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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 273

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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (8)

* * *

Tarkan felt the light slowly fading away and opened his eyes.

An enormous portal stone and a vast platform lay stretched beneath his feet. Along with a building lavishly adorned with gold.

‘I’ve finally arrived.’

One might think that Tarkan might pause at the scene that was vastly different than Irugo but he immediately took a step forward.

He wanted to go straight to his wife, who was suffering from morning sickness.

The people lined up in front of the portal platform bowed their heads towards Tarkan.

“Welcome to Silvanus, Your Highness Tarkan. I am Morroyten, the Master of Households of the Imperial Family and I have been entrusted with guiding you.”

“…I appreciate Silvanus’s hospitality.”

His low voice cut through the silence with a dignity that could not be concealed. His voice burned strong, and his rigid face seemed to have never smiled.

His golden eyes, like those of a wild beast, sparkled with the ferocity of a king.

The Master of Households, Count Morroyten, licked his dry lips.

He couldn’t even think of looking down on the Irugo barbarians.

While he was frozen, Tarkan slowly walked up to Count Morroyten.

Count Morroyten suppressed the urge to step back when Tarkan took a step closer.

No, he didn’t even have to suppress the urge. His body was stiff and frozen like a frog before a snake.

Finally, when Tarkan, who was two heads taller, stood before him, Count Morroyten felt his hands grow sweaty.

He didn’t dare to raise his head to meet Tarkan’s eyes.

He couldn’t bring himself to open his mouth at the scent of iron coming from Tarkan, and his body, which looked as strong and hard as brass.

‘…so this is Irugo’s strongest force.’

The charisma possessed by Irugo’s strongest warrior, who was comparable to a one-man army.

He told the emperor not to worry and bragged that he would crush the spirit of those barbarians and drag them over without delay, but he couldn’t even breathe in front of Tarkan.

Right now, Tarkan looked down at himself from above, clearly applying pressure.

He was merely standing in front of the Count in a lax manner, but it felt like a show of force.

‘In fact, it is us who prepared a show of force.’

Count Morroyten glanced askance at the imperial knights who were lined up behind him.

He had no intention of causing an armed conflict with Tarkan.

However, there was a clear difference between asking Tarkan to go with him, a civil servant, versus asking Tarkan to go with him accompanied by knights who bore arms around their waists.

‘…Indeed, his reputation was earned for a reason.’

Count Morroyten knew that for Silvanus’ honor, he must not be pushed back, but his feet were already moving.

He took a step back like a faithful guide and stepped to the side to make way.

His head was still down.

Even in this state, the pressure was incredible. Count Morroyten didn’t dare to lock eyes with Tarkan, whose gaze was almost crushing from above.

While Count Morroyten was getting frightened like this, the man thought to be Irugo’s strongest force and one-man army, was busy thinking:

‘Ah, I want to see my wife’s face already.’

His gaze had long since left Count Morroyten.
Forget even looking at the Count, his gaze had been fixed on the exit ever since he found it.

His gaze was so intense that someone might mistakenly think that he was trying to burn the exit with his eyes.

‘I have to go take care of her quickly.’

The wife-slave was anxious to begin his serving duties. That was the only thought on his mind.

He was feeling impatient, and since the guide wasn’t saying anything, Tarkan was getting annoyed.

Only then did Tarkan’s gaze return to Count Morroyten.

Count Morroyten suddenly felt a chill and his body trembled while his head remained low as before.

Seeing the guide remain stagnant, Tarkan raised a brow before opening his mouth.

“Where is my wife?”

At the question about Aristine’s location, Count Morroyten pursed his lips.

Although the pressure from Tarkan was overwhelming, he had to carry out the emperor’s order first. The Irugo Prince might be a barbarian but he wouldn’t just draw his sword suddenly because he was displeased.

He licked his lips once more, then replied, trying to look as confident as possible.

“W-Well…first things first, His Majesty the Emperor is waiting for you.”

“Is my wife there too?”

When he heard pratically the same question again, Count Morroyten broke out in cold sweat.

“…H-Her Highness the Princess is not feeling well at the moment, so she does not come out often.”

That was not a lie.

Launelian told the Imperial knights that Aristine was not feeling well and took her to his private residence and since then, Aristine had not come out of the mansion.

‘She’s not feeling well?’ Tarkan’s forehead creased heavily.

Was the morning sickness that bad? Or was there another problem? He began to worry.

‘Her voice seemed fine though.’

Sure enough, that alone couldn’t reassure him.

‘I have to attend to her, quickly.’

Tarkan’s heart stirred.

In any case, it seemed best to follow Count Morroyten’s guidance first.

Aristine might not be with the Emperor, but she should be inside the imperial palace.

‘She can’t possibly be staying where she was imprisoned, right?’

Tarkan’s eyes sharpened.

The atmosphere suddenly turned as sharp as a blade, and the Count unconsciously sucked in a breath.

‘D-Did I make some mistake or…?’

At first, he thought even a barbarian wouldn’t suddenly draw his sword because he was displeased but now, he thought different.

He felt like Tarkan might pull his sword out at any moment and slick off his throat.

“Let us depart then.”

However, Tarkan merely left those words and took the lead.

Only then did Count Morroyten come to his senses. He hurriedly caught up to Tarkan to begin guiding him.

To where the Emperor awaited.

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