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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 324]

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Aww, my little…(10)

A voice as sharp as a knife cut through the air, striking the back of Marten’s neck.

It was filled with so much murderous intent that it sent goosebumps all over his body, yet Marten couldn’t pay attention to that.

Because there was an actual sword with a glinting edge hanging right under his own neck.

Had he lowered his head just a little more, his throat would have been gone. Marten’s hair turned white at the close brush with death.

He didn’t know what was going on or what to do.

“Stand up.”

The voice behind the sword ordered, not giving him time to gather his thoughts.

The sword under his neck moved upwards, forcing Marten to straighten his lowered body to avoid being cut.

By the time he got to his feet, the blade had shifted slightly, no longer impairing his vision, and allowed him to see the surroundings.

Tarkan was pointing a sword at him.

‘Was it a trap?’

Marten felt all the blood draining from his body.

“Princess Consort, are you okay?” Mukali examined Aristine’s condition.

“Yes, somewhat… did you get a good picture?” Aristine mumbled as she stood up.

However, she stopped when she saw Tarkan’s eyes fixed on Marten with a sword in hand.

She felt like if she left this like this, something terrible would happen.

‘At times like this…’

Aristine recalled those internet posts she had seen in her past life.

‘They said there’s something their boyfriend always does in situations like this.’

Although it did bother her that her previous self used to give this weird shriek whenever she read such posts.

In any case, according to the person who posted about their experience on the Internet, it seemed like a very romantic act.

Furthermore, there was more than a few person who posted their anecdotes on the internet, claiming they’d experienced it too.

‘It should be trustworthy enough.’

“Ah, I’m so upset.”

When Aristine grumbled, the killing intent in Tarkan’s eyes grew even fiercer.


Aristine stretched out her hand toward Tarkan.

“I’m so upset, so disinfect it quickly.”


Tarkan tilted his head at Aristine’s unexpected words.

He wasn’t the only one.

Questions appeared in the eyes of Mukali, as well as Durante and Jacquelin, who were entering the room with the people arranged by Marten.

Disinfect? Disinfect what?
How is he supposed to disinfect?
Is she asking him to wash her face?
I don’t think that’s it…
No way, is it…?

Confusion spread in the blink of an eye.

Right then, Aristine suddenly grabbed Tarkan’s hand.

Then she guided his hand to her cheek, which Marten had touched.

With her cheek buried in his palm, Aristine looked up at Tarkan and said.

“Hurry up. Disinfect it for me.”


Tarkan’s eyes shook like an earthquake had just struck.


Mukali’s face turned red, and he suddenly found it hard to breathe.

Durante’s eyes turned dull and unfocused.

Jacquelin sniffed through his sore nose and swallowed his tears in sadness.

Of course, despite his shock, Tarkan did not remain still. He only paused for a moment and his eyes narrowed.

He grabbed Aristine’s cheek and rushed towards her.

The sofa sank under the weight of the two people, and the sound of leather crinkling echoed through the room.

“Here and here. Anywhere else?”

Tarkan trailed kisses over Aristine’s cheek and asked her in a whisper. He was asking even though he knew exactly where.

Aristine happily played along. She raised her head slightly and placed her lips lightly against Tarkan’s lips.


Tarkan’s expression turned dazed.

And the next moment, he pressed his lips roughly against Aristine’s lips.

Before she even had time to react, a hot tongue parted the doors of her mouth.

A kiss filled with endless craving for her, a kiss that made him want to take even her breath away.

“Hng, hn…”

The single people turned their heads away with blushing faces as a deep kiss was abruptly broadcast live in front of them.

An awkward atmosphere hung in the air.

The warriors who had vowed to date after seeing Tarkan and Aristine were still unable to find girlfriends.

Half of the reason was Tarkan. After all, how could they find time to date when there was so much work to do?

But seeing him so lovey-dovey like this ignited their anger all over again.

‘If not for Milord…’

Jacquelin unconsciously harbored disrespectful thoughts.

‘This is better than them having a bad relationship but still, disinfection is a too much.’

Durante looked at his fingers which were curling at this scene.

Then he turned his head, expecting everyone else to feel the same way, and saw Mukali’s remaining eye sparkling brightly.

‘This disinfect thing… is so romantic.’

—Was what he was obviously thinking.

As expected, despite his fierce appearance, he was full of lady-esque emotions.

The only problem was that, while his eyes were sparkling like that, his hand was aiming for Marten’s life with the tip of his sword.

In some ways, it was a truly frightening sight.

* * *

“The photos came out so well, Prince Marten. You are very photogenic, aren’t you?”

Aristine smiled brightly, waving her photo around.

The high-end magic camera was naturally able to print photos after they were taken.

The photo in Aristine’s hand showed Marten trying to force himself on Aristine while she was asleep.

Marten’s face was pale as he looked at the photo.

The person involved in Aristine’s scandal would also become subject to criticism.

That was why Marten recruited a bastard from the street to take the brunt of those arrows.

But now, his picture was taken.

“I-I just wanted to check on you because your complexion didn’t look great.”

“Hmm, is that right? You snuck into my unattended lounge and touched my lips just to check on me…”

There wasn’t only one photo in Aristine’s hand.

Everything was captured; from the moment Marten started talking with his men, to the moment he entered the break room alone.

Marten licked his trembling lips with his tongue.

His heart was pounding violently because he had been receiving Tarkan’s stormy gaze since earlier.

‘Since it’s come to this, I have nothing to lose.’

“P-Princess Consort. I can’t believe you’re saying that. Didn’t you ask me to come and tell me that you’ll remove your servants?”


“Prince Marten!”

“My sword will not forgive any further insult of the Princess Consort!”

The warriors were enraged and pointed their swords at Marten.

“I mean, that’s what I’ll say if you show anyone that picture.”

Although he thought this could work, Marten felt uneasy.

Because the truly affected person, Aristine, was too quiet.

Tarkan, who was by her side, was also quiet too.

Tap, tap.

Aristine tapped the photo.

“Prince Marten,” Aristine smiled sweetly, “I think you’re misunderstanding something.”

The moment his eyes met hers, Marten felt like he was being strangled.

He couldn’t breathe.

As if that beautiful smile had become poison.

“I am giving Your Highness a chance.”

Aristine’s lips curved in a radiant smile.


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