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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 77]

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Egg goes cr-ack! (5)

T/N: Here you go~

《 How can I be a eunuch…!》

《 You can’t do this, Doctor! 》

Ahh, my eggs are gone.

My dear eggs are gone.

They’ve been shattered!

Now they are cracked, broken eggs!

The chilling howls of the men who had lost their life partners reverberated throughout the ward.

Even more so since they were all single.

* * *

The knights held the egg in both hands while mourning the sudden loss of their own egg.

To others, it looked like they were moved to tears while preciously holding the egg that the Princess bestowed them.

“What’s wrong? Are you not going to eat?”

Aristine looked at the Head Knight who was holding the egg carefully then she raised her right hand.

In her hand was the silver spoon she brought from the dining room. And with a gentle flick of her wrist…


The egg broke.

The head knight’s eyes enlarged.


A desperate scream rang through the room.

Aristine didn’t care and went ahead to crack the eggs of the other knights as well.

“Enjoy.” (Aristine)


“My, my egg…!”


The knights howled like their own eggs were broken.

They were yet to overcome the shock of becoming a eunuch and when their trauma was stimulated again, they lost all reason.

‘Well, this reaction is something…’

Aristine looked at the knights in a bit of a sour mood.

They were so cruel when tormenting others but were so weak when they were the ones suffering.

‘They’re not getting married anyway so what does it matter if they become eunuchs.’

For the sake of women all over the world, no, for the sake of humanity, these bastards should not get married.

After screaming for a while, the knights raised their heads. Their eyes spun like they had lost their minds.

The knights sprang to their feet and moved towards Aristine. Although there were injuries all over their body, they moved very quickly.

“What the hell do you think you are doing! Princess!”

The knights screamed at Aristine. They looked like they were about to grab her neck.

“Are you mocking us now that we have become eun…!”

“Do you think after such humiliation, you will be saf…!”

—the knight who was talking abruptly stopped moving.

“…of course, you will, yes. You will be safe. There will be no issues at all!”

Seeing the knight suddenly changing his stance, Aristine frowned.

‘What is going on?’

“Princess certainly doesn’t mean to mock us. Haha, you gave us delicious eggs but to think we haven’t eaten them yet.”

“I was just so moved that I stood up. I didn’t mean anything else.”

“Mmm! Delicious! It must be so delicious because this egg is from the Princess!”

Even though their faces looked like a purple steamed bun, the knights tried to put on the friendliest smile possible and acted to please her.

‘Why are they suddenly acting so servile?’

Aristine’s eyes turned sharp.

For some reason, she felt like the knights were subtly glancing away from her.

She checked behind her to see if something was there but only saw the court ladies.

And she couldn’t see anything peculiar about the appearance of the court ladies.

‘Seriously, what is it?’

When she turned forward again, she saw the purple steamed buns eating the eggs and going ‘hehehe’ as they smiled.

It wasn’t a very pleasant sight to see.

* * *

‘Thankfully, it doesn’t look like she noticed.’

Tarkan thought as he stood half-hidden behind a pillar and stared at Aristine’s back.

The knights who were subjected to his gaze trembled while smiling like fools.

With the way they were lowering themselves to Aristine and rubbing their hands, it was like they were going to lick Aristine’s feet at this rate.

‘Stupid bastards.’

When faced with overwhelming violence, people become endlessly humble.

Especially bastards like these.

Two hours ago, after fighting with Aristine who had treated him like hot, puffy bread…

Tarkan skipped his meal and went to the meeting chamber.

And there, he got a report about the events that occurred the previous night.

In other words, the news that Mukali, Jacquelin, and Durante had flattened the Silvanus Knights into mush.

《 Sorry, Milord.》

Tarkan looked at the three of them who were bowing their heads without making any excuses.

Frankly, Tarkan didn’t care what happened to the Silvanus Knights. Of course, there would be political issues, but he had never cared about political issues.

Besides, Tarkan had even stepped on a knight and thrown him in the dungeon.

If anything, he felt a little refreshed.

It always bothered him that those bastards were next to his bride.

《 Why did you do it?》

《 The Silvanus Knights made inappropriate remarks towards Her Highness, the Princess.》

At Durante’s reply, a light flashed in Tarkan’s eyes.

This was surprising.

It was a common occurrence for the hot-blooded Mukali to cause trouble. Jacquelin was a shrewd person and usually had a good hold of himself but when he got together with Mukali, they would both cause trouble.

‘And the person usually stopping them is Durante.’

But even that Durante joined forces to beat up the Silvanus knights…

Normally, Durante was not interested in those around him.

He was very perceptive and decisive, but he didn’t care about anything. The only thing that mattered to Durante was his master, Tarkan.

Hence, it was surprising that he was involved in something concerning Aristine. Even more so since the consequences of his actions could weaken Tarkan’s political position.

《 I judged that was the right action to take. 》

Durante concisely answered Tarkan’s question.

‘Because Your Highness cares about Her Highness.’

Durante didn’t say those words out loud. Even if he said it, Tarkan would not accept it.

《 If Durante thought it was right, then it must be correct.》

《 Those bastards must have done something wrong.》

The warriors had endless trust in Durante and rushed to his defense.

Mukali’s nose twitched.

《 By the way, I’m surprised Mukali stepped in for Her Highness. I thought you didn’t like the Princess?》

《 That, that is a given! She is the Princess of Silvanus, it is impossible for me to like her!》

Mukali exclaimed forcefully.

《 Why did you do that then?》

《 I… 》

Mukali himself didn’t even know. His hand moved first.

The moment he confirmed that those disgusting words were directed towards Aristine, the sleazy mug of that Silvanus Knight was already rolling on the ground.

Because of the punch he threw.

《 It’s not because she’s the Princess, it’s because what those bastards were saying was too disgusting!》

Mukali yelled, like he had found the right answer.

Just as warriors had their pride, Knights had something called chivalry.

However, the Silvanus Knights seemed to have thrown all of their chivalry away because they spoke more vulgarly than street thugs.

《 What exactly did they say?》

Tarkan, who was watching the warriors discuss, quietly asked.

《 That…》

Those words were so filthy that he couldn’t bear to say them in front of his master. However, he couldn’t ignore his master’s question, so Mukali hesitantly repeated what he had heard.


The armrest of Tarkan’s chair caved in with a terrifying sound. And this chair was made of gold and other metals instead of wood and leather.

But as if it was made of paper-mâché, the armrest was dented by his grip.

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  1. Does Aristine know exactly what they said? Or does she just know them well enough after the trip that she can guess why they got beaten?

    Thank you so much for the update! I love your translations so much.

    1. well she knows that they bcm eunuchs. Bcs
      ‘They’re not getting married anyway so what does it matter if they become eunuchs.’
      But that she bring eggs has a other meaning it’s a question ahaha
      It may be her naive and poor point of view or it may be humiliation to knights or both?
      And for that reason i love Aristine so much)

      1. Although I really, from the bottom of my heart, agree with her approach, I mean it was hilarious how they howled in grief from seeing the eggs crack, It was a shame that those bastards did not perish (please drop dead for the good of humanity and our eyes :)), but their foul mouths still exists, unfortunately.
        I think Ms. Ruby had a really good time translating this chapter after dealing with the previous nauseating dialogues of the knights.
        thank you for the translation, Ms. Ruby!

  2. So Tarkan is watching you, Aristine and knights. But with different meaning. He’s watching Aristine bcs he cares about her (and this moment when he said “It always bothered him that those bastards were next to his bride.” omg
    But he’s watching knights bcs it’s a warning not to do something stupid near princess)
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    Obrigada por sua tradução! Saudações desde o Brasil:) Desculpe comentar em português. 😅😅😅

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