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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 116]

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Episode 18: Secretly…button (3)

* * *

“Huh? Isn’t that the Princess Consort’s carriage?”

The warriors mumbled when they saw the white carriage riding up to the entrance of the training hall.

A carriage as white as snow without a single blemish was certainly conspicuous. In addition, it was decorated with Argen-Aquas which exuded overwhelming beauty.

Even the Queen’s carriage wasn’t as extravagant as this.

After hearing about the carriage accident at the wedding parade, King Nephther ordered it to be made and gave it to Aristine as a gift.

This caused another stir in the newspapers and several cups were broken in the Queen’s palace.

“I guess the Princess Consort came to see Milord.”

“Uh, but I don’t think Milord will like it…he hates being interrupted. No matter the occasion.”

“Always so sharps with his ‘no exceptions’.”

“But it’s the Princess Consort, no? She could be the one exception.”

Princess Aristine wasn’t a human but a fairy. Of course, she would be an exception.

“Come on, His Highness Tarkan making an exception? Even if it’s the Princess Consort, that…”

—the warrior who was talking suddenly shut his mouth.

The image of Tarkan cutting down the carriage while holding Aristine with one hand flashed in their mind. Tarkan never let her out of his arms and even held her while getting on the horse.

Furthermore, there was that wrecked bed in the newspapers.



“He’ll make an exception.”

“Definitely will.”

“No way he won’t.”

The warriors went ‘mhm-mhm’ and nodded at each other.

“Let’s go tell Milord.”

The huge-looking warriors smiled brightly and ran to where Tarkan was.

In the process, word spread through the vast training hall that the Princess Consort had come to see Tarkan. From general-level personnel to attendants who couldn’t become warriors, everyone watched the carriage with sparkling eyes.

“Will I get to see for myself?!”

“To personally see the couple of the century reunite…!”

It would be more moving than any opera play.

They were a married couple who slept and woke up together this morning so there was no reunion to speak off, but nobody refuted him.

Rather, they even nodded, looking full of anticipation.

The royal couple that everyone was curious about never made any outside appearances after the wedding, so people felt antsy.

“Ah, our lord is experiencing romance…”

“I thought he would see women as rocks forever…”

The warriors were feeling unnecessarily nostalgic.

Meanwhile, Tarkan was receiving the news that Aristine had arrived.

* * *

“The Princess Consort, you say?”

Jacquelin, who was with Tarkan, repeated.

“Yes, that’s right. She just passed through the doors so she will be here soon.”

The warriors in the room glanced at Tarkan to see his reaction.

They knew that Tarkan was fond of Aristine to some extent. But would he be happy if she came like this during work hours, not distinguishing between private and public matters?

Of course, this was still lunch/break time but…

‘I hope this doesn’t make the couple grow apart.’

Unlike ordinary warriors, the warriors here were all close aides to Tarkan. So they knew their lord’s personality very well.

He might put aside his disappointment and cold treatment, but he would never be pleased.

“Ehem, to think the Princess Consort came all this way…”

Jacquelin quickly tried to send away the warrior who made the report.

No matter how pink the atmosphere was between Aristine and Tarkan, Tarkan was still the same person.

This situation would never go down well.

But the tactless bastard just smiled happily and kept rambling on.

“That’s exactly what I said! She must want to see my lord so much that she’s using all of lunch time to come find Milord.”

Tarkan, who had been silent so far, turned to look at the man at those words.

All the advising warriors grew nervous, but the person concerned merely smiled happily, not thinking much about it.

“It hasn’t been long since you two parted this morning…the Princess Consort must think of Milord a lot.”

Tarkan snorted.

“I doubt it. There must be some other problem.”

Like a business issue or money issue. If not, then a political problem.

‘It’s obvious.’

Despite thinking that, Tarkan’s lips curved slightly. His shoulders puffed higher.

The eyes of the advising warriors grew wide as saucers when they saw that.


‘Is my lord smi, smiling right now…?’

They couldn’t believe it despite seeing it with their own eyes.

‘No way! I thought he would just ignore it and not even listen.’

They thought he would let the poor princess wait and not even deal with her.

Durante, who had been standing still, brought Tarkan’s jacket. Tarkan had taken it off for lunch and training.

‘Durante? What is he doing?’

The other warriors looked at Durante with puzzlement. But their question was quickly answered.

Tarkan casually got up from his seat and put on his clothes with Durante’s help.


‘No way, is he going to meet the Princess Consort?’

The question was answered but a bigger question took its place.


“Yes, my lord.”

“You’ve seen Ritlen, I believe.”

Mukali’s heart skipped a beat at the sudden mention of Ritlen. Could his lord be having a terrible misunderstanding like Dionna?

Hiding those feelings, Mukali loyally bowed his head.

“Yes, I saw him when I went to Catallaman with the Princess Consort the other day.”

Mukali strengthened his resolve.

‘If Milord asks anything, I should tell him there’s nothing wrong and Her Highness is innocent!’

Even if he had to swear by his sword, he, Mukali, will protect Princess Aristine’s honor!

Tarkan was momentarily silent, then he opened his mouth.

“From your point of view, me and…”

…How do we compare right now?

The full question could never leave his mouth.

Tarkan turned away.

“Milord and…?” Mukali repeated.

“Forget it.”

Tarkan frowned and took a huge stride forward. Then he secretly undid one more button on his shirt.




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