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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 103]

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Breaking the bed (3)

‘This half-wit who didn’t even get treated like royalty…!’

Yenikarina’s tightly clenched fists were quivering.

Her maternal grandfather, Duke of Skiela, gave her a beautiful set of gifts. It was just a few new dresses and luxurious and fashionable accessories to match. Shoes, parasols, fans, gloves, and even silk handkerchiefs.

As she tried them on, Yenikarina used the newly designed room in her palace as a studio to take the best pictures for almost a week.

The results satisfied her very much.

Even to herself, she looked really lovely, beautiful, and cute.

A major daily newspaper under the Duke of Skiela’s influence published an editorial that was done with a lot of effort, along with a photo of Yenikarina.

The best photo was on the front-page headline and a few pages in the middle were devoted to photos of her like a pictorial and praising her.

It was as big as Aristine and Tarkan’s marriage, no, even more, extravagant than that.

Because Yenikarina said that it must! Must include more photos of her than the wedding photos.

‘With this, even the stupid common people will definitely realize who is the real angel and hope of Irugo!’

That’s what she thought.


《 What the, this doesn’t say anything about the wedding?》

《 It is an important wedding that put an end to a period of cold war but to put that aside…》

《 It’s not like they even focused on some social issues, it’s all about Princess Yenika.》

《 If you’re going to do something like this, why not publish a special on the marriage instead?》

《 I know it’s Princess Yenika but isn’t this a little too much?》

《 And nothing even happened to the Princess, it’s just talking about how pretty she is.》

《 Is this reporter just senseless or…》

《 She obviously posed for every picture.》

《 Were they paid to distribute these photos in the newspaper?》

The reactions of the people were the exact opposite of what Yenikarina expected.

It was cute to see photos of the growing princess. But there was a limit to that positive response of cuteness.

When they put aside the huge political and social issue going on, and focused on praising the beauty of the grown-up princess, it was inevitable that people would feel repulsed.

Above all, people were immersed in the unique charm of the Princess Consort that they had never seen before.

‘All I hear is Aristine! Aristine! What part of this woman is good!’

Just when Yenikarina was struggling to swallow her anger…

“What, are you mocking Big Sister Yenika right now? What do you mean by people were delighted and cheered?!”

Starlina leapt to Yenikarina’s defense and snapped at Aristine.

However, Yenikarina’s face was the one that crumpled.

Yenikarina looked at her younger half-sister, dumbfounded.

‘Is this child trying to ruin me?’

However, Starlina didn’t notice Yenikarina’s gaze while huffing and glaring at Aristine. Royal father wasn’t here today and everyone here was on her side. She even had the Queen as a strong backing.

It was time to pay back the humiliation she suffered at the hands of this arrogant princess.

Just as expected, Aristine stared back at her, taken aback.

“No, of course not. How could I mock Yenika?”

At those words, Starlina sneered and was about to say something but…

“I heard that people saw Yenika’s picture and liked it so…I was just talking about that.”


When she heard Aristine speak, Starlina felt something was off. It’s that sense of discomfort you feel when a cog is misaligned in a something you thought was properly aligned.

“I really don’t know why you thought that way, Princess Starlina.”


Only then did Starlina realize her mistake. She turned pale and swallowed.

But Aristine did not give Starlina any chance.

“Hm? Why did you think I was mocking her?”


Because people’s reaction to Yenikarina’s article was—.

‘The worst.’

There’s no way she could say that. She was only thinking of striking at Aristine and suppressing her that she overlooked that part.

Starlina’s words were based on the premise that Yenikarina was jeered at by the public.

It was only then that she felt Yenikarina’s intense glare that seemed like it was about to jump out and kill her.

And the Queen’s gaze too.

While Starlina was helplessly breaking out in cold sweat, Paellamien let out a soft sigh.
“The pictures of Princess Aristine and Princess Yenika came out well.”

A gentle smile floated onto Paellamien’s face.

“I’m not that good at taking photos so I’m always worried when I go to official events. Can you tell me the secret to taking such good pictures?”

It was a skillful way to change the topic and manage the situation.

Starlina sighed with relief.

‘As expected, I can only rely on Sister Paellamien…’

Paellamien inwardly heaved a deep sigh as she felt Starlina looking at her with such a reverent gaze. She just didn’t want a conflict to arise while she was here and offend the Queen.

Because she wanted to live a smooth life without standing out in this harsh royal palace.

“Hmm, I don’t know. Yenika just stands without thinking much about it? I don’t know of any tricks or anything like that. I don’t really pay attention while they take pictures.”

In this room, the person who paid the most attention to photos was Yenikarina. She would take dozens of photos for each pose and choose from there.

Paellamien knew that for this incident, Yenikarina had been taking pictures for almost a week. But she feigned ignorance and spoke enviously.

“As expected of Yenika. You’re naturally charming so everything comes out well even if it’s a casual picture.”

“Oh my, you’re making me embarrassed, Sister Paellamien.”

Yenikarina blushed a little and gave an adorable smile.

“By the way, I heard that Brother Hamill is coming back.”

Paellamien said and hearing that, the Queen nodded with a look of satisfaction.

“Indeed, he should be on his way. There is no portal there yet.”

Once he gets to a nearby area with a portal, he would return to the royal palace using it.

“I thought he wouldn’t be able to come back for a while because he’s so busy, but it seems he has some time now.”
“I said I wanted to see him, and he said he would prepare to come back right away.”

The Queen said, not hiding her pride.

“Sure enough, Brother Hamill is very filial.”

Paellamien spoke flatteringly and a smile slowly spread on the Queen’s face.

“No one is more caring than Brother Hamill.”

Yenikarina talked about her older brother too, as if to show off. Continuous talk about Hamill followed.

For someone who claimed to want a harmonious tea-time, she was surprisingly uninterested in Aristine.

She barely even looked at Aristine at all.

‘They’re treating me like I don’t exist.’

The intention to ignore Aristine was very obvious but Aristine didn’t care.

‘That means…! I can enjoy as much as I want!’

Aristine looked at the three-tiered cake stand with excitement.




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