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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 141]

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After the hunt, the hunting dog…(3)

T/N: Trying out a new format that I saw on NU. Lmk what you think.


Tarkan’s reaction was different than they expected.

Maybe he was too surprised. Because he could have never imagined this happening, even in his dreams.

The handmaids smiled at Tarkan and stretched out their hands to him.

《Your Highness, we are going to serve you tonight. 》

《Please enjoy us as much as you want. 》

They drew closer to him as they spoke but Tarkan gave no reaction.

They figured he must be having some hesitation so they blew into his ear and whispered.

《It’s okay. You are the future king of Irugo, after all. Aren’t you going to have several concubines after you become King? The timing is just a little earlier, that’s all. 》

《The princess is playing with other men too, anyway. 》

《Won’t it be good for Your Highness to do the same? 》

At that very moment, Tarkan’s golden eyes flashed like lightning.

《 Argh!》

The maids couldn’t tell what happened. Just that their body hurt all over.

They didn’t get hit. They were just dragged out. Perhaps that was why. They weren’t really sure.

They couldn’t even breathe properly because they were so afraid.

By the time they came to their senses, they had been kicked out of the bedroom and thrown on the floor.


They couldn’t understand. They didn’t know what they did wrong.

They thought they would certainly get through to Tarkan.

Right then.

Shiing, they heard a sound so chilling that it made their hair stand on end.

Tarkan was drawing his sword.

When they saw the blade of the sword glistening with a blue hue under the moonlight, the maids trembled.

“Since you dared to scorn your master, you must pay for your crime.”

Their limbs were frozen but they tried to crawl away. But the blade had already reached their necks.

“No, can you even pay for it? Your worthless lives aren’t enough.”

Tarkan, who was grinning, gripped the sword in his hand even tighter but at that moment…


A soft hand grabbed his arm.

Aristine looked up at him and patted his arm.

Tarkan’s jaw clenched. Right now, she should be the one feeling angrier than himself.

But why was she patting his arm and saying it was okay?


“P-P-Please save me…!”

The maids clung to Aristine’s skirt, their faces dripping with snot and tears.

“Are you asking me to save you right now?” Aristine asked, feeling absurd, “Wow, you guys are amazing, aren’t you?”

The maids felt ashamed when she said that but they were in no position to care about that.

“We were wrong, I mean…”

(Aristine)“Of course, I’ll save you. Why would I kill you?”

At those words, the faces of the maids began to brighten with hope.


(Aristine) “I believe my esteemed father will handle it as he sees fit.”

Their heart sank.

Their faces, which were beginning to fill with hope, instantly fell into despair.

The handmaids knew all too well what kind of person the emperor was. He was the same person who drove his own daughter to the jaws of death.

(Aristine)“Of course, you will be judged by people before that.”

Aristine looked around.

Everyone living in the palace, including the court ladies, were gathered together, looking the handmaids with contempt in their eyes.
Even the little things that happened between her and Tarkan were published so imagine what would happen with this incident.

(Aristine)“Well, you wanted to receive attention instead of me so this is great.”

Aristine’s smile was as bright as the moon and she looked down at her handmaids.

(Aristine)“Congratulations on making your dream come true.”

* * *

“Princess Consort!”

Dionna hastily entered the room.

“I heard the news. Are you alright?”

Her sea-blue eyes were filled with worry as she looked at Aristine.

Aristine looked at Dionna, feeling somewhat surprised. Were they that close for Dionna to come visit her in such a hurry after hearing something happened?

(Aristine)“I did not know you would be so worried about me.”

Dionna flinched and studied Aristine’s expression.

The Princess’ words seemed to have a hidden meaning.

‘Does she know that I talked to the handmaids?’

But Aristine’s smooth and expressionless face was as unreadable as always.

Dionna forced the corner of her lips to rise and spoke.

“Of course, I am worried. I think any citizen of this country would be.”


Aristine hummed and propped her chin on her hand.

It was nice that she cared so much.

‘But the fact that she came so early in the morning without notice is over the top.’

It was enough to be considered a little rude but Aristine didn’t want to criticize her since it was because of her worry.

That was what Aristine was thinking but her ambiguous response made Dionna anxious.

(Dionna)“Besides, Your Highness and I have been personally acquainted. Naturally, I would be more worried about you than an utter stranger.”

Dionna acted familiar and placed her hand on Aristine’s arm.

(Aristine)“I didn’t know you thought of me like that, since you got angry and left last time.”

Dionna’s face briefly hardened.

She got angry last time because Aristine treated her like someone with runny bowels in front of Tarkan, saying she had constipation or irritable bowel syndrome or whatnot.

As the memory flashed through her mind, Dionna ground her teeth. But she couldn’t get angry at Aristine right now.

“Back then, I was…”

“I know, going to the restroom was urgent.”


Aristine patted Dionna’s hand as if she understood everything.

At this point, Dionna couldn’t tell if Aristine was serious, or making fun of her. Whichever it was, it made her embarrassed and infuriated.

Dionna flashed Aristine a smile while trying to calm her simmering anger.

“I am always thinking of you, Princess Consort. I was so surprised when I heard about what happened last night. “

“Such a thing would surprise anyone.”

She figured that the maids would do something since Rosalyn was instigating them. But she never imagined that they would hide in the royal couple’s bedroom in their underwear.

“How can such people exist? Even if it was a stranger, it would still be surprising but for it to be Your Highness’ native handmaids…”

Dionna was more agitated than Aristine and denounced the handmaids.

(Dionna)“So vulgar and indecent. It is stunning that they were able to think up such a plan and even carry it out.”

Aristine watched Dionna get fuming mad then she threw out a few words.

(Aristine)“It must be tough for you too.”

Dionna’s face instantly flushed red.

‘What does that mean? There’s no way, right?’

But even though she wanted to think so, it was clear what Aristine meant. She was sarcastically telling Dionna that it must be tough for her to pretend that she had nothing to do with this while she was the one who tried to use maids to seduce Tarkan.

To Aristine who knew the full story, Dionna must look like she was performing a one-man show.

Dionna felt ashamed and embarrassed but also more worried.

‘How does she know? There shouldn’t be any evidence…’

Dionna broke out in cold sweat.




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  2. Thank you so much for the translation! 💗

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    (Aristine) “I believe my esteemed faster will handle it as he sees fit.”

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