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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 84]

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Dionna, hang in there! (5)

* * *

Cool water ran over her face.

Aristine beamed at the refreshing sensation. The fact that she could easily wash with clean water like this was so exciting.

She had already taken a bath, so she was just preparing herself for a good night’s sleep by washing her face.

‘…Can I really call it simple?’

It seemed simple right now because Aristine was washing her face herself but beyond the spread of blue silk was a row of court ladies waiting for her.

They were waiting to give her a massage.

Even though she said it was not necessary, the court ladies could not accept it.

《The first night is important but so is the second night!》

《His Highness Tarkan must have been anticipating this all day!》

《His Highness Tarkan is probably soaking in fragrance right now!》

《Oh my! His Highness is quite something himself! Hehehe!》

《I think Your Highness should do it too.》

While saying that, they sneakily raised up the perfume in their hand.

When Aristine saw the pitiful look in their eyes, her heart softened. And honestly, who didn’t like soaking in hot, fragrant water?


‘Drying my hair is annoying.’

For someone who wanted to just go to bed and lie down, that was huge barrier. Furthermore, Tarkan was likely only doing it because he wanted to take a bath.

‘Not because he’s looking forward to spending the night together.’

They made a good show of harmony on the outside so Aristine couldn’t tell the truth about their relationship as a couple, so she just spoke roughly:

《It’s fine even if I don’t put on perfume.》

But for some reason, the eyes and mouths of the court ladies widened when they heard her say that.

《Oh my, so that’s how it is!》

《So perfume is…right, of course》

《His Highness Tarkan must prefer Her Highness’ smell to such perfume…》

The finest perfume oil that cost gold in its size had become ‘such’ perfume.

《They do say the most exciting smell is that of your lover’s.》

《It’s called pheromone, right?》

《We wanted to serve Your Highness with all our best, but it seems we didn’t think enough.》

《We are learning anew.》

The fact that they could interpret it that way made Aristine want to applaud their ability.

She opened her mouth to say that wasn’t the case, but soon shut her mouth.

Too troublesome.

Besides, there was nothing particularly bad about such a misunderstanding. Rather it was good.

《Still, we should massage you, Your Highness.》

《It will be better if we help you gently relax.》

《Yes, the difference in your physiques is quite…hehe!》

《And you’ve got a new bed! It’s not as fluffy as the first one since we got it in a hurry so, please be gently with it for the time being.》

《Oh, you! Do you think newlyweds can control that?!》

《Exactly! If they could, they wouldn’t have broken the bed on the first night! Ehehehe!》

The people of Irugo seem to have quite the unique laughter.

Since it felt good when they gently stroked her face or massaged her body, Aristine nodded in agreement. And with a massage, she didn’t need to dry her hair.

Aristine wiped away the water on her face with the soft cloth next to her, then was about to start walking towards the court ladies.

But just then…


The water in the onyx bowl began to tremble on its own. Sensing that something was about to be shown on the mirrored surface, Aristine stopped in her tracks and stared at the bowl of water.

Soon enough, something began to appear in her Monarch’s Sight.

It was a man.

One that she had seen.

* * *

[You are doing this useless thing again?!]

[You are the shame of our forge!]

Rough-looking men yelled wildly and grabbed a man.

[Because of you, the reputation of our Catallaman forge is getting ruined!]

[Do you know how much those guys at Dolten Forge look down on us?!]

[They say if a blacksmith forge can have someone as stupid as you then anyone can get in!]

Contrary to his gentle face, the man’s body was packed with muscles. He fought against the malevolent hands of the men. Every time he was pushed around, his muscles that were as hard as brass repeatedly tensed and relaxed.

His rebellion was fierce, but he could not overcome the numerical inferiority.


The man groaned as his body was pressed to the ground. His arms were bent behind his back.

The men pressed the man down with their weight, preventing him from moving.

[I don’t know why a bastard like you is still in our forge.]

[It’s because Master is too kind.]

[You should know how to leave on your own when you’re harming the reputation of the great Catallaman forge.]

The men grabbed the man’s hair and pulled him up. When his face twisted in pain, they spit on his face and laughed.

[Don’t worry. If you don’t have the courage to leave, we’ll help you.]

[After all, we are still colleagues who grew up together, right?]

[No need to thank us.]

[Since this is the last time, let me send you off with something special.]

The men pressed the man’s right arm to the ground, restricting his movement.

One of the men pulled out a blade from his bosom and it reflected dazzlingly in the sunlight.



Translator’s Corner:

  • The chapter actually ended like this lol.

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