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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 303]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (38)

For some reason, Tarkan felt his confidence wane, and his shoulders slumped.

And seeing that, the gazes of the knights watching him also dimmed.

Seeing Tarkan’s sorrowful expression over the tiny wound on his chest was quite…

The knights found themselves looking at their own wounds, for some reason. Some were coughing up blood from internal injuries, while others sustained even deeper and larger wounds than that of their attacker.


The eyes of the single knights grew sorrowful.

They had fought hard, putting their very lives on the line. But when they saw this scene…

‘I mean, I definitely put my life on the line too but…’

‘It was a tough fight, but you know…’

They felt an inexplicable surge of regret.

‘But Princess Aristine? That’s her, isn’t it?’

‘Why is her hair and eye color different? For a second, I thought she was Her Highness Letanasia.’

Count Allaut’s eyes shook as he listened to the mumblings of his men.
Just as they said, Aristine’s silver hair had transformed into a deep shade of gold like the sunlight, and her irises had turned into a shade of light green, contrasting her previous purple.

‘It can’t be…’

Count Allaut swallowed dryly.

As a high-ranking noble, he had heard about the meaning of this transformation. However, he never believed the report because it seemed like an absurd legend.

While he was getting agitated, the whispers of his knights continued.

‘But, how the hell did Her Highness get here…’

She suddenly popped up without warning. Even though it happened right before their eyes, it was incomprehensible.

‘I have absolutely no idea…’

‘The power of love…?’

‘The power of chest?’

What is ‘power of chest’ supposed to mean? The gazes of the knights turned awkward.

‘I don’t want to know…’

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Shortly after the clash began, the knights realized that the attacker was Prince Tarkan, the prince of Irugo.

After all, there were very few people with this level of power. Furthermore, it wasn’t hard to guess his identity after seeing his golden aura. They just didn’t have clear evidence.

The knowledge that they were crossing swords with one of the most formidable forces on the continent made them feel invigorated.

But right now, their expression looked like those wise sages who had let go of life’s regrets. No excitement about the battle could be found.

However, things were different for Aristine.

‘I…I thought I lost you…’

She tried to suppress her shaky breath.

She was fussing over the scratches on his chest, but her heart wasn’t in it. She felt like if she didn’t do that at least, she was going to break down in tears and beg him not to leave her behind.

Through the mirrored surface, she watched as a sword was swung at his exposed back. When the bright red blood filled her eyes, Aristine could no longer stop herself.

Even the crushing pain in her body was ignored.
Even though she knew it was not happening in front of her, she instinctively stretched out her hand.

And when she came to her senses, Tarkan was really in front of her.

Just like when they were kids.

She didn’t even have time to think. The blood was so vivid that she forgot how to speak. It was a brief moment, not even a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity to her.

Just imagining Tarkan getting hurt, or dying, or disappearing before her eyes was…

Aristine’s lips trembled, and her mind felt blank.

In the past, she didn’t feel any pain after passing through the mirror. Yet now, it felt like her flesh had been stripped away by an insurmountable chill.

A terrible sense of loneliness that she had never experienced in her life came over her.

You taught me what loneliness means so you can’t just leave me alone.

She was so anxious that she even felt resentment. Tears began to pool in her eyes.

Right then, Tarkan looked back at her. As if to say, he was fine and he would never leave her alone.

In that moment, she felt such an overwhelming sense of relief that her heart completely relaxed.

Just as she was about to complain that she thought he had been seriously hurt, she noticed the wound on his chest. She thought he was unscathed, but there was a wound on his chest.

She couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if the wound was just a little deeper.

Tarkan wouldn’t have been able to face her like this. The mere thought made her want to go crazy.


Aristine stared at the wound on his chest, and she suddenly turned her head. Her sharp gaze was directed at the knights.

“How dare you point your swords at a member of the Imperial family!”

The knights were startled by her authoritative voice that made it seem like her tearful image earlier was an imagination.

Her face was without expression, and she carried a certain dignity that the emperor failed to convey.

Some of the knights reflexively lowered their swords but others thought differently.

“We are not Imperial Knights. Our unit is directly under His Majesty, and we obey none other than His Majesty’s commands!”

“His Majesty has ordered that any intruder into the Chrysea Palace must be punished, regardless of status.”

Hearing that, the ones who had lowered their swords, began to ready their blades again in preparation for battle.

The mood which had relaxed due to Aristine’s sudden appearance, grew tense once again.

Tarkan hugged Aristine protectively and tightened his grip on his sword.

The eyes of the Knights turned to Count Allaut. They were prepared to charge at Tarkan once he gave the order.

Although they had suffered internal injuries from the aura explosion earlier, they were able to recover their energy somewhat with little rest. Furthermore, their opponent now had a baggage known as Aristine, which would restrict his movements even more.

‘We have the upper hand.’

‘Plus, reinforcements should be arriving soon after all that commotion during battle.’

‘We can win if we just delay.’

Feeling the eyes of his men on him, Count Allaut blinked hesitantly. Finally, he opened his mouth.



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  1. It seems that the hair and eye colour change is well known as a trait of Monarch’s Sight users. It’s going to be pretty interesting when a certain Emperor finds out.
    Hopefully it means Aristine can automatically become Crown Princess (in which case her authority should be great enough to ensure Launelian can become Crown Prince.)

  2. This is a beautiful chapter: at least, Rineh was the little girl who Khan met, many years ago, in the Beast’s territori. I love them ♥️❤️

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