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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 262]

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Why is Brother here? (6)

“You should have been able to eat so much of this growing up, till you were full.” Launelian continued.

“Don’t worry. That’s how I live now.”

Now, Aristine had eaten so many macarons that she definitely knew what they tasted like.

“You don’t have to lie to me so that I don’t worry. How can my sister’s face be so thin…”

Launelian stroked Aristine’s cheek, like he was filled with regret.

Aristine smiled bashfully.

That was because she was too focused on uncovering the conspiracy that she hadn’t really rested after coming back from the demonic beast plains.

‘No, there is another bigger reason.’

Aristine placed a hand on her stomach.

They said she was pregnant, but her flat stomach felt no different from usual.

It was 2 weeks now.

Normally, it would have been difficult to even know that she was pregnant. Only because a formidable magician like Asena scanned her body with mana that an abnormality was detected.

However, Aristine could clearly feel it.

The wave that swept through her entire body right before she collapsed.

The source of that wave was in her stomach.

It was endearing.

But as endearing as it was, it was sad and pitiful.

Aristine unconsciously bit her lips harshly.

“Brother, I think…”

As she spoke with her hand on her stomach, Launelian quickly realized what she was talking about.

At the same time, his eyes also sank heavily.

“So it was born with authority.”

The lineage of the Silvanus Imperial family was often referred to as the line of golden blood.

It was a metaphor for its noble lineage that had reigned for a thousand years.

—At least, that’s what people believed. However, it wasn’t just a metaphor.

The direct bloodline of the Silvanus Imperial family had a high chance of being born with special abilities.

Just like Aristine had the Monarch’s Sight.

Among them, it was very rare to be born with an ability worthy of being called ‘authority’.

“If the Emperor finds out…”

“Then he must never know.” Launelian’s expression was firm as he spoke.

“If it is born with the authority, even more reason to not be here. Who knows how hard it will be for you. Let’s go to Silvanus together.”

“But in Silvanus…”

The emperor was there.

Launelian squeezed Aristine’s hand tight. “Now your big brother has the power to protect you. If nothing else, that man cannot imprison you in that cold, cramped place like he used to. No, I will not let him lay a finger on you, let alone confine you.”

He said resolutely and added sadly.

“I’m sorry, you suffered in your childhood because your big brother was not enough.”

His heart ached to see his sister worrying about him first when he said they should go back home, even though she was unwell.

Aristine saw him like this and shook her head.

“Don’t blame yourself. I know better than anyone how much elder brother has tried for me.”

When Aristine was imprisoned, Launelian was also barely ten years old.

What kind of power could he have?

Even now, it was clear that he had rushed to find his only sister as soon as he had built up some strength.

The fact that the Prince of the Empire visited yet there was no prior arrangement, made her believe that even more.

“And yet, it was to no avail.”

Launelian sighed.

“No man in this world is suitable for you but even if I were to find the most perfect guy for you to marry, he would still not be up to par. The nerve to marry you a barbarian.”

Launelian ground his teeth in anger towards Tarkan.

Aristine was startled and stopped him.

“No, Tarkan is…”

How should she explain it? A shy pervert who was a handful?

Her mind immediately flew to what she usually said to Tarkan, but she knew she shouldn’t say it like that or it might cause an uproar.

Seeing Launelian waiting for her to continue, Aristine spat out the first thing that came to mind.

“…His chest is thick and he’s handsome.”

The way she said it was so sincere.


Launelian fell silent for a while.

He was very shocked.

However, he wasn’t shocked by his sister’s face lighting up when she talked about the chest. Rather, he replayed what Aristine said in his mind.

Then he opened his mouth with a serious look on his face.

“…More than big brother?”

Surely, he had to be the most handsome person in the world to his little sister.

Aristine was struck speechless, and didn’t know what to say to this big brother, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Her elder brother also had a hard time growing up so it couldn’t be helped that his personality was a little strange.

“Um, well, there are different types…”

Aristine dodged the question.

There were different types of handsome, so good or bad depended on your taste but honestly, Tarkan won overwhelmingly in the chest.

“Be honest with me, hm? Is it big brother or that guy?”

“I mean, he is my husband…”

Seeing Aristine subtly taking Tarkan’s side, Launelian’s face hardened.

“Husbands are gone with one divorce but I am your brother. It’s a relationship made by heaven.”


Aristine looked at her brother with dull eyes.

‘Things must have been so hard in the North.’

“The rumors in Silvanus are quite vicious so I understand how you feel, elder brother. But you don’t need to worry. He treats me well.”

It was supposed to be reassuring but it had the opposite effect on Launelian. He was shocked that he had been demoted in his sister’s priorities because of Tarkan.

If anything, it had an effect close to pouring oil in a raging fire.

“You say he treats you well, yet what the hell is he doing instead of being next to his pregnant wife?!”

“Well that, he didn’t know I was pregnant…”

Even Aristine couldn’t have anticipated this.

That night, such much happened that it was hard to imagine that it was only one night.

But even with that said, to get pregnant right away?

“If you’ve made pregnancy plans, he should stick close to you and have your attendants ready.”

Launelian’s beautiful face frowned, then he paused.

“Wait, didn’t I hear that he’s in the demonic beast plains on subjugation right now?”

Soon, cold anger settled on his face like frost.

“Did he do this and leave irresponsibly?”

“That, that’s not it.”

Aristine was embarrassed; she didn’t know why she was having this conversation with her family.

However, she felt like Launelian would immediately go to the demonic beast plains to grab Tarkan if she didn’t stop him.

“It’s not?”

His purple eyes were adamant, like he wouldn’t permit a single life.

Aristine couldn’t meet his eyes and lowered her head, before mumbling hesitantly, “Um, well, you see…I went to the demonic beast plains not too long ago…”

Launelian didn’t understand what Aristine was saying and fell silent.

But it only took a moment.

Along with the vivid sound of grinding teeth, a ferocious voice spilled from his lips.

“In such a filthy and despicable place, how dare you…”

At the same time, the objects in the room began to shake and screech, as if reacting to Launelian’s anger.

That was how furious he was.

He felt like nothing in the world could ever make him more shocked and upset.

However, he was completely mistaken.

The next day, Launelian saw a large picture in the newspaper and ended up destroying a room in the royal palace.



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