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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 301]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (36)

* * *

Count Allaut, commander of the 1st Knight Division under the Emperor’s direct command, raised an eyebrow.

‘I’m getting a bad feeling.’

For a while now, he had been feeling a subtle unease, like something was crawling up his skin. However, it wasn’t a clear sensation, like aura or murderous intent, but a rather intangible feeling, like the brush of a feather.

‘Am I just imagining it?’

Even when he tried to focus his senses, he couldn’t find anything concrete. Count Allaut scanned his surroundings with sharp eyes.

It wasn’t just the 1st Knight Division but also the 3rd and 4th Knight Divisions that were present here. As the commander of the 1st Knight Division, he was also the leader of all knight divisions, so they were all his subordinates.

‘None of them seem on guard at all.’

It was no surprise since they were just standing guard in an Imperial Palace rather than being stationed on a battlefield with an imminent threat. In fact, it was quite unusual for such skilled individuals to be assigned as guards of an unoccupied palace. The divisions under the Emperor’s direct command were composed entirely of highly skilled individuals, capable of wielding aura.

Just one knight division would have been enough to defend the Chrysea Palace like an impenetrable fortress.

But there were as many as three knight divisions here. The Chrysea Palace was a small and charming palace. With this many people crowded together, there were no blind spots, and they could easily see their comrades.

In such a relaxed situation, they couldn’t help but feel like they were slacking off rather than working diligently. However, they weren’t acting thoughtlessly.

Even in this relaxed setting, they had the confidence that they could fend off any sudden attack. And this confidence was backed by their skills.

‘I am definitely getting a bad feeling.’

Despite all that, Count Allaut kept feeling like something wasn’t right. He couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but it was better to be careful.

“All of you, get it together! You’re not showing discipline. It might be a minor mission but if you’re careless–”

Count Allaut, who had been barking orders loudly while looking around, suddenly stopped speaking.

‘Something… is off?’

It wasn’t the same vague feeling as before. This time, something was definitely not right.

‘Why have our numbers decreased so much?’

To another set of eyes, it might not seem like anything had changed with so many people around. However, Count Allaut could see that their numbers had gone down. The holes were appearing little by little, almost imperceptibly.

“Knight Captains, take count of your division’s members!”

Just as he shouted, a loud thud rang out. Two people had collapsed at the same time.

The attacker, who realized that their presence had been noticed, began to move more openly. Because they realized it would be better to take down as many as possible rather than remain cautious since they would get caught sooner or later. Whoever was in charge, was certainly an audacious person.

“Who are you?!”

“Reveal yourself!”

The flustered knights drew their swords and yelled. However, they also closed the gap between each other to be ready for an immediate counterattack.

‘Looks like they’re not completely useless.’

Tarkan thought as he watched their actions.

‘Especially that one.’

Tarkan’s eyes sharpened as he studied Count Allaut. He noticed what was going on even though Tarkan concealed his presence extremely well, that was a sign of exceptional skill and experience.

‘Guess I should really get started.’

Since he’d been caught, there was no need to hide his strength. Tarkan summoned his aura.

A golden aura enveloped his sword. Then, at lightning speed, his figure launched forward.



Bright red blood sprayed. The knights cursed at the sight of their comrades wounding and stumbling.

“Damn it!”

“How many enemies are attacking?”

“We still don’t have a clear number…”

“It’s one person.” Count Allaut interrupted the knight’s words.

‘One person?’

‘Did he say just one?’

The eyes of the knights shook with confusion.

They were getting beaten down by just one enemy?

Count Allaut checked the injured and frowned, ‘The wounds are shallow. They aren’t aiming to kill.’

It was insulting.

A sense of complacency in the belief that they held a complete advantage.

‘They’re looking down on us.’

Seeing his subordinates faltering at the mention of just one attacker, he raised his voice.

“Our enemy is clearly skilled. But even then, there is only one of them! People get tired and hurt and bleed. Our enemy has no one to back them up! But we have comrades that we can trust to watch our backs!”

Of course, it was demoralizing to be at the mercy of a single opponent. But being at a numerical advantage also boosts morale.

At such a time, he had to shift the atmosphere. At Count Allaut’s words, the agitation of the knights began to subside.

“How can we call ourselves the Empire’s best troops if we falter before a single enemy?! We do not fear the enemy!”

With that call, the knights brandished their swords and uttered a cry in unison.

The looks in their eyes transformed completely.

Unlike their previous tension and anxiety as they prepared for an attack that could come from anywhere, now they were actively searching for the hidden enemy, ready to strike.

Tarkan gripped the hilt of his sword and lowered his stance.

‘This has gotten troublesome.’


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