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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 305

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (40)

“In front of the rightful heir to the throne of Silvanus, descended from divine blood.”

The moment those words fell, the surroundings fell silent. Despite the multitude gathered in the gardens of the small Chrysea Palace, not even the sound of breathing could be heard.

The Emperor ground his teeth harshly.

He had been thoroughly deceived.

Judging by Aristine’s current appearance, she had obviously awakened the authority that she was born with. Furthermore, seeing that she had even undergone ‘enlightening’ like this, her power had to be—. [1]

‘The Monarch’s Sight!’

Never in his wildest dreams did he think Aristine could awaken the power of Monarch’s Sight.

The Monarch’s Sight—a power that the Emperor so fervently desired to obtain.

‘If I’d known this bitch awakened the Monarch’s Sight, everything would have been different!’

Controlling Irugo, taking control of this world, achieving everything he desired—all could have been within his grasp.

All the praise and glory would have been rightfully his.

The world would have knelt at his feet.

But she ruined it all.

The Emperor glared at Aristine; his eyes gleaming with madness.

Aristine stood majestically, surrounded by the golden glow of the Chrysea flowers.

Her gaze stared down at the Emperor, as if he was beneath her notice.

The emperor’s eyes shook.

‘This arrogant…!’

If he knew she had awakened a long time ago, he would have gagged her and tied her by a leash so that she wouldn’t even fathom the idea of resisting.

“The Emperor of this empire is me! No one else!”

The Emperor erupted with a boiling rage in his voice.

But Aristine just laughed as if it was funny. “Until I lay my rightful claim, that is.”

Her voice was relaxed.

However, the emperor felt pressured by Aristine’s words, as if they were suffocating him.

“As I am of age, I can claim that right at any time.”

This wasn’t a warning. It was a threat.

Those who had been confused and unable to understand the situation sucked in a deep breath.

‘What in the world…’

‘Does this mean it’s real?’

‘Wasn’t it just an exaggerated legend?!’

Even after seeing it, they found it hard to believe.

The rightful heir to the throne of Silvanus, descended from divine blood.

A human Monarch, blessed and appointed by Lord Visnatev himself.

A being who can crown themself the emperor.

An existence who only appeared in old legends stood before their eyes.

Since Aristine was already ordained by God, she did not need the permission of a mere human to be emperor.

Whether the emperor acknowledged it or not, she was the one and only heir to the Silvanus throne.


Letanasia staggered, shaking her head. Her voice was faint and quivering slightly.

“I’m surprised to hear that from you, of all people.” Aristine turned to Letanasia with a smile. “After all, you were the only person who knew that I had awakened the Monarch’s Sight, Letanasia.”


The Emperor’s head sharply turned to Letanasia.

The reporters who were present and the knights who were kneeling were all shocked, but not as much as the emperor.

Letanasia was the only one among his three children, whom he trusted and cared for.

‘But you knew Aristine already awakened the Monarch’s Sight?!’

Letanasia unconsciously avoided the emperor’s gaze.

Normally, she would have never done that. Rather, she would have asked whether Aristine was trying to drive a wedge between her and royal father.

But right now, Letanasia was not in the state of mind for that.

That was how shocked she was.

Because Aristine’s current appearance was not just a matter of Aristine simply awakening the Monarch’s Sight.

‘No. This doesn’t make sense…how…’

Letanasia shook her head, trying to deny reaity.

‘Wasn’t that just a founding myth created to praise the royal family? How can it be 〈Enlightenment〉…!’

Right at that moment, she remembered that when Tarkan spoke about his first love, he called her ‘Rineh’.

She found it strange, but she didn’t think much about it. She thought he was just vaguely explaining it because he didn’t want to cause a conflict with Aristine.

But now—.

‘Was she really big sister Aristine?’

If the person Tarkan met was the 〈Enlightened〉 Aristine, then everything fell into place.

The emperor’s gaze sharpened as he watched Letanasia fall silent with shock.

‘So she really knew…’

Since awakening occurs before the age of five, Letanasia must have already known for a long time now, that Aristine had the Monarch’s Sight.

“When you found out I had awakened the Monarch’s Sight, you ran to tell the emperor, didn’t you?”

Aristine’s words added certainly to the emperor’s thoughts.

“Sister Aristine said that Royal father is a tyrant who will destroy the country.”

Aristine repeated Letanasia’s exact words.

“She said you’re a bad person who torments her every day, that you’re a tyrant and that when a rebellion comes, your head would be cut off on a guillotine.”

Letanasia’s body shrank.

She felt horrified to hear her exact words without a single word left out.

Letanasia had used her memory-reading ability to claim that she had seen Aristine cursing the Emperor while talking to herself.

In reality, what Letanasia had seen was Aristine’s memory manifested by the Monarch’s Sight.

“And so, I was imprisoned.”

Aristine sounded indifferent, as if she was stating a mere fact.

“In a place where, even if I am sick to the point of death, I cannot hope for any help; a place immersed in darkness, tearing at stale pieces of bread mixed with dust; in a place where the palm-sized sky is the entirety of the outside world I can see.”

Rather, it was Tarkan who was overwhelmed with emotion and his heart ached.

His face distorted with pain and anger.

An sinister energy burst from Tarkan, pressing down on Letanasia. But before he could do anything, someone else acted first.

“You filthy wench, how dare you deceive me?! You said all that back then, pretending it was for my sake…!”

The emperor grabbed Letanasia by the neck, shaking her.

The anger and betrayal surged in his chest like lava, and his hands tightened.

Letanasia gasped for breath and her face began to turn pale.

Aristine watched this scene with cold eyes.

He immediately shifted all the blame to Letanasia when he was the one who imprisoned his own daughter. And he was the very one who wanted to use that opportunity to throw away his useless brat who had only disappointed him and dared to look down on him.

“Someone like you should have never become the emperor of this country. It’s time for you to relinquish this position that you are not worth—.”

“I am the emperor! Some hair color change doesn’t mean anything! This is all nonsense!”


The Emperor screamed, pushing Letanasia aside.

“Count Allaut!”

“Y-Yes, Your Majesty!”

Although he reflexively replied, Count Allaut had no idea what to do. Whose orders should he follow?

“Are you not the commander of my direct troop? Yet you dare defy my orders and bow your head to an intruder?!”


“Who do you think gave you bastards all that money?!”

The emperor thundered loudly and turned to the soldiers who had come as reinforcements.

“The coronation was mine and I, am the one who seats on the throne of this country. Claiming to be the successor without my acknowledgement is tantamount to treason! Seize that wench immediately!”

At the mention of treason, the soldiers reflexively moved.

As their actions, Count Allaut also raised his sword and rushed towards Aristine.

It looked as if his deep-blue aura was going to cut down Aristine at any second.

But Aristine didn’t even blink.


Count Allaut’s sword bounced away before it could even reach Aristine.

Tarkan brandished his sword, his arms wrapped tightly around his wife.

Just as Aristine had seen beforehand.

“There are too many of them. It will be hard to fight without killing like before. Can I end a few?”

Aristine shook her head at Tarkan’s question.

“They’re coming.”

And he didn’t need to ask what was coming.

Because the movement of the people running towards them suddenly stopped.


Translator’s Corner:

[1] ‘개화’ can be translated as ‘blossoming, flourishing or enlightenment.’ I ended up going with enlightenment. If you’ve read any tower climbing novels, you know the term ‘awakening’. As much as I wanted to use it, the term for awakening is ‘각성’.

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