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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 90]

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Episode 14: You, be my colleague (1)

Spring was still at its peak, but the petals of the magnolia tree were already falling. However, the fresh green on its branches was exceptionally dazzling.

It was a peaceful spring day.

But under the magnolia tree, something incompatible with this atmosphere was occurring.

“Get him!”

“Don’t let that bastard run away!”


Heavy equipment hammered down, grating harshly on the ears. But even rougher than that was the movement of the men.

Their bodies were tempered like pig iron and together, they looked like lumps of steel. They were all desperately trying to catch one man.

The man being chased was able to hold out for quite some time, but he was eventually caught.

“You are the shame of our forge!”

“Because of you, the reputation of our Catallaman forge is getting ruined!”

“Do you know how much those guys at Dolten Forge look down on us?!”

“They say if a blacksmith forge can have someone as stupid as you then anyone can get in!”

Because it took quite some effort to catch him, the men were more agitated as they pressed the man’s body down.

The man resisted fiercely but he couldn’t completely shake off the tight grips that were holding him down.

“I don’t know why a bastard like you is still in our forge.”

“It’s because Master is too kind.”


At those words, the man’s body flinched.

“You should know how to leave on your own when you’re harming the reputation of the great Catallaman forge.”

Maybe they were right.

Because of him, the reputation of the Catallaman forge as the best blacksmith forge in Irugo was declining day by day.


He ground his teeth but at that moment…

“Don’t worry. If you don’t have the courage to leave, we’ll help you.”

While saying so, one of the men pulled out something from his bosom. It was a blade with a silver hue.

The man instantly knew what it was.

How could he not know? It was a dagger he had made with his own hands.

The men pressed their weights against the man’s body and clamped his hands to the floor.

It was obvious what they were about to do.

The man’s olive-green eyes widened, and he began to shake immensely. He twisted his body, resisting crazily.

“Mmppph! Mmph!”

Even though his mouth was blocked, he screamed hoping for someone to help but there was no one around.

The only thing he got back was the curses of the men pressing down on him.

His right hand, which was clamped down by several hands, couldn’t even twitch. The shiny silver dagger drew closer and closer.

Despair as deep as an abyss began to fill the man’s eyes as he stared at it.

There was no one to answer his scream.

No one would come.

It was over.

Right then,

“What exactly are you doing right now?”

A soft voice swept through his ears like a spring breeze. It was a voice that seemed completely out of place.

The men looked back in surprise.

Standing there, was an aloof woman, with long silver hair that shone sharper than a blade.

The moment her purple eyes met with theirs, the men couldn’t help but freeze.

The sense of pressure emanating from her was so intense that throttled the air and it was hard to believe it was coming from such a small body.

While the men were frozen, Aristine briskly strode through them.

“Princess Consort!”

Mukali, who was standing behind her, exclaimed in surprise.

‘Princess Consort?’

The men were taken aback and looked at Aristine.

Sure enough, she was the elevated Princess that they had seen in the square and the newspapers.

Aristine stood in front of the subdued man as though she was protecting him.

The man vacantly looked up at Aristine’s back.

He didn’t think anyone would come. He really thought it was over.


The sunlight shining down on her back was so dazzling. He couldn’t even dare to fully open his eyes.

“Give it to me.”

Aristine held out her hand to the man holding the dagger.

The man gave her the dagger like he was possessed.

Mukali was even more anxious.

He was worried that this small creature who had never held a sword before would cut herself by mistake.

Thankfully, Aristine put the dagger away safely. Then without any hesitation, she turned to the man.

“Are you alright?”

Her long silver hair slowly fluttered through the air. Because she had bent down and held out her hand.


The man, Ritlen, did not reply. He just looked up at this goddess of silver.

His savior.


Translator’s Corner:

*Next chapter will be out in a few hours. I forgot to post a second one last week. Starting Feb 21, I plan to try a 3/week (Tue/Thurs/Sat) schedule so look forward to that.


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