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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 311]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (46)

It was at that moment.

The hall suddenly became quiet. All eyes turned in one direction.

Aristine walked into the room, escorted by Tarkan at the side

Her silver hair sparkled with a mysterious light, her purple eyes as deep as the dawning sky. Her shoulders were straight and her waist was firm.

People were dazzled by her mysterious yet elegant appearance without even realizing it.

They had seen the pictures in the newspaper but seeing it in person gave a different feeling.

The nobles in the hall recalled Aristine’s appearance when she was ordered to enter an arranged marriage. Her head was lowered shabbily, and her appearance was dirty and messy.

Seeing her look so different from before, people stopped talking.

“Truly, someone worthy of the Emperor’s Crown.”

“The person next to her is the famous Prince Tarkan, right?”

“…From today onwards, people won’t be able to call him a monster or a blood-crazed barbarian or that nonsense.”

That man in question was too attractive for such words.

Golden eyes nestled under sharp lids. A straight nose bridge partnered with well-shaped lips. The faint muscles of his neck running below his masculine jawline; his clavicle at the end of that line, and his broad shoulders.

He was radiating so much devilish charm that you couldn’t help but want to be held in his strong arms.

The faces of the young noble misses grew flushed as they looked at Tarkan. The noble ladies were no different.

His wild charm and tight muscles were very different from the men they were used to seeing.

The noble ladies fluttered their fans heavily and peeked through the cracks, before lowering their voice to a whisper.

“Now that I think about it, I heard they broke the bed on the first night.”

“I was wondering how in the world the bed could break… but I see it now.”

“Speaking of which, did you hear? About the barrack tent sinking.”

“Oh, I saw that article. There was even a picture of the barrack.”

“And it was huge. And here I thought it was some kind of battle.”

The noble ladies were smiling shrewdly as they whispered.

Although they tried not to lose their gracefulness as nobles, they were also married women. Frankly, what other discussion was more exciting and fun than this?

Their eyes were ablaze.

‘Wow, you were acting blind, but behind us, you were looking up all those articles!’

‘You too?’

‘Me too!’

The noble ladies smiled mischievously after confirming that other women were no different from themselves.


Aristine felt the eyes on them and raised an eyebrow.

The young ladies, with their faces blushing shyly, were looking at her husband.

The noble ladies didn’t seem to be looking, but anyone could tell that their glances through their fans were directed in one area.

‘Yes, it’s good to share good things.’

The joy of sharing was something that Aristine had also learned. But why did it make her feel so uncomfortable?


At Aristine’s call, Tarkan’s gaze turned to her.

“The next time we appear on such occasions, please make sure to cover your chest modestly.”


Tarkan was taken aback by those strange words.

However, Aristine just raised a brow without any explanation.

Those chests are mine!

Her firm violet eyes almost seemed to be shouting.

Tarkan’s mouth fell open.

Aristine turned her head with a huff, fell silent for a moment, then she took a slight step towards him.

Her breath touched Tarkan’s ear.

“You only need to expose it at night.” Her mouth whispered softly.

“Seriously, you…”

Tarkan groaned.

What was he supposed to do with this woman? How could she say something like that…

‘Those kinds of words hit me directly.’

Tarkan tried hard to stop himself from smiling.

But soon enough, he realized that no matter how much he bared his chest at night, nothing historic happened and he became frustrated.

* * *

Many nobles already felt sorry for Aristine’s situation, and they acted favorably towards her. Even the nobles who maintained neutrality quickly joined Aristine’s side.

But there were also many who did not.

They were the pawns of Alpheus, the dethroned King. Those who had aided his tyranny and gained an unfair advantage from it.

They helped Alpheus abuse and confine Aristine.

When she was ordered into an arranged marriage with Tarkan, they were the ones laughing louder than anyone else, and now, their hearts were sinking.

Letanasia easily noticed their pale complexions and seized the chance.

“Duke Franceline.”

Duke Franceline turned his head and his face hardened when he realized that it was Letanasia who was calling him.

“We should join forces to see what we can do, don’t you think?”

“This is already over. This isn’t a mere rebellion; an emperor has been conferred by〈Enlightenment〉to rule.”

Duke Franceline shook his head.

Nowadays, articles about Aristine were featured in the newspapers every day.

Since dozens of reporters were present at the historic scene, it would be rather strange if there were no reports of it.

Despite her status as a princess, this was the first time Aristine had been exposed to Silvanus media in this manner.

The only thing known about her was that she could not leave the imperial palace due to poor health, and they had reported about her a few times after she left to Irugo but it was never to this extent.

Most of the articles were about how the Great Empire of Silvanus had helped Irugo and that their princess, Aristine had created the medical scalpel.

When it turned out that the princess who had been shrouded in mystery, was actually a divine emperor, the people of the empire were ecstatic. And when it became known that she was not only restricted from entering the palace due to her illness but was imprisoned by the emperor, the public was in an uproar.

“What about it? 〈Enlightenment〉 is a thing of the past. Centuries have passed and new traditions have emerged in Silvanus.”

“Do you wish to say that Your Highness the Princess is fit to be the next great Emperor?”

“I don’t think it is a bad deal for Your Grace. If Sister Aristine takes the throne like this, you will be in an awkward situation, isn’t that so?”

Duke Franceline stared at Letanasia.

She was right.

If Aristine became emperor, he would be quickly ousted from power.


“Even nobles are testifying that the deposed emperor confined Princess Aristine in abuse. I hear so many people are coming forward that they need to take turns.”

It was obviously done to rope Aristine to their side.

Not only was the public inclined to Aristine, but even the nobles were offering their support.

“…So you’re going to hide like this and wait for the typhoon to pass?”

Letanasia’s eyes sank.

“Sister Aristine imprisoned royal father and ended things there. He gave elder sister the most trouble, but in the end, the affection between blood relatives could not be overturned. No particular punishment has been given to me. I know something will be done soon, but it will surely be less than father.”

Letanasia peered at Duke Franceline and her lips twisted in a sneer.

“But I wonder how Your Grace will fare when you’re not even a blood relative.”

Duke Franceline fell silent for a moment.

Letanasia waited for him to gather his thoughts. In any case, there was only one choice for him to make.



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