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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 290

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (25)

As he walked, Tarkan sniffed and took in the smell on his clothes. There was a strong smell of alcohol in the air.

He couldn’t see his pregnant wife while reeking of alcohol.

So first, Tarkan stopped by the separate room provided by Launelian, washed up, changed his clothes and finally got rid of the alcohol smell.

He even applied a balm that was said to be good for calming the mind. So that Aristine could be at ease in his arms.

After making all the preparations, Tarkan slowly headed over.

No, he thought he was walking slowly but before he realized it, his steps were getting faster.

He couldn’t help it.

After all, he was on his way to his wife.

From the demonic beast plains till now, he had spent nights without Aristine.

It was only after those days that he truly realized how empty and lonely it felt. When he returned to the royal capital after the subjugation was done, he felt a great sense of loss upon seeing the empty palace.

However, that sense of loss disappeared as it was filled with something bigger.


And his child with Aristine.

There was one more person who could make him so incredibly happy just by being alive and existing.

Tarkan’s steps became faster.

Since he arrived in Silvanus, so much had happened, and he hadn’t had time to talk to Aristine alone.

He wanted to feel her tummy, know how the baby was doing, and talk about how difficult it must have been on her own. And to let her know that he would take care of every difficult thing from now on.

To think he was becoming a father.

He never even thought of it. Not even in a dream.

But he was happy.

Aristine being the mother of his child alone brought him joy.

Tarkan walked through the night garden, which was full of flowers in bloom, as if spring were here even though it was fall.

The delicate scent of flowers in the air filled his chest.

He felt excited.

As the night curtain fell, Tarkan’s eyes were filled with a pure, boyish desire to go to his wife’s bedroom.

When he reached the end of the garden, he found himself picking up some flowers. The bouquet of flowers bathed in the moonlight exuded a refreshing scent in his arms.

Tarkan stood in front of Aristine’s door and cleared his throat for no particular reason.

He couldn’t sense any movement inside the room.

He quietly opened the door and found the room was dark. The lamp beside the bed was emitting a soft glow.

‘She’s already asleep?’

The more he wanted to have a cozy chat with Aristine, the more regretful he felt. If only Launelian went down faster.

However, it was still nice to watch her sleep.

Tarkan carefully approached the bed, not wanting to wake Aristine up.

‘I heard you get very tired when you’re pregnant.’

They also said there are times when you can’t sleep even though you’re tired, so he was glad that she seemed to be sleeping well.

Although it was a pity that she was asleep, he would have hated it more if Aristine pried her sleepy eyes open just to wait for him.

They could always talk about things tomorrow. Because he was never going to leave her side from now on.

He smiled and just as he pulled back the curtains of the four-pillar canopy bed…


Tarkan’s eyes shook at the sight of his wife lying in bed.

His eyes darted everywhere with no direction before finally affixing themselves to the ceiling.

“What is…this.”

He took deep breaths, composed himself and lowered his eyes again.

His wife was fast asleep on the large bed. She wasn’t even covered with a blanket; perhaps because she had fallen asleep waiting for him.

Right, everything made sense till that point.


Tarkan covered his red face.

Even so, his gaze remained glued to his wife.

His wife, who was wrapped in a red ribbon like she was a present.

His gaze, which had been as innocent as a boy, was once again filled with deep, thickening desire.

* * *

Aristine felt a presence and rubbed her eyes.

‘Ng…did I fall asleep?’

It wasn’t that late into the night, but she had started sleeping more since she got pregnant. She wanted to spend some alone time with Tarkan to celebrate their reunion, but she fell asleep.

She raised her heavy eyelids.

She could see the canopy curtain was open. Then a huge shadow next to it.


Aristine yawned and slowly sat up.

“When did you get here? I tried to wait but I fell asleep.”

Tarkan gave no response.

When Aristine looked up at him with puzzlement, he was barely able to eke out one word.



“Why are you looking like this?”

At those words, Aristine looked down at herself.

A smooth, shiny red ribbon was wrapped around her body. It was the present she prepared for Tarkan.

But from his reaction…

“You don’t like it?” Aristine looked at Tarkan with slight unease in her eyes.

Tarkan didn’t say whether he liked it or not. He only looked down at her with a stiff face.

Aristine felt aggrieved, “You told me you like this. That time. So I matched it to your taste…”

Upon hearing that, Tarkan frowned.

‘My taste, how?’

Of course, after seeing Aristine like this, he liked it so much that his rationality was about to fly away. However, Tarkan would swear that he had no such perverted inclinations.

At least until now.

“What do you mean ‘that time’? When did…”

Just as he spoke up to there, Tarkan shut his mouth. (1)

There was a time when he was feeling embarrassed to call Aristine, ‘Rineh’.

In the end, he couldn’t say it and yelled ‘Ribbon!’. The next day, Aristine tied a large ribbon on his head. He was so speechless and in disbelief that—.

《A ribbon I like.》

Tarkan unwrapped the navy-blue ribbon and wrapped it around Aristine’s body.

《This type of ribbon.》

‘Ah, dammit…’
Tarkan held his forehead. He was a pervert indeed.

From now on, even if Aristine called him a pervert, he couldn’t deny it.

That’s because back then and even now, the sight of Aristine excited him to the point of shivers.

“So you’re saying you prepared something I like.”

“Mn. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. It’s a present.’

“A present for me that I like?”


When he saw his wife nodding so innocently in response, his abdomen tightened.

The red ribbon contrasted sharply with her fair skin.

As Tarkan’s eyes followed the lines of the ribbon, his body moved like lightning.

In the blink of an eye, Aristine’s body was pressed into the soft bed and Tarkan hovered over her.


The trail of her calls were muffled.

Tarkan eagerly scoured the inside of her mouth. Aristine gasped for breath and melted into his arms.

His golden eyes darkened without a hint of light.

His large hand caressed Aristine’s body. The smooth ribbon easily unraveled and was pushed away.

The moment her body pressed against his, Tarkan gasped and came to his senses.

He could see his wife breathing hard beneath his chest, her face as red as a flower.

She looked so beautiful and tempting that it made him want to swear.

But Tarkan grit his teeth and held it in.

He rolled Aristine inside the blanket. Then he hugged her wrapped form tightly.

Aristine, now bound in a blanket with her head sticking out, blinked a few times and stared at him.

Tarkan heaved a deep sigh and kissed her forehead.

“Don’t do things like this.”

At that, Aristine tilted her head.

“Don’t you like it?”

“I like it.”

After replying, Tarkan frowned.

To think he saying he liked this type of perverted stuff with his own mouth.

Aristine was looking at him with eyes that said she didn’t understand so he pinched her nose.

“I’m saying don’t do it because I like it too much.”


Aristine gave him a strange look but nodded.

Worried that his wife might never do something like this again, Tarkan quickly added:

“Do it after the child is born.”


Translator’s Corner:

1. FMH – Chapter 198, for those who want to re-read 😉

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