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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 334

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Aww, my little…(21)

“Is it spinel? Or ruby? No, it looks a little…” Aristine mulled out loud.

The sparkle it gave was different from that of a jewel.

Rather than transmitting and reflecting light, it almost seemed to burn from within…

“It’s not a jewel.”

Tarkan said, picking up the necklace from the box. His fingers combed through her flowing silver hair.

Aristine unconsciously flinched at the hot finger grazing her slender white neck.

As he drew closer, she was embraced with the scent of fire and iron.

Tarkan’s finger lingered just a moment longer on the nape of her neck. By the time he removed his hand and moved back, Aristine’s cheeks were tinged slightly red.

For some reason, she felt strange.

Even though hugging and leaning completely on each other was something they always did without hesitation, this made her feel weird inside.

“I knew it’d be pretty.”

Tarkan smiled deeply as he stared at the necklace sparkling between Aristine’s collarbone.

Aristine found herself fiddling with the necklace for no reason.

‘Pretty, is it…’

She’d been feeling feverish since earlier, perhaps because she was embarrassed or because she was feeling strange.

‘Wait, isn’t calling it feverish a little overboard?’

Her whole body was swelling with heat like she had swallowed a stove.

“That will keep you warm for as long as you wear it. After all, it is the essence of Flare, the one called the scorching demonic beast.”

“Oh, that’s why…”

Aristine started nodding unconsciously, then her head immediately shot up.

“The scorching demonic beast, Flare?!”

A demonic beast whose entire body burned vibrantly and was said to be a living disaster.

Although it was judged to not be a great demonic beast, it had caused more damage than a great demonic beast. Because even when it was just passing by, it burned everywhere it touched.

But the essence of that very Flare?


“I caught it in the past. To give it to you when we met again.”

Tarkan stroked Aristine’s hair and kissed the ends.


Aristine’s eyes flickered with tears.

Once again, she could feel how long he had been waiting to reunite with her. Even when it was a wait with no end in sight, not knowing if they would ever meet again.

Tarkan smiled and pulled Aristine into his arms.

At the same time, Tarkan and Nephther’s eyes met.

Away from Aristine’s eyes, looks containing hundreds of words were exchanged.

Right at that moment, Aristine exclaimed and stood up.

“Oh my gosh, right here, touch right here!”

Aristine pulled Tarkan’s hand and placed it on her stomach.

Thump, a cute vibration rang out, like something pounding from within.

Tarkan’s eyes went round.

“It’s moving…”

He’d heard from Aristine that the baby’s movement felt like a bubble bursting inside. However, it was so weak that it couldn’t be felt from outside.

This was the first time.

The first time he’d felt the baby moving.

It was so amazing and mesmerizing.

Tarkan was so stunned and froze in place, his hand on Aristine’s stomach. He didn’t think he could ever get tired even if he kept his hand like this for the rest of his life.

Happiness enveloped him so clearly that he could see and touch it.

Nephther couldn’t bring himself to say he wanted to touch it too, so he just hovered around Aristine.

Noticing this, Aristine laughed and urged Nephther.

“You too, royal father. Come quickly.”

Hearing that, Nephther immediately stretched out his hand like he had been waiting for the words.

But just before he reached her stomach, he paused. Considering he had multiple children, this wasn’t his first time feeling fetal movement.

Yet he felt so incredibly nervous.

As they said, children and grandchildren are different.

Nephther’s hesitant fingertips gently touched Aristine’s stomach. Suddenly, he felt movement inside, like it was responding to his touch.

Nephther’s eyes grew big. The king’s eyelids slowly reddened.

Aristine chuckled.

“This is the first time they’re being so active that you can even feel it outside…I guess my baby likes the gift.”

Nephther blinked his reddened eyes and grinned.

“Of course, my grandchild must love the Imuna silver fox that I hunted myself. To think they already has such a good eye; definitely my blood.”

“My child, indeed. Very good taste. To have recognized the essence of a demonic beast that ordinary people will never see in their lifetime. And flare’s essence at that.”

Tarkan nodded, speaking in a leisurely manner.

As you might expect, in terms of rarity and value, flare’s essence was more precious than an Imuna silver fox fur.

Nephther’s eyes twitched at his son’s bragging.

‘…This little brat. You think you’re the only one with precious demonic beast essence? I have one too. I am the king of this country.’

Not just any country, but the King of Irugo.

Ruler of the Demonic Beast Plain.

The one who lines a domain in the realm of demonic beasts.

These were all words used to refer to the Monarch of Irugo.

Normal demonic beasts did not provide essence. An essence only appeared from high-ranking demonic beasts.

That made it so rare and difficult to obtain that even royal families in other kingdoms did not have a single essence in their vaults.

However, you could naturally find them in the treasure vault of the Irugo royal family. And more than one at that.

Nephther thought of the most precious and effective one among all of them.

Because it was so precious, even the previous Kings of Irugo couldn’t bring themselves to use it.

“Bring that.”

Nephther said and the grand chamberlain blinked.


It wasn’t because he didn’t understand. The grand chamberlain had been serving Nephther for decades; of course, he knew what the ambiguous ‘that’ referred to.

The problem was that he failed to understand.

“B-But Your Majesty, that treasure is…”

Nephther’s gaze turned to him, and the grand chamberlain stopped talking and bowed his head.

“Yes, yes, I understand. I will bring it right away.”

The grand chamberlain hurriedly left the room.

This was because the item was so precious that he could not order another servant to bring it and needed to bring it personally.

Nephther watched him leave with satisfaction in his eyes.

Then he felt a gaze on him and turned, only to find Tarkan looking at him with prickly eyes.

“Why? What? I’m the king. If you feel wronged, become king then.”


“So what? I’m king. I, the King, want to take out my own royal treasure. This is my property, ok?”


“Should’ve agreed when I said I’d make you king. Of course, I won’t vacate the throne till later so it would still be my property.”

Nephther smiled triumphantly.

Tarkan wondered if he should leave for the demonic beast plains right now and catch one more great demonic beast.

Right at that moment.

Aristine saw the water in the water basin moving. A sign of the Monarch’s Sight.

Since she hadn’t passed through the water surface, her manifested power was no different from before enlightenment.

Aristine shifted her focus and studied the image that appeared on the mirrored surfaced.

The revelation wasn’t long. If anything, it was short.

However, Aristine’s expression became stiff after she saw the contents of that short scene.


Translators Corner:

Life update

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