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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 42]

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Fluffy (7)

Translated by: Miss Ruby

Mukali’s menacing face crumpled, making him look even more threatening.

“For now, the court ladies have given me all of his personal details.”

Aristine lowered her voice and drew closer to him. She didn’t seem to have her guard up at all.

She didn’t look alarmed by his frightening face or afraid that he might stab her in the back.

To think a sly Silvanian would be caught so easily by an undercover investigation. Should she be opening up so easily to a stranger just because he was Tarkan’s subordinate and said he would help her?


‘Is it that she doesn’t care if Milord finds about her secret meeting?’

“But I don’t know what he likes or what he’s interested in.” (Aristine)

“Why exactly do you need to know that?”

Mukali couldn’t stand it and blurted out.

“Well, that…”

Aristine’s eyes shifted. She wanted to give the least information possible.

“To entice him?” (Aristine)

“Enti—” [1]

Mukali grabbed the back of his neck.

“What do you mean by that!”

His face turned red as he yelled.

“How can you put my lord aside and…!”

“I mean, his ability is different from Tarkan’s…”

“What?! Are you saying that guy is more capable than my lord?!”

“I’m not saying he’s better but different. I think Tarkan is an excellent partner too.”

“Part…! Don’t tell me!”

Mukali’s only remaining eye widened like it was tearing apart.

“That sort of…!”

Does this mean his lord and the princess had progressed that fast!

‘I know they’re getting married in a few days so there’s nothing wrong with that, but!’

Mukali’s face began to turn red.

‘How can Milord and this Thumb Princess be—!’

He had believed that the only thing they would do for this small and insignificant princess was feeding her on time.


Aristine tilted her head.
She didn’t know why but Mukali was very agitated.

Apparently, he was the type who believed that his lord must be the best in the world.

Aristine opened her mouth to calm him down.

“He’s a blacksmith, you know. He’s not a warrior like Tarkan so of course, he’s not stronger than Tarkan.”

“…A blacksmith?”

“Yes, there are many great blacksmiths in Irugo. I need a great blacksmith like one of those.”

Aristine rubbed her forehead.

‘I didn’t want to say I needed a blacksmith.’

But she’d already said it so she couldn’t take it back.

Aristine sighed and continued.

“Irugo has always been dealing with demonic beasts, so your steel industry is well developed.”

They had to keep improving their swords and making better ones than their predecessor, to deal with the ever-evolving demonic beasts.

“No other country can match the smelting and metallurgy capabilities of Irugo.”

Mukali, whose mind was running wild with agitation, listened to Aristine speak with a somewhat confused look in his eyes.

‘Why is she suddenly talking about this?’

“Their excellent skill is the history and evidence of Irugo’s fight with the demonic beasts of the Great Plains.” (Aristine)

“…I thought you wouldn’t know such things as a Princess of Silvanus. It turns out you do.” (Mukali)

He didn’t really want to agree with the princess, but she was too right for him to ignore it.

“How can I not know? The difference is so huge.” (Aristine)

“Indeed. Even if one has eyes on their feet, you must acknowledge the excellence of their blades.”

“I heard you can cut the shell of a demonic beast with one strike.”

“Hah! Just the shell? With aura, you can even cut through bones! The only thing that can withstand such damage is the sword of our Irugo people.”

“Sure enough, it is amazing.”

“Of course! But those Silvanus bastards love to talk nonsense and call our sword barbaric. And that’s coming from people who walk around carrying decorative swords.”

“I know Silvanians also like the swords made in Irugo. They just don’t like to admit it. Those people are the type to act lofty with their useless pride.”

“That is exactly what I want to say! Aigoo, if those guys don’t pump up their pride, they—”

—Mukali, who had been running his mouth so far, shut his mouth.

‘What am I doing right now?!’

How could he be talking about swords excitedly with the princess who wants to put his lord aside and entice another man!

‘No, Nope.’

It wasn’t exciting at all.

There’s no way it was fun talking to a sly Silvanian.

‘It’s just, the princess doesn’t talk like a Silvanian so I could connec…no! No connection at all!’

Mukali inwardly cleared his throat and focused his mind.

‘Right, I have to deceive the princess to catch her secret meeting so I’m just acting friendly.’

This was all strategy.

‘Huu, even I’m scared of myself.’

Mukali was amazed by himself.
Everyone saw him as a simple and slightly rash person but today, all those words have been proven wrong.

‘To think I can carry out such a scary plan.’

Perhaps even a crafty Silvanian could not see through this great strategy because the Princess was completely fooled.

She was staring at the sword Mukali hung on his waist with sparkling eyes.

In Irugo, a warrior could carry their sword anywhere without special permission unlike in Silvanus.

‘Oh, she has good eyes! My sword is definitely amazing!’

Mukali leaned his waist towards the princess for no real reason.
He was definitely not excited.

“Sir Mukali, is your sword also a famous sword?”

Mr—Definitely not excited-Mukali, got up and quickly drew his sword as if he had been waiting for that question.

Shiing, a smooth tingle rang out as a glistening silver blade was revealed.

It was about as tall as Aristine.
The sword was well-suited to Mukali who was a giant even among other Irugoians.

“What do you think? It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

He asked while swinging the sword lightly.

The sound of the sword cutting through the air was deep as if he wasn’t just swinging a sword.

Aristine’s hair scattered all over thanks to the wind created.

‘Oh no,’ Mukali did a double-take, ‘I shouldn’t have done that, even the Princess won’t be happy…’

He’d heard that it was barbaric and rude to show a blade to a Lady. Moreover, Silvanus was a country where only Knights with special permission could carry swords inside the palace.

The fact that they were afraid of swords which should be as close as a lover to them would normally make him laugh and ridicule them as cowards. But for some reason, he wasn’t in the mood to laugh right now.

Even if the princess were to tremble in fear right now, he didn’t want to laugh. The reason for that was…he had to get the princess’ favor and deceive her, after all.

Mukali hurriedly hit the sword behind him.

“This, I…”

He began to speak but didn’t know what to say so he trailed off.

He had no intention of threatening or intimidating her just now. Yes, he came here to rebuke her but still, that was really not his intention. He just wanted to show off his cool and beloved sword…

The Princess probably wouldn’t want to talk about swords with him anymore.

But right at that moment, Aristine spoke. [2]




Translator’s Corner:

[1] The word used here can also mean seduce. In fact, I would say people usually use it to mean seduction.
[2] This chapter ended with [But right at that moment] but I think that is such an odd way to stop so I put what happens immediately after.


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