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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 185]

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Loveable (4)

Unlike the complicated thoughts running through Aristine’s mind, the installation of the mana-powered equipment was proceeding smoothly.

Red and blue flames arose alongside the chanting of the magicians, and as the modification unfolded, the ordinary smelting began to be build anew.


Aristine watched this unfold with awe.

Frankly, it wasn’t rare to see magicians building something of this scale. She had seen it happen a few times with the Monarch’s Sight but seeing it in person was definitely different.

After a tingling magical storm passed through, the sparkling smelting facility was finished. Dozens of magicians sat down at once to catch their breath.

The pale foreheads were filled with cold sweat.

Huff, huff…it’s finished.”

“Are you okay?”

“Y-You said it’s a battle against time so, huff, we did it specially…”

Aristine felt touched. Outsourced workers who were good at their job were truly the best.

“Considering your hard work, I will give you all double the compensation.”

Instantly, the faces of the magicians which were sunken with exhaustion, revitalized.

It was truly like magic.

‘Sure enough, money is the ultimate cure. I can even hire magicians temporarily like this; it was worth earning all that money.’

This was what they call the taste of money.

The cost to hire a magician was expensive but it would have taken several months if she decided to use human labor to build the furnace rather than magic.

She threw in a few scalpel blades that the blacksmiths had worked on to see if the mana furnace was working well.

“It’s a success!”

Ritlen smiled broadly and yelled, “Princess Consort!” before running up to her.

Seeing this large puppy wagging his tail happily, Aristine nodded with satisfaction.

The blacksmiths and even the magicians cheered with joy.

“With this, we can make scalpels even if we don’t have pig-iron!”

“If we center the process on the scalpel blade, I don’t think we’ll have any problem.”

“I’m glad I stayed up to design the modification.”

“With this, there is no more obstacles for the Princess Consort to save the world!”

‘Wait…where did this saving the world thing even come from?’

Aristine thought sourly.

“Honestly, there are already rumors floating around. I was worried but I think this will shut them down.”

The representative of the magicians lowered his voice and whispered to Aristine.

Aristine had a good idea of what rumors the presentative was talking about, and she nodded her head.

《My stupid apprentices were instigated and started making a fuss about iron being used for scalpels when it’s supposed to be used to make swords. 》
《They’ve been saying there’s a shortage of pig-iron due to the mass production of scalpels which has affected distribution…those guys know the situation very well yet they are acting like this.》
《I’ve also heard them say that something as beneficial as rust-proof steel was created yet it is being monopolized and used only to make scalpels…I am truly sorry. 》

That was what Volatun told her, after delivering the pig-iron. That was what he meant when he said he had something to apologize for.

He didn’t say it but there were even rumors circulating that ‘at this rate, we’ll become as weak as the Empire’.

Such words were aimed at Aristine.

Even if they were his apprentices, it was impossible for all of them to act the way Volatun desired so that wasn’t something Volatun needed to apologize for.

‘They must be jealous of Ritlen too.’

Besides Volatun’s apprentices, there were other people receiving bribes from the Queen and they also echoed the same sentiment.

‘I expected this anyways…’

The reaction to her scalpels was too intense so she knew something was bound to come up.

Thankfully, regardless of the unfavorable remarks, most public opinion was on Aristine’s side. Because this concerned human life.

“When people learn that scalpels are made with scrap iron instead of pig-iron, they will think the pig-iron scarcity had nothing to do with the scalpels.”

“Yes, they might even regard you highly for recycling the scrap metals.”

“For now, I have to kindly ask that you do not build a mana furnace anywhere else.”

If the mana furnace became public knowledge, the magicians would naturally get a lot of requests.

“Understood, Princess Consort. You have part of the authority regarding the design so we must follow your instructions.”

Adding the word ‘part’ was to emphasize that they also had rights to the design.

Although the representative had a pleasant attitude, they was quick to make calculations, but Aristine didn’t hate that.

Aristine smiled and said what the magicians wanted to hear, “I will not make trades with other magicians regarding the mana furnace.”

“Hoho, thank you. We shall also take utmost care not to leak the formula or design until Your Highness the Princess Consort approves.”

The representative of the magicians, Asena, smiled brightly.

A warm professional atmosphere flowed between the two women.

Aristine didn’t plan on monopolizing the stainless steel or mana-powered furnace; she planned on sharing it.

This decision wasn’t because she wanted to contribute to the world.

‘Imagine how much money I will make in the long run from the royalties alone!’

Aristine clenched her fists.

‘Every country will be putting money in my pocket!’

Considering her current situation, that wasn’t even a vain dream.

Aristine looked at the forge which had gotten busy once again and her expression was filled with pride.


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