon, a sad smile appeared on her face.

“Yes, it’s embarrassing but…as you know, Brother Launelian cherishes Sister Aristine very much. Of course, I understand that feeling too. But I guess I am just…”

A half-sister from a different mother.

Leticia shut her mouth, swallowing back the latter sentence, but all the reporters present understood what she meant.

‘Oh? Are the rumors of a strained relationship with the prince true?’

‘Because she’s a half-sister, ever since they were young, the two of them…?’

Word suddenly began to spread that the princess was being ostracized. The pens of the reporters moved fervently.

“Um, Your Highness, when do you plan to return to the palace?”

“I’m not sure. I’m meeting big sister for the first time in a while, so I’d like to spend some time catching up…but it would be rude to stay too long if Sister is not in a good condition. Well then.”

As soon as Letanasia finished speaking, the carriage slowly passed through the main gate.

Letanasia closed the window and laughed.

‘Good. With this, the reporters will continue to wait in front of the mansion.’

Since she hinted at giving an interview after she came out, they wouldn’t be able to stomach not waiting.

Soon after, the carriage stopped in front of a huge mansion.

* * *

“I am not here to visit Elder Brother; I’m here to check on Sister Aristine.”

Letanasia replied to Launelian’s questioning tone with a stiff smile.

“Like I said. She is in no condition to meet anyone. I’m sure you know that it’s basic common sense that patients need absolute rest.”

Launelian’s purple eyes glared at Letanasia with cold contempt.

“I never thought it was so bad that she can’t even meet people. She seemed fine just yesterday. I’m very worried, so I need to know what’s wrong with her.”

“And who are you to know?”

Launelian laughed sharply.

Letanasia’s eyes twitched. But instead of getting angry, she smiled.

“Right now, there is a swarm of reporters outside. It seems you wish to send me out the moment I walked in, but I suppose you haven’t thought about what I’m going to say when I go out?”

Launelian frowned at those words. That was also what he found annoying.

Just as he used the media to shackle the emperor’s movements, Letanasia also used the reporters.

“What is your objective? You can’t possibly have come to do an actual health check.”

“Oh my, what are you saying? I told you; I came because I am worried about my sister.”

Letanasia chuckled and crossed her legs.

“Now, if my sister is so sick that she can’t see me—.” As her words trailed off, she smiled sweetly, “I should at least see my brother-in-law. We have become a family, yet we only saw each other briefly yesterday, isn’t that right?”

Launelian quietly stared at Letanasia for a while. His thoughts were impossible to read from his expression.

Just as Letanasia furrowed her brow at his disquieting response, Launelian nodded his head.

“Right, it would be great to meet each other.”

It will help you understand your place.

Launelian swallowed that final sentence and smiled deeply.

Although he didn’t like Tarkan for stealing his innocent younger sister’s heart, there was one thing he had to acknowledge.

That Tarkan cherished Aristine more than anyone else in the world.

‘Of course, no one in the world loves my little sister more than me.’

But he was starting to think that he could at least give Tarkan the second position.

‘Well, I’ll have to watch how he acts from now on. He still has to pay dearly for leaving my pregnant sister alone.’

Letanasia was taken aback by Launelian’s acceptance.

‘So easily??’

Launelian’s smile also made her feel uneasy.

However, she soon composed herself and nodded her head. Since she had gotten the opportunity, she was not going to let it pass.

Letanasia was confident.

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