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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 232]

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Heavy Shower (7)

T/N: Missing chappie coming tmrw~

* * *

The view of the armed warriors departing was quite the spectacle.

Aristine glanced at this scene, then she started walking.

The court ladies were shocked by the sight of her stepping into the rain without hesitation and called out to her.

“Princess Consort.”

“I want to take a walk, alone.”

The court ladies froze at Aristine’s words.

A walk alone was not a problem.

But it was currently raining and Aristine did not have an umbrella.

Normally, they would have stopped her by saying she would catch a cold or trying to suggest that she take a walk in the greenhouse, but the atmosphere right now seemed wrong for that.

This was the first time they had seen Aristine like this since they started serving her. When she first arrived at Irugo, all sorts of people came out to ridicule her, but she didn’t even blink an eye.

But right now…

The court ladies didn’t know what else to do and followed behind Aristine.

Aristine came to a stop.

“I said I want to be alone.”

“At, at least take an umbrella…”

Aristine turned away.

“Don’t follow me.”

She moved away with long, fast strides.

The cold rain descended sharply on her, threatening to freeze her whole body.

‘I am the worst.’

To think she was taking out her anger on the court ladies who were worried about her.

Aristine bit her lips.
But she felt like she would get even angrier if they came with her.

Although she had no destination, her steps never stopped or wavered.

It was unknown how long she had walked.

Aristine found herself standing in a deserted forest road.

The only sounds she could hear were the sound of rain hitting the leaves, and the wind shaking the branches.

The chaotic echoes felt oddly serene.

Aristine came to a stop and looked up at the sky.

The reddish yellow leaves were barely holding on under the heavy rain, and beyond the hanging stems, she could see the overcast sky, dark like it was smeared with ink.

Tuk, tuk.

Raindrops splattered on her cheeks.

Aristine did not move away.

Eventually, the rain even got in her eyes.

But Aristine did not close her eyes. No matter how much her eyes and heart stung.

Right then, a large shadow covered the sky.

Aristine blinked.

The water that had pooled in her eyes ran down her cheeks.

Once she registered that an umbrella was covering her, Aristine turned around.

It was Hamill.

Aristine stared at him for a moment, then began walking without saying a word.

Hamill didn’t grab her or stop her, but he walked beside her, holding the umbrella over her head.

Eventually, Aristine stopped walking.

She turned to look at Hamill, and he gave her a smile.

It was a warm smile.

However, Aristine’s expression remained unchanged.

Silence descended over the two for a while.

Hamill looked at the water droplets that continued to form on Aristine’s face and eyes, despite holding the umbrella over her.

“It is raining heavily.”

At Hamill’s words, Aristine opened her stiff blue lips.

“It’s a shower.”

“A shower?”

“Yes, a heavy shower that briefly pours then stops.”

Hamill looked up at the sky.

It began raining even before the ceremony started, and it had been pouring down for about two hours.

The sky was lined with endless gray clouds, and it didn’t look like the rain was going to stop anytime soon.

But he nodded. “Yes, it is a shower. It will be over soon.”

Aristine looked at Hamill quietly.

She belatedly realized that his shoulders were drenched due to holding the umbrella over her from a fair distance.

His light platinum-blond was soaked with water and sank down heavily.

“Go back.”

When she said that, Hamill shook the umbrella gently.

“I’ll just cover you with the umbrella,” He smiled, “Won’t do anything else.”

Was it because he was drenched? Somehow his smile felt so feeble like it would soon dissolve in water.


Aristine was silent.

“Just that, so you don’t get rained on.”

Please let me do that at least.

His clear turquoise eyes glistened crystally.

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21 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 232]”

  1. vida de leitor é foda, não pode acontecer algo legal e esperado a muito tempo que logo em seguida vem algo pra esfriar a emoção 😭

    1. Its-MachiavellianCheese

      All you gotta do is remember who his mother is and that’ll close you right up. Also, hisbratty younger sister that uses third person to sound cute? It will drive you up the wall.

      And lastly, he has conflicting loyalty and no matter how much he adores Aristine, will he compromise his relationship with his mother?

      Hope that helps!☆⌒(ゝ。∂)

    1. why do people feel bad for Hamill? Do you all forget when he do nothing when Rineh is accused for poisoning? Only intend to help when she is in trouble so he can look good to her? Hamill is toxic and manipulative

      1. Uh-no! Hamill did one thing, that is he didn’t disclose his identity to Rineh. As for the poisoning incident, it’s a battle between Hamill’s mother and Tarken, Rineh. Will you help your enemy (who you with became friends, but still only for hiding his identity ~ turned stranger) OR will stay quiet to help your mom??

        Will it be worth it if Hamill helped Rineh in that incident, NO! That will be a clear-cut betrayal towards his mother. He wants the throne too. If he betrayed his mom there, others will be wary of him.

        Furthermore, Rineh will not forgive him just because he would help her there. Hamill and Rineh destined to no be friends. It’s as simple as that.

        Though, hiding his identity is not something that needs to break the friendship. If hiding his identity was that important, then why Rineh is stil only calling Tarkan “Idiot”, rather than drawing a clear line??

        Don’t tell me that Hamill was friend and Tarkan was love.

        Rineh played favoritism here in Tarkan’s case, but in Hamill’s friendship, she drew the line suddenly. It’s not a fair play. 😕

  2. I can’t seem to hate him, other than not telling her his identity, he didn’t do anything at all 😭😭😭😭

  3. Rineh being all angsty is a new look. Even if Hamill’s helping her out here, I hate how he’s acting pitifully when it’s his fault they’re no longer friends. A friendship that had zero chance of panning out well anyways. 🙄 Boy bye. If an ugly guy or someone of a lower status did what he’s doing, no one would spare a shred of sympathy for him.

  4. Opportunistic booger. Is this your ‘Golden Moment’ you were waiting for? Your chance to sweep in and play as the righteous prince? He wanted this moment with the whole poisoning fiasco, was watching to see her miserable before stepping in to “save” her. Dude is a slime ball. Don’t let the pretty glitter fool you.

    1. I know right.. Like the materials they needed for the scalpel. Wasn’t it his idea? And then he went sending those manastones, just to look like her knight in shining armour. When she could take care of it on her own.

  5. Ever since last thursday I’ve been visiting this site for updates however until now I haven’t seen any… I don’t know if its just mine or there really is no update…. Anyways… After so many times of re-reading this novel despite being still on-going … At last i finally had a chance to comment.

    Thank you for the author for making this novel.

    Special Thanks to you Ms Ruby for translating and sharing it free of charge..💕

    PS: i can’t wait for the snu snu moment in the tent….🤣😂 Please tell me it will be R-18🤣😂..

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