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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 330

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Aww, my little…(17)

“It was so frightening and terrifying.”

Aristine buried her face in her husband’s chest and muttered sorrowfully.

Tarkan diligently patted his wife on the shoulder. To comfort her even better, he clenched his sturdy chest.

“And I was only aware that Prince Marten and Her Majesty the Queen had a harmonious and close relationship…”

Aristine tossed firewood into the newly ignited fire.

“It is strange indeed.”

“Isn’t Prince Marten fully with the queen’s faction?”

Of course, even if he belonged to that faction, there was no guarantee that he’d stick with the queen for the rest of his life. Especially when the Queen was a sinking ship with holes in it.

One might even say that escaping the ship before it sank was a wise move.

However, what Marten did today was not simply an escape.

‘It was a move that stabbed the Queen squarely in the back.’

It is said that there is a reason for every action.

If he was stabbing the Queen in the back, then his goal would naturally be to go to Tarkan.

To board the ship known as Tarkan.

However, Marten’s actions towards Tarkan were just as horrible.

Because he insulted Tarkan’s beloved wife in order to frame the Queen.

“What in the world does Prince Marten gain by doing something like this?”

“I don’t see anything to gain. His actions would incur the wrath of the Queen and Prince Tarkan, just like it has now. Plus, he’ll be subject of contempt for the nobles and the public.”

“Even if, let’s say, he successfully framed the queen, what was he going to do about the fact that he tried to assault his sister-in-law at her instigation?”

“I mean, is the Princess Consort just anyone? She is a symbol of peace.”

“Whether he succeeds or fails, this is a path of ultimate ruin.”

It was like Prince Marten was walking into his own grave.

People couldn’t help but grow more suspicious.

“And why would he need to bribe someone like that to lie…”

“Right. I think it would be better to have someone trustworthy as a witness, no? If getting a noble was impossible, he could’ve at least gotten a servant.”

“Cameraman aside, who would believe the words of a drunkard like that?”

“Maybe if that drunkard was the one hiding in the break room. He probably planned to cover everything up after doing it.”

“That sounds more plausible, doesn’t it?”

The voices of the crowd gradually grew louder.

This was inevitable.

Because even when they assumed that the two witnesses were telling the truth, so many things remained unclear.

When the story failed to add up, suspicion was bound to arise.

Once she felt the suspicion was at its peak, Aristine opened her mouth.

“There are some strange points in their testimony, but I don’t think the memory of a drunk is very reliable.”

Aristine raised his head and looked at the queen.

“A word from Her Majesty the Queen carries far more weight than hundreds of theirs.”

The queen’s complexion paled and she stared at Aristine’s small face.

“Your Majesty the Queen, please tell us,” Aristine’s lips moved softly, “What is the real truth?”

That question was like giving a criminal one last chance.

The queen squeezed her fan tightly.

‘Let’s stay calm.’

If Aristine had evidence, she wouldn’t be asking this question.

‘Right, there’s no real evidence.’

Only Marten’s words.

Since the other witnesses denied Marten’s statement, it had no effect.

‘Even if the story doesn’t add up, it’s over as long as I insist.’

Without clear evidence, the case becomes a maze and no real conclusion could be reached.

At times like this, it was more beneficial to stand your ground and speak louder.

“How many times have I repeated myself!”

The Queen spoke strongly, flicking her fan to the side.

“I have nothing to do with this. I was minding my own business only to be framed by Marten. It is already heart-wrenching to be betrayed by someone I treated like my own son, so I fail to understand why you are asking again about something that has already been said.”

The Queen raised her head authoritatively and placed her fan under her chin.

“Princess Consort, that question feels like you want me to falsely confess that I am the mastermind behind all of this.”

Aristine smiled to herself even though the Queen was openly questioning her intentions.

It should come as no surprise, but Aristine was not giving the Queen a final chance to confess.

‘I’m just making sure you’ve blocked your escape route firmly with your own mouth.’

But not wanting to reveal her inner thoughts, Aristine obediently lowered her head.

“I am simply seeking the truth. If what Your Majesty the Queen says is true, then that must be the truth.”

“If you do not believe the testimony of a drunkard then let us call the servants who were guarding the door of the Princess Consort’s lounge. While I am not sure of the circumstances, I know the servants must have been involved in some way unless they were absent and neglecting their duties. Won’t it be better to listen to what the servants have to say?”

The queen turned and looked into the audience.

“The servants who stood guard at the Princess Consort’s lounge, come forward!”

It was a triumphant shout.

The servants that guarded Aristine’s lounge were all on the queen’s side so of course, she was confident.


With this, she had completely escaped from this matter.

Her attempt to involve Tarkan had failed and because of Aristine, a lot of people were suspicious but regardless, her un-involvement was what really mattered.

But it was right at that moment…

“There’s no need for that.”

A calm voice interrupted the moving servants.

The voice was so familiar that the Queen knew who it was before even turning around.

But she still turned around in disbelief.


She was hoping her ears were deceiving her, but it was really Princess Paellamien.

Paellamien stood there with a calm look on her face.

The queen was taken aback because the person suddenly obstructing her order was Paellamien.

But the moment she looked to those scarlet eyes, the Queen suddenly thought of something.

‘Is she trying to give more weight to what I’m saying?’

Paellamien was the queen’s favorite lackey. Naturally, Paellamien was aware of this incident from the very beginning.

The fact that she would take the queen’s side was simply a matter of course.

She was a smart and quick-witted child, so she had definitely come up with a solution to this situation. Most likely, she found a better solution than insisting on getting the servants to testify.

‘Good, she’s still so useful.’

The Queen’s lips curled with satisfaction.

“We don’t need to listen to the testimony of the servants. Because I have solid evidence that no one can deny.”

The queen went ‘I see’ and nodded her head.

“It seems our Paella has evidence, such a dependable child. Bring it out quickly, let’s see.”

The nobles were surprised by Paellamien’s sudden appearance.

Everyone knew that Paellamien was the queen’s closest ally.

‘What the, is there a twist?’

‘It’s just that there’s no hard evidence but clearly, the queen is behind it given the circumstances…’

‘She says it’s solid evidence that no one can deny so maybe there’s something else?’

‘If you brought some strange evidence, it’ll be better for her to stay out of it.’

‘Everyone knows this is the queen’s scheme and I can only see rumors spreading that Princess Paellamien’s also involved…’

‘The queen is lucky. Regardless of suspicion, it looks like she’s confident she can escape when Princess Paellamien comes forward.’

Feeling the change in the atmosphere, the queen smile.

“Go on, Paellamien. Show us the evidence.”

The corners of her mouth were raised, and she urged Paellamien.

Paellamien nodded in response and took out something from her clothes.

‘A transmission stone? Did she capture Marten plotting something? I knew it, she’s such a smart child.’

The queen nodded contentedly.

Paellamien steadied the transmission stone and just as she was about to use it, her eyes turned towards somewhere.

The queen unconsciously turned her head to follow Paellamien’s gaze and frowned.

‘The Princess Consort?’

The person that Paellamien was looking at was Aristine.

And Aristine, who locked eyes with Paellamien was—.

‘She’s smiling…?’



Translator’s Corner:

*I—. I don’t even know how it keeps ending on cliff hangers. It’s not meeeeeeeeeeeeee

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