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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 107]

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Breaking the bed (7)


Paellamien’s mouth instantly clamped shut.




The tearoom fell into complete silence.

Something similar happened earlier but the atmosphere now was quite different from then.

Everyone in this room knew that Tarkan and Aristine had broken their bed on the first night of their honeymoon.

Starlina glanced at Aristine. Her eyes were full of unconcealable curiosity.



The princesses cleared their throats for no reason as their eyes darted all over the place. Their faces were slightly flushed.

They were all unmarried girls and at an age full of curiosity.

“…I see.”

The Queen merely muttered and shut her mouth.

As a married woman, she knew just how important compatibility was. If it was good enough to break the bed on the first night, it would be hard to give it up.

Even if you argue, nag, and fight with each other, once night came around…

“Ahem! Ahem!”

The Queen cleared her throat for no reason. The room felt a little hot, perhaps because summer was on the way.

No one could say anything.

While the awkward and embarrassing silence flowed through the air, Aristine, the detonator of the bomb, was busy enjoying the milk tea that was prepared earlier.

Paellamien finally managed to open her mouth, cutting through the silence.

“Uh, so, as expected, Brother Hamill is amazing. The fact that he’s in charge of the manastone mine means that Royal father trusts him the most.”

As if she didn’t hear what Aristine said, she regurgitated her earlier speech, almost word-for-word.

“R-Right. Even Royal father knows how excellent my Brother Hamill is.”

“Yes, my Hamill has always been outstanding.”

Yenikarina and the Queen quickly responded to Paellamien.

They seemed to the treating the mention of the bed like something that never happened.

“After all, he inherited noble blood, unlike someone.”

Upon hearing Starlina’s derogatory remark towards Tarkan, Yenikarina hid a big smile.

“Naturally, it is not something that someone born of lowly blood can handle.”

“It doesn’t make sense for a low-born to rule over others in the first place.”

Yenikarina and Starlina giggled at each other before looking at Aristine.

Now, how was that?

She should be trembling speechlessly and feeling humiliated, right? Or will she scream at them, unable to bear it?



Aristine burst out laughing.

As she didn’t bother to hold back her erupting laughter, the sound of refreshing laughter rang throughout the room, like silver bells.

Yenikarina and Starlina’s faces were dyed with confusion. They couldn’t understand Aristine’s reaction.

But the moment Aristine stared at them after bringing her laughter under control, they were smacked with sudden realization.

There was no one here with nobler blood than Aristine.

The Silvanus Imperial family had reigned for over a thousand years. It was an incredibly precious and noble bloodline, said to possess gold instead of red blood in their veins.

And Aristine was a direct descendant.

Now, she even belonged to the royal family of Irugo, which ruled over the plains.

Aristine was the only person in the world to hold the name of two of the most precious families.

Once Yenikarina and Starlina realized this, their faces turned red.

It was like bragging about how bright a candle is, in front of the sun.


The sound of Aristine picking her teacup from the saucer was especially loud.

The sight of her simply savoring her milk tea made her seem very relaxed and carefree. And the more relaxed she seemed, the more crumpled Yenikarina’s face became.

Aristine didn’t even need to ask who brought up bloodline in front of her. She just made them shut up with one laugh.


Yenikarina clenched her fists tight.

This was exactly why she ridiculed her even more and called her an abandoned and imprisoned princess who wasn’t even treated properly.

Because Aristine had something that Yenikarina couldn’t have, no matter how hard she tried.

“Oh, that was interesting. But I do have one thing I’m curious about.”

Aristine began, leaning slightly against the table.

“Does this lowly blood and low-born you’re talking about happen to be my husband?”

When she asked so directly, people gasped and held their breath. It was normal to act like you weren’t embarrassed or didn’t understand, even if you did.

But you couldn’t find a hint of embarrassment on Aristine’s face.

The princesses didn’t know whether to say ‘that is right’ or deny those words here. It was beneath their stature to openly demean their opponent by name.


While they were hesitating, the Queen nodded.

“What, did you think I’d say no?”

The Queen asked, looking straight at Aristine.

It was obvious what Aristine was trying to accomplish by asking such a question. She was trying to hear that those insults weren’t meant for Tarkan.

Because once you deny something, it’s hard to add more to it.

‘It’s a good try but it won’t work on me.’

With a cold yet elegant expression, the Queen continued:

“It’s not untrue, is it? The fact remains that Tarkan is the child of an untitled woman.”


Aristine nodded slowly.
Her behavior was the complete opposite of what the Queen expected.

“That’s strange.”

Aristine tapped the table and tilted her head.

“As rulers of the demonic beast plains, the Irugo royal family has sought to rid itself of that menace for a long time. I think this proves the noble bloodline of the royal family.”

The Queen raised a brow.

“Why state the obvious. One cannot deny the nobleness of the Silvanus Imperial family, but you also cannot disregard the pure blood of the Irugo royal family.”

“The one disregarding it isn’t me but Your Majesty the Queen, don’t you think?”


The Queen sharply retorted.

Aristine gave a soft smile and asked in a lazy tone.

“Is Tarkan not the biological son of His Majesty the King?”

At Aristine’s sharp question, the Queen froze.

Aristine did not miss that chance and continued speaking. When you push, you must push all the way.

“Lowly blood, low-born. I believe you said all of that refers to my husband.”

She slowly looked around, gazing at the people sitting at the table, one by one.

“Are you all saying that the direct descendant of His Majesty the King is of lowly blood?”


The faces of the princesses turned white.

Now that the King was mentioned, the Queen couldn’t help but be shaken as well.

Aristine didn’t pressure them any further and her lips curled softly.

“Of course, I don’t believe that’s the case.”

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