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FMH [120]

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Episode 19: History at night (1)

* * *

“This is really revolutionary! Why didn’t I think of this before…?!”

Seeing the doctor holding the scalpel with admiration, Aristine chuckled.

“I’m glad it’s easy to use. But can you focus on the operation for now? Blood is getting everywhere.”

“I can handle it!” The warrior who was getting treated shouted proudly while flexing his muscles.

‘Well, I can’t handle looking at it.’

Aristine smiled with unfocused eyes.

“Huu…do you know how hard it has been because of how often the warriors get injured?”

The doctor spoke, looking into the distance with a sorrowful expression.

“I mean, before that, the surgery right now…”

“I am okay!”

The warrior shouted and flexed his muscles again. Every time he did that, blood gushed out of the wound on his stomach.

“No matter how much treatment I do, I have countless patients coming in and these bastards, I mean, these patients don’t even listen to instructions.”

“I get it, but we can talk about this later. He’s bleeding profusely; at this rate, he’ll die. Not because of the injury but because of you.”

“Thank you for taking such great care of an ordinary warrior like me, Your Highness!”

Seeing the warrior’s eyes get flushed with emotion, Aristine placed a hand on her forehead.

‘This is a mess.’

Meanwhile, the recollection of the bastard who was either a doctor or a mortician, continued.

“And as you know, the instrument I have to use is like that. All things aside, my fragile wrists were getting very overworked. It was so pitiful.”

The doctor sniffed and waved the scalpel in their right hand.

Honestly, to Aristine, their wrist looked as tempered as a well-trained warrior.

“But with this, I can work more precisely and use less strength…”

“Ah, yes. I understand so can you treat…never mind. Do whatever you want.”

Aristine gave up on persuading him.

Anyway, the patient said he was okay, so his life or death was his problem.

Feeling somewhat exhausted, Aristine sank into a chair.

Thankfully, the operation ended smoothly.

When she came out of the room, Tarkan was waiting for her.

“How was it?”

Tarkan asked and Aristine shook her head.

“Well, the scalpel was naturally perfect. But is that doctor really okay?”

“They might act like that, but they are the best surgeon I know.”

“Not the best mortician?”

At those words, Tarkan grinned.

“They get a little sloppy with less important wounds.”

“It felt like we’d be one man down with a little more sloppiness.”

“Even so, they do just enough to never get there.”


Aristine gave Tarkan a strange look.


“No, it just feels like you trust that doctor quite a bit.”

Tarkan smirked, “I trust in that doctor’s skills. Everything else is unreliable though.”

“Either way, believing in a doctor’s skills means entrusting them with your life.”

Aristine recalled the numerous scars on Tarkan’s body.

“It’s a truly amazing thing to have a doctor whose skills you can trust. I’m glad there’s someone like that by your side.”

Tarkan looked at Aristine.

There was a soft smile on her face. And the early summer sun seemed to pause briefly on her visage.

“Glad, huh.”

“Then I suppose I should trust what my husband says and leave it to the doctor without any worry.”

Aristine grinned.

After Aristine said that she wanted to test out the scalpel, Tarkan suggested that she let them use it in their treatment ward.

Although it wasn’t a large-scale battle under Tarkan’s direct command, there were still warriors scouting the plains and pushing back any demonic beasts that they ran into. This meant there was an overwhelming number of patients who needed surgery.

“Although it’s nice to hear what people think when using it, I’d also like to use it as a sales strategy, so I want you to check this.”

Aristine gave her court ladies a glance and they brought out a document.

It was an analysis made by referring to the previous life knowledge given to her by the Monarch’s Sight.

Tarkan flipped through the document then he raised his head and looked at Aristine.

“What?” (Aristine)


He shook his head to say it was nothing, but a light flashed in his eyes.

‘She prepared such systematic information despite living alone and not receiving any education during her confinement?’

Aristine didn’t even seem particularly proud or accomplished about it. As if the information was common sense according to her standards.

‘It seems the Emperor of Silvanus failed to recognize a rough diamond.’

Rather than appoint the person with such qualities as his successor, he actually imprisoned them…

And then sent them to another country.

“Oh, am I allowed to see?” The doctor came out of the operating room with a bright smile, “My name is Umiru. This damn busy…oops, that’s rude. I am the manager of this glorious ward, handling the countless wounds of our great warriors.”

The doctor called it rude, but they weren’t particularly conscious of Tarkan’s mood. Tarkan didn’t seem to care either.

“Mhm, please ask the other doctors to fill it out carefully.”

“This is a request from our Princess Consort, naturally it shall be done. We will write them with our utmost sincerity.”

Umiru said and held out a hand towards Aristine.

Aristine placed her hand on top and Umiru wrapped their hand around Aristine’s and patted Aristine’s hand like they were relishing the moment.

“Your hand is really soft.”

Umiru looked at Aristine as they spoke, and their eyes gave off a reddish glow like it was on fire.

‘He’s oddly beautiful.’

Umiru gave off a sharp impression but that’s what came to mind when she saw Umiru’s long eyelashes.

Umiru gently kissed the back of Aristine’s hand.

“You can certainly entrust this to me, Your Highness the Princess Consort.”

Tarkan frowned and roughly tore Umiru away from Aristine.

“This punk is a woman.”

“Oh, really?”

When Tarkan said that, Aristine’s eyes went wide, and she studied Umiru.

Maybe it was because they were from different races. She thought Umiru was a man because of Umiru’s tall stature, broad shoulders, and slightly muscular frame.

“But why does that matter?”

Aristine turned to Tarkan and asked.

What did Umiru being a man or woman have to do with the work? What Aristine needed was neither a man nor a woman, but someone good at their work.

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