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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 13]

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A fiancée with a business addiction; will this marriage be okay? (4)

Translator: Miss Ruby

It might be fun for the people watching from the side but not for the prey being targeted.

Starlina was filled with embarrassment and resentment, as she lowered her head and bit her lips.

This was the first time her first sister had scolded her.

‘This is all because of this idiot!’

Starline couldn’t stand not saying anything and glared fiercely at Aristine. Aristine, the recipient of that gaze, slowly tilted her head.

“Hm? Do you have something to say? Oh, that reminds me, there was something you said to me earlier.”

Her tone was relaxed and lazy.

“What was it again? Vulgar…I heard that part at least.”

Her smiling face was as beautiful as an angel. But from it, were words that strangled Starlina like a snake.

Paellamien’s face turned cold.

Anger surged in her chest because she finally managed to put out an urgent fire, yet her younger sister caused a bigger fire right after.


A voice as cold as ice turned to Starlina.

“Apologize to Her Highness the Princess.”


Starlina protested in disbelief but Paellamien’s gaze only grew colder.

“Hurry up and apologize! Tell her you are sorry for the rude remark and ask for forgiveness.”

Starlina shut her mouth stubbornly. She did not want to do that, no matter what.

‘Why should I apologize to someone like her…!’

Her first sister was also being too much. She already said she would reflect on it earlier even though she was angry.

Paellamien looked down at Starlina who had turned away and called her quietly.


Her voice was very calm unlike before.


Starline flinched and her body shook. Her heart sank and thudded in her chest.

She instinctively knew.
That if she didn’t do as Paellamien said right now, she would really get on Paellamien’s bad side.

She had never even imagined that such a thing would happen. She thought something like that was so far away. But at this moment, that possibility appeared before her eyes, quite vividly.

Starlina, who had gone pale, hesitated for a moment, then bowed her head towards Aristine.

“…I am sorry, Your Highness the Princess.”

Although her voice was very tiny, she was indeed apologizing out loud.

“For what?”

“For…my rude remark.”

“What remark exactly?”

Aristine’s voice was placid as she asked back.

However, Starlina felt incredibly humiliated. Despite that, she had no choice but to sincerely reply.

“That, that you were vulgar.”

“That is not the only thing I heard though.”

At those words, Starlina raised her head to look at Aristine. She didn’t know how else to answer.

She didn’t really think about it before she said those things to Aristine. She just felt anything was fine as long as she could insult the princess, so she said that.

She knew that was her flaw, but everyone usually just let it pass. In fact, some people even praised her for what she said.

This was because until now, Starlina had only acted viciously to those weaker than herself or those hated by stronger people.

The princess was someone she could belittle as much as she wanted.

But then, why did it turn out like this?

She couldn’t understand at all.

“I am certain you said you doubt if I am really from a royal family. Do you have any doubts about my bloodline, Princess Starlina?”

Doubt about the princess’ bloodline.

Starlina felt like she was going to suffocate under the weight contained in those words.

Doubting the princess’ bloodline was an insult to the Silvanus royal family. Normally, such words wouldn’t have mattered at all.

Irugo and Silvanus were enemy nations and the Irugo people used Silvanus as the butt of many jokes.

If someone was cowardly, they called them ‘just like a Silvanian’ and a useless person was said to be ‘like a Silvanian on a hunt’. Furthermore, if someone acted haughty and proud, they were said to have ‘a nose as high as a Silvanian’s’.

Silvanus was a conquering nation and an empire that had taken over numerous empires.

However, Irugo had never once tried to humor or ingratiate themselves with Silvanus.

Unlike other countries, Irugo was not an empire nor was it bound to a superior-subordinate relationship because it was a powerful country that stood on equal footing.

However, right now, there was a political marriage with the Silvanus Imperial family at stake.

‘If the peace treaty Father wants is broken because of me…’

Chills rose on the back of her neck. It felt like the blade of death was hanging over her.

‘I just acted like I always do though. I even scolded the princess everyone hates.’

She didn’t do anything wrong.

‘But why is this happening to me?’


“Princess Starlina, you are not a common young miss but the direct line of the Irugo royal family.”

Unlike Starlina who had sunk into confusion, Aristine’s voice was level without the slight shift in her pitch.

“As the princess, I have no choice but believe that Princess Starlina’s remark represents Irugo’s position on the legitimacy of the Silvanus Imperial family.”



Aristine’s voice was quiet but the words she said caused an enormous ripple.

Even Marten, who didn’t care much about what happens to Starlina, was shocked and called Aristine.

Even when the situation looked like it could become a diplomatic issue, or perhaps had already become a diplomatic issue, the King of Irugo did not say anything.

He just looked at Aristine with interest in his eyes.

The same went for Tarkan, her husband-to-be. There was even a skewed smile hanging on his lips.

‘If it was just Tarkan, then fine but royal father too.’

Paellamien felt dizzy.

It was obvious why the king had not intervened even though things had gotten big enough to involve Irugo’s official position on a matter. It meant he would hold the perpetrator responsible for everything.


The King of Irugo wanted a tie with the direct blood of the Silvanus Imperial family and personally proposed this marriage.

‘If this becomes the starting point of an issue with the political marriage then…’

She doubted the political marriage would breakdown completely due to this kind of thing.


‘There is a good enough chance that it will give Silvanus a reason.’

The country that was pushed back in the war was Silvanus. So, Silvanus was the first to request a negotiation for a cease-fire. Because of this, Irugo was able to negotiate from a favorable standpoint.

Heavy war reparations, a marriage alliance with the emperor’s direct bloodline, the opening of trade routes and portals, etc.

Silvanus was forced to accept most of Irugo’s demands.

‘But if Silvanus holds on to what happens here today…’

Even if they tried to say it was the blunder of a childish princess, the peace treaty has just been made at this time. The Silvanus people needed a reward that would soothe them to some extent.

Since such a thing happened before the delegation even had an audience with the king, it was obvious what attitude they would have at the audience tomorrow.

‘If the advantage we have reduces because of this, I will be left with the backlash.’

Starlina would be held the most responsible since she was the cause but both Paellamien and Marten would not be able to avoid the king’s anger because they were also here.

“That is not Irugo’s position, in any way.”

When Paellamien spoke to Aristine in an attempt to help, Marten also jumped in to assist.

“The 4th princess is still young, so she can be thoughtless.”

“Yes, so she cannot tell what she should and shouldn’t say.”

“Personally, I don’t know why she would even think of such a thing.”

“Unfortunately, she cannot tell the difference between delusion and reality, that is why. I hope you can understand and generously forgive her, Your Highness the Princess.”

As she listened to the two of them, Starline’s face began to turn red. She understood them saying she made a mistake because she was young. After all, they had to get out of this situation even if they had to use such an excuse.

But weren’t they treating her like an idiot more and more?

Starlina was trembling with resentment but when she saw that Aristine was looking at her, she immediately relaxed her expression.


Aristine boredly watched Starline who was being careful of her gaze.

She looked old enough to tell what she should and shouldn’t say.

‘Her mind is childish though.’

Honestly, Aristine didn’t plan on pushing any further. It was the same reason why she kept attacking Paellamien but didn’t say it directly.

‘If I push too hard and start rebuking them, the Irugo king might be displeased.’

Scolding your own children and having the princess of an enemy nation scold your children were very different things.

There was nothing good that would come out of making enemies with the Irugo king especially when she was going to be staying in Irugo from now on.

Aristine glanced at the king of Irugo and immediately met his eyes, almost as if he had been watching her.

‘They say smiling brings about affection.’

Then she should smile as much as possible.

Aristine gave a bright smile.



Translator’s Corner:

*I’m gonna try and shoot for 1 ch/week. Apparently, without a schedule, I simply forget to translate.

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