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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 271]

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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (6)

It was at that moment—.

“Your Highness Tarkan!”

As soon as the door opened, an urgent voice rang out.

“What is the matter?”

“We have it! Permission has been granted!”

Hearing that, Tarkan and of course, the court ladies, were delighted.

“There is nothing in the way now.”

Tarkan nodded.

“Now, let’s go rescue my wife from the clutches of that damn kidnapper.”

* * *

Aristine felt a wave spreading from her belly and hugged her stomach. The wave wasn’t intense enough to be painful. However, it felt deeper than usual.

As if it was trying to tell her something.

“Is it because baby knows that Daddy is coming too?”

Since Tarkan said he was coming to her side, he was surely going to be here soon.

Aristine smiled and stroked her flat stomach.

She wanted to give her child a nickname rather than just saying ‘baby’, but she kept putting it off because she wanted to choose it with Tarkan.

“When Daddy comes, we’ll choose a pretty nickname for you toget…”

In the middle of talking to the baby in her womb, Aristine’s voice faded away.

Because when she lifted her head while stroking her stomach, she saw the water in the water bowl flicker.
It was the bowl that Launelian had used to wipe off her sweat.

Aristine looked down at her stomach then back at the water bowl.

This was obviously a manifestation of the Monarch’s Sight.

When the water surface stopped trembling, it revealed the face of her husband, whom she was wholly longing to see.


Aristine’s face brightened in joy.

“That’s Daddy. Did you want to show me this, baby?”

She whispered as she stroked her stomach.

There were gorgeous ceiling paintings in Tarkan’s surroundings and pillars made of jade.

It was one of the hallways in the Silvanus Imperial Palace.

“I guess your father is coming very soon.”

He should have come to Launellian’s mansion, instead of the imperial palace, but since he didn’t know where Aristine was, he must have gone to the imperial palace.

Usually, if a princess married into a foreign country and came back to visit her family, she would stay at the Imperial palace, so Tarkan made a logical conclusion.

“I’ll have to call and tell him to come straight here. No need for him to be caught by the emperor.”

As a prince of another country and son-in-law of the emperor, it was the running order for him to have an audience with the emperor first.

However, even Launelian sought out Aristine first before meeting Nephther.

‘To be fair, he was going to meet Royal father and heard I collapsed so he quickly changed directions.’

Aristine knew what kind of rumors were going around concerning her and the emperor.

From saying that the emperor drove Aristine out of the palace, to claims that she escaped a near-assassination and was being protected by Launelian.

It was obvious whose handiwork it was.

‘Elder brother is truly one-of a kind.’

Launelian didn’t want to involve his pregnant sister in these complicated affairs, but he couldn’t hide it completely.

The few words that Aristine picked up occasionally were enough for her to put things together.

‘If we use the rumors, it shouldn’t be a problem for Khan to come straight here without seeing the Emperor.’

On the contrary, it might even reinforce the negative impression of the emperor.

While thinking that, she admired the face of her husband whom she hadn’t seen in a long time.

A pleasant smile appeared on her face as she watched him walk with a stiff face, not knowing what he was looking at.

‘So, this is how he normally looks.’

The person who was guiding him said something, but Tarkan didn’t even listen properly, and kept repeating “And what about my wife?”

“Oh my, see how much your father wants to see Mom.”

Aristine bragged to her baby. Just as she was doing so…


Aristine’s face hardened as she watched the water surface.


A young noble lady exclaimed as she bumped into Tarkan while passing through the hallway.

Tarkan reflexively caught the falling woman in his arms.

Her alluring wavy blonde hair flitted gently in the air. It was a beautiful shade of blonde that glistened like honey.

Slowly, the woman raised her head.

Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, and her pale green eyes, like newly blossomed flowers in the spring, looked up at Tarkan.

[Oh dear, I’m sorry.]

The woman apologized to Tarkan.

Tarkan’s eyes trembled.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the woman in his arms.
The moment Tarkan opened his mouth to say something, the water surface shook.


As the water surface settled, it longer reflected Tarkan’s appearance.

It only reflects Aristine’s face, who was looking down at the water with a stiff expression.

Aristine clenched her fists.


Her half-sister’s name escaped through her breath.

Perhaps it had been too long since she said that name or perhaps there was some other reason, but the name tingled at the tip of her tongue.
She was still the same.

That soft gaze, and big, doe eyes.

A charming appearance truly befitting of a princess who grew up treated as the most precious thing in the world.

‘Unlike me.’

Right then.

The water surface began to tremble again.

A sign that something new would be shown on the mirrored surface.



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