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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 306]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (41)

Silence fell over Chrysea Palace which was previously flooded with the thuds of military boots.

“W-what the—.”

“I can’t move!”

The soldiers’ cries of confusion broke the silence.

Amidst the commotion, one man leisurely made his way through.


“Rineh, you had me worried.”

Launelian scanned Aristine to make sure she was okay.

Then his eyes turned to the soldiers who were unable to move due to his telekinesis.

It was tough to restrict the movement of the knights who had aura, but the hundreds of other soldiers were easily suppressed.

“Is this the power of ‘Enlightenment’? I know I’m strong, but it’s not to this extent.”

Launelian was impressed.

The power of the Chrysea flower, which had bloomed according to Aristine’s will, was seeping into Launelian.

“What do you think you’re doing?! Capture that traitor already!”

“Emperor. No, Alpheus.”

When Aristine called his name in a placid tone, the emperor’s eyes grew so wide that they could fall out.

Was this wench calling him by his name now?

“The Chrysea Palace is already surrounded. Military power has already been transferred to our side. Compliments of my capable Elder Brother.”

“W-what did you say…?”

“And you will kneel to me.”

“What are you…!”

The emperor was unable to finish his sentence.

His knees hit the dirty floor with a thud.

Just as Aristine said, he knelt before her. No matter how much force he tried to exert, he simply could not get up.


Aristine turned away from the emperor and her eyes fell on the palace entrance.

People followed her gaze and turned to the entrance, but there was nothing there.

‘What is it?’

Just as they began to tilt their heads in confusion, Marquis Carnelian entered the palace, leading a large army.

The moment he saw Aristine, he blinked in shock.

‘Prince Launelian was saying the truth…!’

As a matter of fact, Marquis Carnelian was about to enter final negotiations with Launelian. Yet, there was one reason why he ran all the way here even though they hadn’t reached an agreement.

The news that 〈Enlightenment〉 had actually happened.

Although he was skeptical, he figured that any deceit would only hurt Launelian, so he led his troops to Chrysea Palace.

Marquis Carnelian fell to his knees before Aristine.

“I greet Your Majesty the Emperor.”

Aristine looked down at him in silence for a moment, then she ordered.

“Bind Alpheus.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Those soldiers following Alpheus’ orders had already lost their will to fight.

They had swung their swords with hesitation, wondering if Aristine had truly acquired a power that only existed in legends.

Furthermore, when Launelian arrived, he bound the freedom of the soldiers, and Marquis Carnelian came with a large army numbering in the tens of thousands.

Not only was the Chrysea Palace surrounded but the entire imperial palace was suffering the same face.

Even after Launelian released his telekinesis, none of the soldiers moved.

The knights in the emperor’s command unit also put down their swords and knelt before Aristine.

And with that as the trigger, everyone, including the soldiers, fell to their knees.

This was not a coronation.

No one ever thought there would be a new emperor.

However, everyone was paying their respects to a new emperor.

* * *

Aristine closed her eyes.

Everything was exactly as she had seen it.

After she crossed through the mirrored surface and calmed down, she saw the future.

Just like when she came to the demonic beast plains as a child and met Tarkan, it was as if the future was unfolding before her eyes.

However, things were different from back then.

Now, she wasn’t just seeing the future, but also the distant past and the present. Everything was so vivid that she felt like she could grasp it in her palms.

Anything that Aristine wanted to see unfolded before her eyes.

Images of the emperor rushing towards them, Launelian’s fervent negotiations with Marquis Carnelian, the soldiers flocking towards them.

And the very distant past.

What was this power?

The Monarch’s Sight was clearly a limited power.

It did not unfold before her eyes like this, rather, it appeared as a reflection on the water surface.

Plus, it wasn’t something that Aristine could see just because she wanted to.

So what could it be?

Why did her hair and eye color change?

How did she cross through the water surface?

The moment she asked that question, the past of over a thousand years was revealed to her.

The door to the truth that no one else had opened.

There were several great abilities besides the Monarch’s Sight that were called ‘authority’.

The power of foresight, to foresee your clearly desired future.

The power to control the weather, to call forth rain and thunderstorms.

The power of regression, to turn time back to the past.

However, it was only Aristine’s power, Monarch’s Sight, that was given the title ‘Monarch’.

〈Enlightenment〉 was proof that one was an emperor chosen by God.

Because only those who possess the Monarch’s Sight can achieve ‘enlightenment’.

In other words, Monarch’s Sight was a prerequisite for 〈Enlightenment〉.

It was given the name Monarch’s Sight because it was evidence that once possessed the innate qualities of a king.

Of course, Chrysea flowers were needed for〈enlightenment〉

‘No, I don’t actually need Chrysea flowers.’

The chrysea flowers were just a medium.

‘The reason for all this.’

Aristine opened her eyes.

Her eyes immediately met Tarkan’s eyes.

He should have been taken aback or confused by everything that suddenly happened, but Tarkan didn’t care at all. His eyes were only focused on her.
His golden eyes shimmered even more vividly under the glow of the Chrysea flowers.

‘It was you.’

Aristine stretched out her hand towards Tarkan.

‘My flower.’

Tarkan squeezed Aristine’s hand tightly. And his eyes became noticeably darker.

Despite the passage of a thousand years, the blessings of the sky still remained.

‘You were my destiny. From the very beginning.’



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