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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 357]

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Episode 41: Succeeding the throne (6)

T/N: I’ve changed God’s blessing to divine blessing and God’s power to divine power.

Silvanus and Irugo.

The amount of wealth accumulated by these two great powers over the years was countless and everything precious in their vaults was given to Aristine.

Having eaten everything that could be called an elixir and covered tightly for protection, her recovery was bound to be swift.

Most of all, receiving divine power from Tarkan made her body feel lighter.

Aristine slowly withdrew her lips and opened her eyes.

Her vision was immediately filled with her husband’s face.

His face was slightly flushed from their lingering kiss, his golden eyes tinged with reluctance to part.

‘Divine blessing is the best.’

The most efficient way to pass divine power was through deep physical contact.

Sure enough, God Vistanev understood the hearts of men.


A hoarse voice called Aristine’s name.

A hot breath brushed against her ear and his low, husky voice sent shivers down her spine.

Their gazes locked, and Tarkan’s lips once again sought Aristine’s.

Just as Aristine’s eyes closed…

“Waah, waah!”

Actsion’s cries cut through the air like clockwork.

Aristine was startled and walked up to the cradle where Actsion was lying.

Of course, she didn’t look back at Tarkan.

Left alone, Tarkan clenched his fists and lowered his head.

‘That little punk has to know.’

He didn’t cry when he was transferring divine power with a kiss, but bawled when they were doing it for skinship.

“What’s wrong, Sion?”

“Perhaps he’s bored. He’s still full, and nothing seems to be wrong.”

The court lady who was watching the baby reported and hearing that, Aristine turned to her baby, “Oh no, is that right? You’re bored?” She cuddled her son to her chest.

Tarkan frowned seeing her comforting Actsion.

It was a heartwarming sight, but still.

“He’s just doing that to disturb us.”

Hearing that, Aristine, who was comforting her child, glanced back at her husband.

She blinked a few times then she eventually burst out laughing.

Even though he was being sincere, his words were treated as a joke.

Aristine giggled and handed the baby over to Tarkan.

Actsion whined and reached for Aristine, not wanting to leave his mother’s arms.

Seeing his actions, Aristine kissed her beloved son on the cheek. He was so adorable with his squishy cheeks.

“Have fun with daddy. You need to get close to daddy too.”

Aristine whispered to the baby, then she raised her head and spoke to Tarkan.

“Instead of joking like that, take good care of our baby. I have work to do.”

Tarkan made a grumpy expression without answering.

Then again, even Aristine felt like whenever the mood was getting good, Actsion would start crying.

It was a little saddening, even for Aristine, who was eager to tease that huge loaf hanging on his chest.

But as they say, babies cry all the time.

So it could just be the wrong timing.


Aristine’s gaze turned peculiar as she took in the sulky look on her husband’s face.

‘How cute.’

In the end, she got on her tiptoes and whispered in her husband’s ear.

“Let’s finish when I come back.”

Tarkan’s eyes widened.

Before he could react further, Aristine laughed and turned away.

Actsion tugged at Tarkan’s hair, as if dissatisfied but Tarkan didn’t even feel it.

After changing clothes, Aristine headed to the prison without hesitation.

Now that she had recovered enough, it was time to do what she had put aside to take care of the baby.

Stirring up blood in the palace.

‘Time to clean up the house.’

Needless to say, Aristine had no intention of letting Alpheus the deposed and Letanasia go.

Even when they were suppressed to such a state, they managed to make an attempt on Launelian’s life.

When their attempt failed, they lost their allies, the Duke of Skiela and Roastel the deposed, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t do it again.

‘I never expected them to reflect or regret it anyway.’

To prevent something like this from ever happening again, she planned to deal with it herself.

She was going to protect Launelian, Tarkan, and Actsion on her own.

Soon, a huge door opened in front of her.


Letanasia, who had been curled up in her corner to avoid the rats and cockroaches, raised her head when a voice called to her.

Her opponent had their back to the light, making them dazzling to look at.

But Letanasia immediately knew who it was.

How could she not know?

Slowly, Aristine approached.

The door closed, and the blinding light faded.

But Aristine’s figure was still dazzling.

Her silver hair seemed to shimmer with light, her fair skin gave off a subtle glow. Draped on her frame was a dress embroidered with the emperor’s seal, a dress that only the emperor could wear.

Letanasia’s light green eyes shook violently.

Forgetting to close her eyes, she stared at the dress.

“My, what a sight.”

Only after Aristine’s voice fell on her ears did Letanasia look up, startled.

She felt embarrassed to see her shabby appearance reflected in Aristine’s eyes.

Letanasia grit her teeth and glared at Aristine.

“Are you here just to show off to me?”

“Hm? Why would I?”

Aristine tilted her head.

A knight brought over a large chair and set it down for Aristine.

‘I should be the one receiving this treatment…!’ Letanasia couldn’t help but think.

“What do I gain by showing off to you?”

Aristine muttered as she sat down in the padded chair.

Letanasia’s fists clenched as she realized Aristine still wasn’t treating her as an opponent.

“I came because I have something to take from you.”

“Something to take…?” Letanasia retorted vacantly, then she began to cackle.

“I lost everything! You took everything from me! But what more do you want!”

“Then you should have stayed quiet after that experience.”

Without batting an eye, Aristine stared down at Letanasia, who was shaking as if having a fit.

“And when did I take what was yours?”

Those words left Letanasia speechless.

Aristine was sitting in a luxurious chair, but it was not the throne seat in the throne room.

Yet, her posture, her relaxed manner, her leisure, all of it exuded the majesty of an emperor as though she was sitting on a throne.

The position of emperor that Letanasia so desperately wanted.

It was never hers to begin with, but Aristine’s.

There was no need for Aristine to take it from Letanasia.



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