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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 140]

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After the hunt, the hunting dog…(2)

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* * *

“As a General, should you be escorting me like this, Sir. Mukali?”

It seemed below his title.

When he heard Aristine’s concerned question, Mukali chuckled.

“That is a needless concern.”

Aristine had no idea how many people wanted to be in his current position.

Ordinary warriors weren’t considered as alternatives or even nominated for this. This was a position gotten through an incredibly fierce competition among general-level close aides of Tarkan. It was a cruel and heartless competition where even camaraderie disappeared!

And Mukali emerged victorious within.

In other words, he won the lottery.


Mukali proudly puffed out his chest.

It felt good to see other warriors go green with envy when they looked at him!

Plus, Mukali had already gained Aristine’s favor which made the warriors glare at him even more.

A bastard who’s monopolizing the Princess Consort’s favor!

That was Mukali’s new title.

‘The jealousy of men is truly ugly.’

Heh, Mukali snorted.

After taking Tarkan’s place and escorting Aristine to the smithy these last few days, Mukali had also gotten quite close with Ritlen.

They got along pretty well.

Most of all, there were many times where they didn’t even realize how much time had passed while they were discussing alloys, processes or chemical principles.

Since they couldn’t discuss such topics with other people, they were happier to see each other.

Aristine let them chat without rushing them so there were times when she got home even later than usual.

“By the way, Princess Consort.”


Aristine turned to Mukali.

The moonlight fell directly on her face and the summer breeze blew gently through her hair.

Mukali, who was staring at her through one eye, went ‘I knew it,’ and nodded his head.

“You seem to be in a good mood, did something happen?”

Hearing that, Aristine blinked and gave a wide grin.

“Is it obvious?”

“I can read your expressions now, Your Highness.”

She was normally expressionless but the more you got to know her, the more you realized that there were rich emotions beneath.

“Then I guess I should let Sir. Mukali in on it first.”

Aristine said with a hum and her eyes twinkled mischievously.

“It’s a success.”

Mukali’s one eye opened wide.

“Do you mean…?”

“Mhm, you can look forward to it.”

Seeing Aristine smiling confidently, a smile slowly spread across Mukali’s face. He knew how hard Aristine and his new friend, Ritlen, had been working on this.

They didn’t let it show but he could tell the both of them were carry a large and heavy fatigue on their backs.

“That’s good, that’s really good!”

Mukali’s thick hands grabbed Aristine’s small hand and shook it vehemently.

Aristine laughed as her arms shook in the direction he was leading. The sound of her laughter melted into the night air.

“But what type of item is it exactly? Even with the last one, that quack called it revolutionary.”

The quack he was referring to was Umiru.

Even though Mukali called her that, Umiru was the one doctor whose skills he trusted the most.

Actually, that was why he was able to call her a quack.

Even though they quarreled and couldn’t stand each other, in Aristine’s eyes, the two of them were quite close.

“I want to tell you but it’s still a secret.”

Aristine brought her index finger to her lips and smiled.

“A secret…”

Mukali was disappointed. He chatted with Ritlen today at the smithy but didn’t hear anything about the fact that they succeeded.

‘Maybe it’s just me who thought I was close with both of them.’

They didn’t even tell him how they were improving the scalpel.

“Sorry, I know someone who will get upset if I don’t tell them about it first.”

Aristine gave Mukali an apologetic smile.

When she first made the scalpel, Tarkan noticed that she showed Mukali first and got so particular about it. She was a little skeptical at first but when he kept repeating that he was her first business partner or what not, she couldn’t help but realize.

‘Sure enough, my respectable husband is such a handful.’

Despite thinking that, Aristine unconsciously broke out in a smile.

“Well, then it can’t be helped.”

Mukali obediently withdrew. Because he immediately knew who Aristine was talking about. Honestly, he didn’t even want to know anymore because the aftermath was terrifying.

That said, he was still a little disappointed so he added one more thing.

“Then I shall reserve the position of next person instead.”

Aristine grinned.

“Mn, I’ll definitely show you. Look forward to it.”

It would bring a storm to this country, no, to this world.

‘A money storm!’

Just imagining herself waving in a swirling torrent of money made her giddy.

She arrived at her bedroom full of smiles but something was off.


People were standing in front of the bedroom with stiff expressions, full of contempt and disgust.

She followed their gaze and,


For reasons unknown to her, her handmaids were lying flat on the floor.

And in erotic underwear too.

Aristine felt wonder at the fact that there were actually people who would put on such fabric.

* * *

“My goodness, how can someone be so shameless…!”

“After acting like noble and sophisticated ladies all this time.”

“Who covets the husband of the master they serve and hides in their bed in such clothing?”

“How vulgar.”

People made an uproar as they leered at Aristine’s handmaids, Caelian and Melodia.

Their gazes felt like whips, making the two of them curl up together.
Their reaction was pathetic as these were the same maids who cackled when Aristine was being pointed at for being dirty when she first arrived at Tarkan’s palace.

“What is going on? Who is it?”

“Let us see that shameless mug.”

As they heard the voices of the people who joined late, the maids turned pale and covered their faces.

“I guess they know they did something shameful.”

“Don’t do it if you know then.”

People spat in disgust.

The handmaids wanted to run away from there but they were too scared to move. Because Tarkan had been looking down at them since earlier.

It was a calm gaze without a hint of anger. But at the same time, it seemed like the gaze of a beast looking at prey without even blinking.
He didn’t yell at them, hit them or throw anything.

He just looked at them.

But the maids couldn’t breathe, as if they were getting suffocated.

‘Why, why did it turn out like this…?’

They were full of confidence. Even that barbarian wench, Dionna, who was close to Tarkan, felt the same.

《It may be presumptuous of me to say this but I shall speak frankly. 》

After saying that, Dionna lowered her voice and carefully whispered.

《Right now, His Highness Tarkan is only showing interest in the Princess Consort because of their nighttime activities. 》

Nighttime activities?!

The maids were very startled but they thought she had a point. Honestly, what appeal could Aristine have apart from that?

Most of all, it was a known fact that the two of them broke their wedding bed on the first night.

Dionna’s words felt even more credible.

《 So Her Highness has to catch him firmly while they are still in the newlywed phase. 》

In other words, if Aristine didn’t capture Tarkan now, he wouldn’t even glance her way in the future.

《That’s how men are, you know? If they are not satisfied after, they will go find another woman. 》

While saying that, Dionna puffed out her ample bosom.

The maids tilted their heads, going ‘Is that so?’ but still nodded their heads.

Dionna seemed to have a lot of experience with men, from the looks of it.

Despite thinking it was vulgar but to be expected of a barbarian, they didn’t want to look like fools who didn’t really know men.

《So please tell the Princess Consort to act more proactive in bed. Also…》

Dionna briefly hesitated then she took in a deep breath and whispered.

《I probably shouldn’t tell you the personal preferences of His Highness Tarkan…but I know it will be beneficial to our countries if both of our Highnesses get along well. 》

She subtly boasted about knowing all of Tarkan’s innermost preferences.

The maids felt even more antsy.

It was only natural to want to know the innermost preferences of their desired man.

《What do you mean? 》

《I’m talking about the type of lingerie that His Highness Tarkan likes. 》


The eyes of the handmaids went wide.

Their faces turned red in embarrassment, but their minds were thinking something else.

《I will do you a favor and send you some. So, you have to help the Princess Consort so that the relationship between the two can flourish, okay? 》

The maids confidently promised her and told her to just believe them.

Of course, they had no intention of actually helping Aristine. Rather, it was the exact opposite.

And tonight, Rosalyn let them know that Aristine would once again be returning late. She said it was the perfect day to carry out an important task.

However, it was necessary to have someone watching to see if Aristine was coming or not, so Rosalyn decided to take on that task. She said it was an apology for harassing the maids while trying to deceive Aristine.

The plan was perfect.

‘I even wore the lingerie that Dionna sent…’

They sprayed perfume like Dionna said and made all sorts of preparations.

Until Tarkan roughly pulled back the curtains of the bed, their heart was pounding with anticipation and excitement.



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