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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 247]

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After the Rain (15)

It was such a clear and certain sensation that it was more than just a feeling.

As the ripple from the past and present intertwined, Tarkan finally realized.

How did he not know all this time?

No, actually, he knew.

He saw that girl in Aristine several times.

But he forced himself to think that it was impossible, that they didn’t look alike at all.

The two of them hugged each other tightly, not saying a word.

Countless words swelled in their heart, but they burst before they could leave their mouth.



As their voices trembled, they barely managed to call each other’s names, and the warmth of their bodies penetrated deeply.

As if they had been apart for several years, the warmth felt nostalgic and filled them with yearning.

Aristine, who was buried deep in Tarkan’s arms, raised her head.

Tarkan’s burning eyes were looking down at her. Almost as if blinking was a waste of time.

The couple stood like that for a while, just looking into each other’s eyes.

Soon, Tarkan slowly lowered his head. In response, Aristine’s eyes gently closed.

Their trembling breaths touched and just as their lips were about to touch…


The Great Demonic Beast cried out.

A menacing tail flashed towards the two.

Rather than counterattacking, Tarkan held Aristine tight and bent down.


The great beast’s tail was blocked by the barricade in front of them, and a roar erupted from its mouth.


The ferocious cry of the great demonic beast seemed to pierce their ears. Somehow, it seemed angrier than when it was fighting Tarkan.

The barricade swayed but it did not collapse.

‘To be able to take the attack of a great demonic beast, it must be tougher than I thought.’

Tarkan was impressed and held Aristine’s shoulder.

“Hide here. I will end the bastard, and come back.”

“Be careful.”

When Aristine said that, Tarkan gave a wry smile.

He wanted to tell her not to worry, but he almost lost his life because of his carelessness earlier, and she saw that, so he had nothing to say.

He only wanted to show his good side to his wife, so he felt a little embarrassed.

“You don’t need to worry.”

As if she read his mind, Aristine replied, “I know. You will win.”

《 I saw it. You won.》

Aristine’s voice overlapped with that voice from a long time ago.

Those same eyes looked straight at him, just as they did back then.

A lot of time had passed, but everything was the same as before.

Tarkan did something that he really wanted to do back then but couldn’t do it.

His lips touched Aristine’s.

It was so short that it could be described as an instant.

He felt slightly pleased as Aristine’s eyes were colored with surprise, then he kicked off against the ground.

Instantly, his body soared upwards.

During his fight with the Great Beast, Tarkan received injuries that were just as severe, but his body was lighter than ever.

His mind was clear, and the aura in his body was brimming with energy like it was overflowing.

A golden aura burst from his sword and cut off the tail of the great beast that was wrapped in a hard shell.

The great beast screamed.

Green blood splattered in every direction.

As if making a last-ditch effort, the great demonic beast swung its severed tail and twisted its body.

It was such an immense move that even the ground shook.

However, Tarkan remained unflustered.

His body stood firm, not succumbing to the trembles, and he faced the Great Demonic Beast from the front.

Tarkan lifted his sword high.

A golden aura covered his sword and eventually his body. It was as if the sword and his body became one.

The golden sword flew right onto the great beast’s forehead.

The great demonic beasts raised his front legs to block, but Tarkan was faster.

The tip of the sword touched the head of the great beast..

In that moment, it was as if time had stopped.

With a gentle sound, the sword pierced through the head of the great demonic beast.

Its huge body trembled. Its red eyes turned to Tarkan.

The front claws which had been lifting into the air fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

Tarkan steadily pulled the sword from the great beast’s head.

Slowly, the great beast’s body tilted over.

He won.

This time, it was over.

Tarkan looked back.

Just like that day when I was ten years old. Just like he did a little while ago.

But unlike those times when no one was there, Aristine was standing there, leaning on top of the barrier.


Her voice called his name.

Yes, he was missing this. This was the voice he wanted to hear.

Back then, earlier, and now.

Tarkan ran to his wife, to his first love, with an overflowing heart. Her slender body fit snugly into his arms.

Tarkan poured her kisses all over her hair and forehead.





He called her name several times, as if trying to confirm her existence.

And the response that came every time made him feel like his heart was being tugged.


Hearing him call her once again, Aristine lifted her head instead of answering.

Her fair hand reached out to Tarkan, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Swiftly, she pulled Tarkan’s head down, towards her. And she lifted her heel slightly.

Their lips touched.

But it was brief.

Aristine quickly lowered her heel and opened her mouth, “You talk too much.”



Translator’s Corner:

*Last week’s chapters are on the way! I got into an accident during the weekend and by the time I was discharged from ER, I couldn’t translate jajajaja. One more to go!

P.S.: I am so glad to be alive yall. Life is crazy

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